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  1. Event Update Due to the our sponsors, Dinoco Ltd, the prize pools for the brackets have been increased, here are the following changes that have been made: Stock Class Prize has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000. Street Class Prize has been increased from $8,500 to $13,500. Pro Class Prize has been increased from $12,500 to $17,500. We would also like to announce that we now have a brand new sponsor joining us for these events, Spectre Motorsports who will help us host future car related events. Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that the event will be starting at 19:00 (7PM), If you're signing up for brackets, you will be required to present a dated dyno sheet of your vehicle and it's current tune. Secondly, your vehicle will be inspected to make sure that it's fit to drive and race on the track, these requirements are for the safety of you and others around you, not meeting the requirements will prevent you from being able to participate in the brackets but you'll be able to race during the different periods. If you're displaying your car at the car show section and you're recklessly driving around the area or are doing burnouts/donuts, you will be asked to leave the event. Finally, we'd like to say that we hope to see you all there at the event and hope that everyone has fun.
  2. Name : RM Bid : This isn't only a one off event that we're hosting, more to come in the future.
  3. Name : RM Comment : Thank you for clarifying how much property actually comes with this "farm". The auctioneer sent me images which showed way more land than what the deed actually entitles. Scummy tactic used in order to sell off a property, close to a scam.
  4. Name : RM Comment : How much land does the property grant you, would you be able to outline the whole plot of land out on a map to display this? Not looking for any sly remarks as I'm actually interested in the property but it all depends on how much land comes with it.
  5. Due to a new sponsor, Dinoco Ltd, the prize pools will be increased and there will be an additional update posted soon with the new prize pools for all of the classes. Thank you to Dinoco for helping out with the event.
  6. BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INTRODUCTION Las Venturas Race Nights is a drag racing event hosted by Myers Loans & Investments and sponsored by Chase's Burgers & Sparta Inc. This event is focused on reviving the legal racing scene which used to be present in Las Venturas back when LSMA hosted events at the drag strip. Due to there no longer being any events hosted at the drag strip, we took it upon ourselves to host one. Within our Las Venturas Race Nights, we'll have "Everything Goes" races, this will be a period of time where anyone can race anyone they want, no matter what classes the vehicles are in, during this "Everything Goes" period, we'll be carrying out tech inspections on the vehicles participating in the brackets. The tech inspections will determine if your vehicle is fit to race and to determine what bracket it will fall under. After all the tech inspections are done on all the vehicles which are participating, we'll go into the bracket races. EVENTS & BETTING Everything Goes : These races will take place whilst technical inspections are going on, you may join these races if you're not participating in the brackets (Race Ticket is still required) and you may join these if you're waiting for your technical inspection or if your technical inspection has been finished. Within these races, you'll be free to race anyone you like and they can be from any of the bracket classes. (Races won in Everything Goes do not count towards the leaderboards) Brackets: Within brackets, there are three different classes, these classes are Stock Class, Street Class and finally Pro Class, all of these classes will have their own set of requirements and limitations, these will be discussed down below. When entering brackets, you will be going up against people in the same class as you, if you win, you proceed to the next stage, if you lose, you're out of the bracket, win the finals for your class and you walk away with the prize money. Rack up wins to climb your way up the leaderboard. We'll be posting updated leaderboards after every event we host. Every single class will have its own leaderboard which will show off the racers with the highest win streaks. Call Outs: Call Outs will take place once all the bracket races are finished, during this period, you can call out and challenge any other racer to a drag race, no matter what class they're in. Racers will also be able to bet on their own races during this period if they wish to win more money. Within our events, if drag racers want to gain even more money, they can place bets on their own races. The bets will be managed and controlled by us, in order to place a bet, both of the racers will have to come up to the booth and place the same amount of money down which will generate the money pool, once the race is done, the winner will take all the money that was placed down in the bet. As we're controlling the bets which are being placed, a 10% commission will be deducted from the final prize pool. Bets may only be placed during brackets or during the "Call Outs" period where racers can challenge other racers, no matter what class the vehicles are in. The Call Out period will occur after all the brackets have finished. 