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  1. What happens when you build cars with absolutely no restrictions and put only the bravest drivers behind the wheel of them to take the cars through the tight corners of hillsides and rocky terrain? This is what the golden era of rally was all about when Group B was first introduced, an era of racing that still remains in the hearts of many fans and is considered the pinnacle of the World Rally Championship. This era brought out the most insane looking cars with over the top aerodynamics and innovative turbocharging technologies, manufacturers used Group B as a way of getting into racing and pu
  2. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Disabling Special Abilities/Transform Functions What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- There's a lot of unique vehicles in-game but a few of them have been removed from the in-game dealership due to either having weapons or being able to fly/go underwater after transforming. This suggestion is to disable the transformation functions and the ability to use weapons on the following cars: (All the vehicles listed here still remain realistic in terms of vehicles a
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  4. Name : WildRide Magazine Comment : We appreciate the continuous support from you and the community, these articles wouldn't be possible without you all so thank you.
  5. Demolition derbies are like the Colosseum gladiator fights of the car world, cars enter the arena, close to the end of their life knowing that they're about to have the worst retirement with most of the cars emerging the arena on the back of a flatbed or by being pulled out by a tow truck. These derbies are a perfect way to have some fun during the weekend, even if you're only a spectator, getting to witness all this mayhem infront of you is a thrill, leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting to see if the next hit knocks a car out of the running. These Demolition derbies have a colorful pa
  6. Controversies are nothing new in the world of Motorsports and are present across all disciplines, from an alleged 7/8 scale car in NASCAR, Superbike teams smuggling drugs, a controversial win in the Vapid vs Grotti rivalry and a long list of Grand Prixs in F1, it's just unavoidable but this is about one of the most controversial and dominant cars that took Japanese and Australian racing by surprise, something not even the manufacturer of the car could've seen coming. Back in the 90s, this car was as close to unbeatable as it gets in Motorsports. Annis were a company which loved fac
  7. Jer


  8. A car with everything going against it, it beat all the odds and took the fight toe to toe with Grotti, who doesn't love a good rivalry right? Movies like The Karate Kid and Back to the Future Trilogy wouldn't of been what they are without rivalry. Pegassi had just launched the Monroe which would become the very first supercar and kick off the whole trend, it would however be the Torero which would be the magnum opus for Pegassi, making Pegassi what it is today. If it wasn't for the Torero and what it did for the brand, we wouldn't of ended up with cars such as the Vacca, Reaper or the Toros.
  9. WildRide Magazine was launched in November 2020 with the the debut of the very first publication, covering the then brand new D10 Coquette and history of the namesake, since then, WildRide Magazine has been devoted to taking a deep dive into car culture, exploring every corner of it from classic and vintage cars, Import tuners, Modified sports cars & Lowriders to rare supercars. Simply put, car culture has a wide range that goes from being amusing and bizarre to illegal and adrenaline inducing, we're here to cover all of it and put you at the forefront of it. We want you to fe

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      Pharmacie populaire [url=https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/]www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com[/url] sans danger pour la sante

  11. For some, the Eighties in the car industry were undoubtedly the best decade but this was also a time where music, film and fashion were all so eccentric, meaning the cars had to be aswell. This resulted in us getting wedge shaped cars like the Pegassi Torero or futuristic renditions like the Imponte Deluxo but you can't talk about 80s cars and not bring up the Grotti Cheetah, a car that shaped the culture of the Eighties, a car that the Italians believed represented the American Dream, a car reminding you of a time where perms were mandatory and wearing a tight T-shirt under a white blazer was
  12. In the seventies, car design was all about futuristic visions of cars, wedge shaped supercars all sporting pop-up headlights. The eighties took the script and completely flipped it, supercars weren't all about computer aids anymore and manufacturers started focusing more on purer machines, putting drivers completely in control. Companies like Pegassi, Grotti & Pfister didn't have to rely on advertisements or posters to sell cars anymore, their lap times and speed records made cars fly out the door of dealerships. In the eighties, Pfister brought out the Comet and this car took
  13. You've lived in Los Santos for a few months, you've got money, you've got taste but you're not on anyone's A list and Saturday night is the loneliest night, a Pegassi would certainly change that but you've just seen three Vacca's parked outside the local coffee shop which only tells you one thing. There's too many self indulgent wieners in this city with too much bloody money. Now, if you were driving a Pegassi Tempesta, you would not be a self indulgent wiener, you'd be a connoisseur. Champagne would fall from the heavens, doors would open, velvet ropes would part. This may be th
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