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  1. Full Name: Earl Ford Phone Number: 517438 Age: 25 Gender: Male Education & Degrees: High School High School: Diploma Type: GED School Name: Blueberry High School Date of Graduation: 01/08/2009 Higher Education: Diploma Type: - School Name: - College Major:- Military Experience (OPTIONAL) (Fill if applying for a position in Blackhawk Tactical Solutions): Branch: US Army Occupational Speciality : MP Highest Rank Achieved: Sergeant Type of Discharge: Honorable Please provide a copy of your DD-214 at the interview if applying for a position within metro public safety. ((Template: http://i.imgur.com/yuzUhbR.jpg)) The position you want to apply for (multiple can be selected): -Blackhawk Tactical Solutions [ ] Armed Security Officer (Tier-1 + License Required) [X] Unarmed Security Officer [X] Technician. -Tobuku Sportsland [ ] Event Marshal ((OOC INFORMATION)) In-Game Username: Earl Ford Forum Username: Skribb1e HoursPlayed (Account total): 70 Timezone: GMT - 6

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