7PM : Event Start : Everything Goes and Technical Inspection 8PM : Everything Goes, Final Technical Inspection and Brackets 9PM: Brackets and Call Outs 10PM : Event End THE VENUE AND PRICING Race Ticket : $1,500 (This ticket allows you to participate in Everything Goes, Brackets & Call Outs, you'll also be allowed to park your vehicle in the car show section of the venue) Display Ticket : $500 (This ticket will allow you to park your vehicle and display it in the car show section of the venue) Spectator Ticket : Free (You'll be allowed to come into the venue and watch the races but you will be required to park your vehicle in the spectator parking section of the venue) At the venue, Chase's Burgers will have a food van present, providing food and drinks to both racers and spectators. VEHICLE CLASSES AND LIMITS To be eligible to participate on the leaderboards of Las Venturas Race Nights, your car must fit into one of three classes that we have available, to be placed into a class, you鈥檙e required to bring in a recent dyno sheet of your vehicle on the tune that is used during the races, the dyno sheet must be dated and vehicles will be tested on the dyno during future events. Secondly, your car will have to undergo a technical inspection which will inspect the car and ensure that your car meets all the requirements of a specific class to determine what class you will be placed in. Down below, the requirements of each class will be listed: Stock Class 路 Your vehicle must have under 500HP (Horsepower) 路 Must have a secure driver's seat and passenger鈥檚 seat if you intend on having a passenger. 路 Must have a roll bar installed if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. 路 Must have a harness for both seats if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. 路 Must have a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have its full interior, bucket seats and steering wheels are exempt from this rule. Street Class 路 Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 500HP to 1000HP (Vehicles with 1000HP will be transferred to the next class, see below) 路 Your vehicle must have bucket seats installed for both the driver and the passenger. 路 Your vehicle must have a harness for both seats. 路 Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in behind the driver within arm's reach or on the passenger鈥檚 footwell. 路 A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. 路 The vehicle鈥檚 battery must be secured in place, especially if there has been a battery relocation. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have suitable tires with a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. Pro Class 路 Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 1000HP to 1500HP 路 Your vehicle must have a full roll-cage installed with a window net 路 Your vehicle must have a bucket seat present for the driver, passenger seat can be removed as no passengers are permitted within this class. 路 Your vehicle must have a harness for the driver with a quick release. 路 Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in either in place of the passenger seat or in the passenger鈥檚 footwell with a quick release. 路 A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. 路 The vehicle must be fitted with a drogue parachute with controls being accessible from the cockpit. 路 Your vehicle鈥檚 battery must be secured in place. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have drag/street radials for your vehicle to be eligible for this class. PRIZES Winner of Stock Class : $10,000 Winner of Street Class : $13,500 Winner of Pro Class : $17,500 Any bets placed during the event have a 10% commission and handling fee. (This money will put forward to improve the prize pools and to host future events)
  7. Pretty sure I remember seeing a bar/cafe in Idlewood that had a vending machine for drinks and cigarettes which had an inventory and you could just buy from it so I don't see why a script is even required. Other than that, you can just passive rp it, no point using up server resources so people could RP using vending machines for the first week before people only use them to buy drinks in order to heal themselves from non rp driving.
  8. Name : Ryan Comment : I'd also like to see evidence of the profits to prove that it's not just a sale tactic.
  9. Loan Application To make it easier for our clients to apply for loans, we have created a simple application form which can be filled out in a matter of minutes, making it more user friendly than writing out an email. To fill out an application, follow the link listed down below : https://bit.ly/2VXhG09 Once you have filled out the application for a personal loan, we will review the application and inform you if your loan application has been accepted and what needs to be done in order to proceed with the loan. If your application is accepted, you will be asked in an email to provide your bank account details (This is so that we could transfer the cash sum requested directly to your account) and a scanned copy of your ID card to prove identification. ((Original post has also been updated to include the google forms link so it's easier for everyone to see))
  10. There's already been multiple suggestions which are similar in terms of being able to do regular payments or having it automated by a script which would help out a faction: So far the only method of actually running the loan company is by relying on the person to actually pay weekly or by constantly reminding them through the use of IC emails.
  11. I'm pretty sure they would be able to make it where if the person sending the money on a regular basis runs out of money, it halts the payments and informs the playing receiving the money. I'm sure that are many more ways of preventing something where people are able to send out payments without actually having money, that was just one of my suggestions.
  12. Reckon it would just be better to have a function where people could set regular payments towards a faction such as *Certain amount* paid to *Certain Faction* every week on *Certain date*. That way it opens up more doors for other ideas such as property rentals, vehicle rentals, etc, that way its run by players and not an NPC, creating more roleplay. At the moment I'm actually trying to make a faction which specializes in personal loans:
  13. DxRK

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    Character story has been updated to include the link to the faction thread.
