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  1. Lovely avatar bro. 10/10

  2. Aye, you better come back soon and when you can check Discord or something. :)

    Meanwhile jam this when you are bored:


  3. First of all, let's keep everyone who's not part of GAT or hasn't been asked to reply out of the thread. In my opinion the CK situation was valid, it was a complete disregard of life and if you say it was a 'Miss-click' you should've informed the handling administrator about the issue. It's a no from me. @shadyhayman @JameZ @SjoerdPSV
  4. Name: Make Los Santos Great Again Comment: I was gonna crush it anyway. Enjoy the bike.
  5. Name: Make Los Santos Great Again Bid: $140,000.
  6. Meeting minutes - December 5, 2016 The use of a stroke through line indicates the following has been completed. Participants Sheriff Justin Almeida County Commissioner Thomas Mengele Deputy County Commissioner Erin Dwyer Fire Chief Eleanor Swafford Chief Justice Katherine Vanderbilt Minutes 1 - Board of supervisor elections Elections posted. - to be carried out by Erin Dwyer for the four districts of Los Santos County. 2 - Audit of resources Los Santos International Airport Bureau of Traffic Services Los Santos County Fire Department Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department Superior Court of San Andreas 3 - Funding Funding will be handled once per month, after each monthly audit is completed. LSFD and LSCSD are currently fine with the appropriated budget. BOTS currently struggling with allocated budget Sold off useless vehicles & interiors from gov. Auctioned them. 4 - Slow LSIA Response Been without an Aero Bureau for nearly two months Called hotline 16 times - no response from LSIA Michael Artyom currently runs LSIA (Airport Operations Director) Administrator is Haytham Clarkson Deputy Administrator is Sandra McCullah Need to book a meeting with Michael Artyom to clear up missing personnel and lack of response. Formal audit letter sent to LSIA leader. Rank structure request update as well. Awaiting update on inactivity. Update: http://i.imgur.com/3jguvV7.png 5 - BOTS Meeting Need to book a meeting with Dave White to determine current standing. Job offer sent to Scott Bishop for BoTS. LJob offer accepted. Dec 14 deadline for list of issues. Dec 21st deadline to solve them. Update: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kvgQ3ccYUK4lnOQxgOEKQBW1B_5EycSZnVC5kXtOjLc/edit 6 - Emergency Services Commission Rebecca Zicardi (FD), Trey Harrison (SD), TBA (Court), Solomon Vesnik (CC), Roscoe Reed (CC) 5 members Fire Department, Courts, and Sheriff’s Department each appoint one person, County Commissioner appoints other two. Only power given is to investigate A law must be drafted to limit scope of commission power. 7 - Transparency & Government Accountability Act Vehicle trackers on all government vehicles. Insurance on vehicles over X dollar amount Reference: https://www.alec.org/model-policy/transparency-and-government-accountability-act/ Every person in a position of authority must receive adequate training in relation to their job. Helps avoid another FD helicopter incident. Protection against unreasonable fees Fee for processing gun application Enforcement of additional regulations and how they are examined Firearm registry & applications must be kept private Publically post exceptions for weapon carrying in restricted areas and in general, post all changes by any GOV agency which would affect someone legally. Crime reports from SD and Emergency Services Reports from FD. Use of buildings owned by the government to ensure taxpayer money is not being wasted. Thor Askeland Memorial Building will be renamed when Almeida finds the name of the first fallen public servant. Have a small place for fallen K9s. One for firefighters too. Move the buildings elsewhere (city hall will be memorial building, house on the hill will be CC’s residence, etc). 8 - Parking Regulations Parking regulations to be moved to a county level Sheriff Almeida to draft a parking regulation for county Subject to fine if found putting up signs that aren’t real. Must give 2 car lengths parallel to businesses and establishments. Snow tires X amount of days before first snowfall and X amount of days after last snowfall. Tires identifiable by a snowflake emblem on the wheel itself. 9 - Legal Limit on Alcohol when Carrying Firearms When carrying a firearm you must be within .08 of the legal limit of alcohol. Eleanor to provide studies for argumenting that .06 is more appropriate 10 - Private Security Licenses Those who have this license can work as security for government or private establishments, legally entitled to have tier twos. Ideally for former or current Sheriff Deputies. Requirements: tier 1 license | mental evaluation from ASH | Tier 1 test from SD to ensure gun knowledge/safety and documentation | Arms course and law course | register firearm with the department and ensure visibly no illegal modifications | SEB exam issued Action Items Organize meeting with Michael Artyom Organize meeting with Dave White Draft law to limit scope of commission power Comprise list of appointees for emergency services commission Sell off useless interiors for government and vehicles
  7. xxx

    hey dude get ig


  8. We actually do, in some occasions. I feel like there's nothing else to discuss here, I helped you as I could. My forums PM's are always open, feel free to drop me a PM if you need. Best regards.
  9. Yep, his admin note needs to be updated so the staff team is up to date in regards to it. I didn't mention it because it was irrelevant for you.
  10. Player needs to be IG for his admin note to be updated.
  11. That was just an IC explanation for this OOC requirement, since the regular items do not require GAT / UAT's approval.
  12. The player was told to spawn the generic as a chainsaw (a box) and the actual player would later report for the admin permission and for instances, RP'ing opening the box. The /history that needs to be checked and the admin note that needs to be edited is from the player himself, not the courier's one. @BusterAces
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