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  1. DxRK

    happy birthday to my mate 

  2. They evaluate trial admins based on their weekly reports which in my opinion is a good system as any, having a rating system could just ruin the status of some admins, people would constantly give admins low ratings just because they don't like the admin or the situation didn't go their way. Even if there's a reasoning given for the low rating, UAT would still have to filter through everything to find the actual low ratings with real reasons behind them. If you like the work that an admin is putting in, drop them a thank you PM in-game or discord or tell them that they're doing a good job, if you don't agree with an admin's decision, you could always bring it up or report them in the UCP. Just my two cents here.
  3. Next time, when providing evidence, please post everything without any cuts or edits made, here's the full conversation we had in PMs, in correct order. [2019-05-08 19:32:18] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: ehm [2019-05-08 19:32:24] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: reason to kill? [2019-05-08 19:32:39] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Well, when we tried to steal your car, you shot directly at us [2019-05-08 19:32:48] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: then we drove past and heard you talking to someone about is [2019-05-08 19:32:50] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Us* [2019-05-08 19:32:57] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: So for our safety, we took action [2019-05-08 19:33:23] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: Well it's a DM bro, it's a human nature so ihave right to try to shot u [2019-05-08 19:33:25] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: And [2019-05-08 19:33:33] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: Not DM [2019-05-08 19:33:37] [Output] : PM From (37) Sarah Castro: You heard me talking about u? looooooool [2019-05-08 19:33:49] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: We heard a person talking to you say "Did you see their faces" [2019-05-08 19:34:00] [Output] : PM Sent to (37) Sarah Castro: and with the recent activities, we had reason to believe that was us
  4. Right, I'll start off by addressing your points, I'm involved as one of the shooters, specifically, the one that killed Sarah Castro. We were driving around with a tow truck looking for a car to steal that we could use as a getaway car when we came across a crash that happened between you and another player, rather than actually RP'ing the full effect of the crash, you just RP'ed it as a scratch, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to steal a Lamborghini, which we would have either scrapped, parted out or just used as a getaway car. You were surrounded by five people, all of them having guns and four of them pointing their gun at you. Instead what you did was get into the car when we tried stealing it, locked the doors, closed the windows and took out your phone, now we IC'ly didn't know if you called the cops or not as there were other witness. The first point, rather than letting the police officers deal with five armed gunmen, you tried to take the situation into your own hands by shooting your weapon directly at us, Here's a gif which shows exactly that : https://gyazo.com/84d1428864d2acf2b51caebf26bcdaf3 Secondly, due to the cops arriving, we made a run for it and after we all re-grouped, we discussed actually going after you, not for the reason that cops were called because thinking you called the cops would only be an assumption so instead we wanted to go after you for firing a gun at us. Whilst on the run from the police, we were using different vehicles and had changed skins, we drove past Verona where we overhead a conversation between you and one of your friends : [English] Bruno Melendez says: Saw their faces ? Due to the recent activities which had just taken place, we instantly thought that that was in regards to us and trying to steal your vehicle, so we radio'ed in to everyone else, getting them to come to Verona where we would have moved in from all sides to shoot you. Instead of actually laying low, you decided to go to one of the active areas in the server to go for a test drive and not only that, you were clearly showing your face. Whilst on this test drive, you crashed into a group of our guys who were also looking for you, due to the crash, we saw this as a perfect opportunity to move in and shoot you whilst you wern't aware of what was going on. There was no DM present in this situation, it was all planned and it was all RP'ed accordingly. The final point is, before you try to say that we DM'ed your friend, he was present in the vehicle with you so without taking any chances we shot at everyone in the vehicle due to them being possible witnesses which could bite us back in the arse, your mate wasn't CK'ed, he had nothing to do with the situation and was only in the wrong place at the wrong time, It was your test drive that got him into that situation and we told him that he wasn't getting CK'ed and admins informed him that he could RP injuries, we even apologized to him afterwards in PMs. Your actions brought you here and you can't just pull the DM card every time one of your characters puts themselves in this situation and gets CK'ed
  5. There's always a reasonable explanation for the updates not being frequent, for example doing a lot of bug fixing and polishing up the server so it works, doubt a lot of people would be interested in knowing which bugs were fixed and how they were fixed, most people are just interested in all the new features that are added/will be added later on. Server is being worked and it's come a long way but there's still a bit to go.
  6. My mate aswell

    1. Script


      my mate xxx

  7. Removing the NPC dealerships would be a big fuck you to new characters/returning players who may have lost assets due to inactivity and especially new players who are not familiar with the server at all. Like mentioned above, the NPC dealerships give new players a way to get started straight away with a shitty car so that they don't have to run around for ages trying to find their way around. They're also dealerships which are open 24/7 which means anyone from any timezone can access them which means they don't have to wait on an in-game dealership to get new stock, especially VT dealerships which only get new stock every 15 days (These also have limited stock so keep that in mind). There's already plenty of roleplay when it comes to player run dealerships but it all depends on the people running it, if they want to roleplay all the interactions and the purchase process realistically or if they just want to get it over and done with, with /sell. We even changed the Grotti dealership from an exotic dealership to a dealership selling common modern commercial vehicles so that exotic dealerships would get more roleplay and customers, in fact I was the one who placed the cars in the dealership. There's no lack of roleplay with player run dealerships which seems to be your main issue and you can easily see this from the screenshots that they post on their forum threads. There's more variables to this than just saying "NPC dealership steals RP and business" It doesn't and this would in fact cause more issues due to the fact that dealerships will have to wait for stock in order to actually open and it will depend on players to actually be active for it to be open, hence why the 24/7 NPC dealerships are important as dealerships wont be open when players in different time zones try to play and every other person is sleeping. Junker dealerships already have a JOB to do, they supply people with cars and they used to fill up their stock slots every time last time I checked. Regarding the overused cars brought from NPCs, you clearly haven't seen how it used to be before when there would be five of the same car parked on every single street, now you've actually got more variety and people go for cars from player dealerships as soon as they have money. There's already 2 Junker dealerships which are active. You clearly dont know how F3s work now if you believe that people are still able to farm them, in order to actually gain money in the F3, you actually have to make sales, so if the two junker dealerships are still around, then they're clearly making sales. You're clearly missing the point here, NPC dealerships are just a starting point for new characters, so that they could get started with a car, it's the players choice if they want to continue driving a car bought from the NPC dealership because at the end of the day, it makes 0 impact on businesses or players as they cant even sell token cars. I can 100% say I've never seen anyone go buy a car from an NPC dealership after they've started making money, everyone always goes to player run dealerships to acquire cars that they actually want. As for your issue regarding the GTO, that can just easily be removed.
  8. this is exactly why we have the pakis out movement
  9. Honestly right, I've had enough and I mean enough, every day I come back home from a sesh and guess what, my fucking door is missing because you nicked it and I'm going into debt because I have to keep buying new doors, came back one day, door's fucking gone and then my son's in the kitchen having a fag, cheers. 



    1. EPICxNUTS


      dox my fucking dog again and i'll have to take this to a fucking formal staff complaint, members in this community are absolute vile human beings and all of them need to be lynched from society, FUCKING OUTRAGOUS. 


      I'm calling the MRI to get u a scan for your brain you fucked cheese eating surrender monkey. 






    2. BusterAces


      think more doors gone missing love


      epix off my page u broke my heart


    3. DxRK


      anyone up for a wee shag x 

  10. Noted, leading on #1. You've been outbid.
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