  14. About Us Myers Loans & Investments is a financial institute established in 2019 by Los Santos resident, Ryan Myers, which specializes in providing loans to individuals, families and business owners. At Myers Loans & Investments, we believe that everything should kept simple, here we have no hidden charges and are transparent when it comes to our fees. We want to give you a helping hand in making your dreams become a reality, whether you're hoping to purchase the sports car of your dreams, want to purchase a brand new house, have a renovation done or want to open up your very first business, we'll be there to help. Loans In order to make your dreams become a reality, we offer personal loans which range from $1,000 to $40,000. We have no hidden fees and our rates are listed down below : Loans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 : 2% APR Loans ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 : 3.5% APR Loans ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 : 10% APR Representative example : If the representative rate is 10% APR and you borrow $25,000, at the end of loan term, you'll have to repay a total of $27,500. (( Due to the nature of the servers economy, all repayment installments will have to be done weekly)) If you would like to request a personal loan from Myers Loans & Investments, press on the link (https://bit.ly/2VXhG09) and fill out the application. Investments Here at Myers Loans & Investments, we aim to support small and local businesses and improve business for everyone overall, giving everyone a chance at running a business of their dreams. If you're an owner of a small business who has plans of expanding or are an individual which has a business idea but is scared of pursuing it, we will provide a helping hand and help you out along the way. If you wish to seek an investment from Myers Loans & Investments, contact us through email at [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Within the email, please include the following information: Full Name Name of Business (Optional if you haven't started the business) What your business specializes in how and it operates Future plans and goals with the business If the previous two points don't apply to you (i.e you don't run a business yet) then inform us about your business idea. What type of investment are you looking for from Myers Loans & Investment? Contact Website : W.I.P Loan Application Form : https://bit.ly/2VXhG09 Email : [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Myers Loans & Investments is a licensed financial institute under the Los Santos County Government.
  15. Early Life - 1995 On the 21st of December, 1995, Ryan Myers was born to two middle class parents, Julia Myers and Reuben Myers at the Northside Hospital of Atlanta. Ryan grew up in the quiet neighborhood of Candler Park, Atlanta Georgia where both his parents were working the field of finance with his father owning his own business by the name of Myers Finance and his mother being in the position of head of finance for various different stores and businesses around the neighborhood. Growing up around the neighborhood of Candler Park, Ryan would spend most of his early years outside in the surrounding areas, taking a liking to outdoor activities such as sports which was how he spent most of his day, learning how to play basketball and football. Partaking in these sports activities allowed Ryan to get friendly with most of the neighborhood kids which would also spend time around the park. As Ryan grew older, he started spending more time around the family office with his father where he started to take a liking to finance and the way his father was running a business which would then pave the way for Ryan's business ventures within Los Santos, San Andreas in the future. Candler Park , Atlanta Georgia Education When it came to education, Ryan attended Samuel M. Inman Middle School in Atlanta. Throughout middle school, Ryan managed to maintain average and above average grades throughout his core subjects but did exceptionally well when it came to his elective subject of computers which Ryan took an instant interest in and would enjoy studying. During his middle school years, Ryan would be an average student, he wouldn't start any fights with other students and would be friendly with his fellow students, having a decent size friends group. During this time, he would still occasionally spend time in his father's office, learning about business in finance, sometimes even helping his father out by getting some hands on experience. Finishing off middle school, Ryan enrolled at the Henry W. Grady High School. During his freshman years, he only stuck to his subjects but this is where he began to take finance and technology seriously to the point where he was trying to teach the subjects to himself. At the beginning of his sophomore year, he started to get involved with sports, mainly basketball where he would make the team and continue to play basketball until 12th grade. Although Ryan did well when it came to basketball, he didn't pursue a college scholarship. Henry W. Grady High School Due to the love of technology that he had, Ryan applied to colleges around the United States which were technology focused, such as M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Stanford and the California Institute of Technology. Ryan however would remain in the state of Georgia as he would enroll at Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology). Within Georgia Tech, Ryan would drop sports and would instead start to focus on his studies, those being in the subject of computer science which he would end up graduating and getting a degree in. During his time in Georgia Tech, Ryan would have a part time job working in a small cafe where we would save up most of the money he earnt and would start to be more involved in social activities, such as going to car events all over Atlanta with his friends who had an interest in cars and motoring. After attending a few of these events, Ryan would also start to pick up and interest in them and as soon as he graduated, he bought a 2000 Lexus LS400 off of his granddad using money he had earnt from his part time job at the cafe. The car was in pretty bad shape so Ryan spent a few weeks in the summer working on it with his friends before getting it to actually start and drive. Being happy with the fact that the car would actually work, Ryan didn't even focus on repairing the body or the paint of the vehicle and set out to drive from Atlanta Georgia to Los Santos San Andreas, a 2172 mile journey in a death trap. Lexus LS400 (Reference Picture, the red paint would all be faded) Life in Los Santos - Present Day After arriving at Los Santos, Ryan settled down by renting out an apartment in a quiet area where he would then start searching for commercial properties to rent with the goal in mind of opening up a tech store where we would also be able to work on his side projects in hopes of making it big in Silicon Valley or finding success as a start up company. Having no experience and no luck with running a store, Ryan reworked the property and turned it into an office where he had a change in business ventures, having knowledge and hands on experience with finance due to his parents careers, he would follow in his father's footsteps and started working on opening up his own business, Myers Loans & Investments, in hopes of making something out of himself and actually being able to put the knowledge to use in hopes of helping out individuals and families with financial problems and being able to support local businesses with financial aid so that they could turn over a profit with a helping hand. (The thread will be updated as the character progresses and I'd also like to apologize for any mistakes present in the character story, specifically those surrounding the education system, I'm only familiar with the UK education system and had to research the US education system before writing this. There may also be some areas where the story is shaky or I've waffled on but this was my first attempt at writing a character story).
  16. Just happy to be alive in the moment and all, waiting for best of 2019 , wishing best of luck to the production team
  17. perfection takes time
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  19. They evaluate trial admins based on their weekly reports which in my opinion is a good system as any, having a rating system could just ruin the status of some admins, people would constantly give admins low ratings just because they don't like the admin or the situation didn't go their way. Even if there's a reasoning given for the low rating, UAT would still have to filter through everything to find the actual low ratings with real reasons behind them. If you like the work that an admin is putting in, drop them a thank you PM in-game or discord or tell them that they're doing a good job, if you don't agree with an admin's decision, you could always bring it up or report them in the UCP. Just my two cents here.
  20. Next time, when providing evidence, please post everything without any cuts or edits made, here's the full conversation we had in PMs, in correct order. [2019-05-08 19:32:18] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: ehm [2019-05-08 19:32:24] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: reason to kill? [2019-05-08 19:32:39] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Well, when we tried to steal your car, you shot directly at us [2019-05-08 19:32:48] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: then we drove past and heard you talking to someone about is [2019-05-08 19:32:50] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Us* [2019-05-08 19:32:57] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: So for our safety, we took action [2019-05-08 19:33:23] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: Well it's a DM bro, it's a human nature so ihave right to try to shot u [2019-05-08 19:33:25] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: And [2019-05-08 19:33:33] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Not DM [2019-05-08 19:33:37] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: You heard me talking about u? looooooool [2019-05-08 19:33:49] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: We heard a person talking to you say "Did you see their faces" [2019-05-08 19:34:00] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: and with the recent activities, we had reason to believe that was us
  21. Right, I'll start off by addressing your points, I'm involved as one of the shooters, specifically, the one that killed Sarah Castro. We were driving around with a tow truck looking for a car to steal that we could use as a getaway car when we came across a crash that happened between you and another player, rather than actually RP'ing the full effect of the crash, you just RP'ed it as a scratch, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to steal a Lamborghini, which we would have either scrapped, parted out or just used as a getaway car. You were surrounded by five people, all of them having guns and four of them pointing their gun at you. Instead what you did was get into the car when we tried stealing it, locked the doors, closed the windows and took out your phone, now we IC'ly didn't know if you called the cops or not as there were other witness. The first point, rather than letting the police officers deal with five armed gunmen, you tried to take the situation into your own hands by shooting your weapon directly at us, Here's a gif which shows exactly that : https://gyazo.com/84d1428864d2acf2b51caebf26bcdaf3 Secondly, due to the cops arriving, we made a run for it and after we all re-grouped, we discussed actually going after you, not for the reason that cops were called because thinking you called the cops would only be an assumption so instead we wanted to go after you for firing a gun at us. Whilst on the run from the police, we were using different vehicles and had changed skins, we drove past Verona where we overhead a conversation between you and one of your friends : [English] Bruno Melendez says: Saw their faces ? Due to the recent activities which had just taken place, we instantly thought that that was in regards to us and trying to steal your vehicle, so we radio'ed in to everyone else, getting them to come to Verona where we would have moved in from all sides to shoot you. Instead of actually laying low, you decided to go to one of the active areas in the server to go for a test drive and not only that, you were clearly showing your face. Whilst on this test drive, you crashed into a group of our guys who were also looking for you, due to the crash, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to move in and shoot you whilst you wern't aware of what was going on. There was no DM present in this situation, it was all planned and it was all RP'ed accordingly. The final point is, before you try to say that we DM'ed your friend, he was present in the vehicle with you so without taking any chances we shot at everyone in the vehicle due to them being possible witnesses which could bite us back in the arse, your mate wasn't CK'ed, he had nothing to do with the situation and was only in the wrong place at the wrong time, It was your test drive that got him into that situation and we told him that he wasn't getting CK'ed and admins informed him that he could RP injuries, we even apologized to him afterwards in PMs. Your actions brought you here and you can't just pull the DM card every time one of your characters puts themselves in this situation and gets CK'ed
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