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  3. Even IRL, not every single brand new car made with the production year of 2020 comes with security such as mobile phone tracking and as for OnStar, that only comes included within vehicles that are part of General Motors (Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac) whilst being an additional option for other vehicles sold through dealerships such as Dodge but GTAV doesn't use real vehicle models so it can't be managed like that. It should be an option on the phone that only gets activated once the whole OnStar package is RP'ly added to the vehicle (Giving RP to security companies) and takes money out every payday due to being a subscription service which can also be disabled RP'ly if the vehicle is stolen.
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  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Realistic Prices of Vehicles in Dealerships What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- As the server has been up for 11 days now, I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that the economy is a lot different from that which was present on MTA and that's a good thing because now you actually have to work for money, it's harder to acquire it and you actually care if you lose that money. Now those which have started acquiring money have probably already wanted to spend it by purchasing some assets like a new vehicle but after entering the dealership, they noticed that the prices on some vehicles are all over the place and are completely outrageous. I've taken some screenshots to provide examples of this as now I believe there are a few vehicles which have custom pricing set on them and those which use the base GTA Online prices. I'm making this suggestion in hopes that people can discuss how they feel about having a realistic economy and realistic vehicle prices to accompany it. At the moment, there are a few common vehicles which you would be able to easily see on the streets of any state in the US but with the current pricing, you're not able to even finance them. Down below I'll be showing a few examples that I've found of outrageous prices and inconsistencies: Example 1 : Zirconium Journey (Based on a 1975 Vogue 26' Villa Grand Class A Motorhome) This vehicle at the moment is priced at $57,054.95 where as if you finance it, it will cost you a total of $66,811.34 on credit with you having to pay $885.59 per payday, making it insanely hard for anyone to even finance it. On GTA Online, the vehicle has a price tag of $15,000. Now although it was hard to find, I managed to find that similar models to the vehicle this is based off IRL, only sell within the range of $7,000-10,000. Example 2: One of the cars that I found with the most outrageous cost was the Vapid Caracara 4x4 (Based on the brand new Ford F-150 Raptor), in the dealership, this vehicle costs $783,835.40 when paid in full but if you want to finance it, it will cost you nearly a million dollars, being priced at $917,871.20 which will require you to pay a total of $12,166.49 per paycheck (Every hour), making it impossible to even acquire this car. Just for comparison, for $900,000 currently, you would be able to fully purchase 2 Enus Cognoscenti 55s (Based on a 2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur) and still only be about $20,000 off of purchasing a third one. The same can be said about the Enus Super Diamond (2017 Rolls Royce Phantom) which is easier to purchase than the Caracara 4x4. Just to give you a realistic price, a brand new Ford F-150 Raptor, fully customized with all options included, will only cost about $77,000. Example 3: This isn't really anything major but it's just an inconsistency I found between two vehicles, these being the same exact vehicle but one of which is a sports package. This is regarding the Bravado Buffalo and Buffalo S, these being based on the 2010 Dodge Charger and 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 respectively. The Buffalo S is a newer model with a sports package which would be and is more expensive than the base model when you look at the real life counter-parts but with the current prices, the base model Buffalo is close to being $50,000 more expensive than the Buffalo S. I believe the dealership just needs an overhaul on the vehicle prices to make it more realistic as there's some cars which have realistic prices set for them and others have outrageous price tags, making them insanely hard to acquire. I'd be willing to work with the admins and create a whole spreadsheet, listing every single vehicle currently available on the server, their current price, a fixed price and references to go along with the fixed price, giving it a balance. What are the advantages?- - More realistic to accompany the realistic economy. - There will be a bigger variety of vehicles seen on the streets instead of just the token vehicles and the Vamos/Tullips which people are financing. - Gives the player more cars to choose from when financing/purchasing them which allows them to have a larger range of cars to pick suitable cars for their character. - Tokens are restricted to the Compact category in the dealership so people won't be able to get sports vehicles if the prices are adjusted. - Allows for more role-play opportunities such as living in a motor home which is currently impossible as you're required to have K before you can even start that role-play. What are the disadvantages?- - Credit might increase for players who have already got vehicles on finances if those vehicles have their price changed to make them more expensive. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Like mentioned above, I'm more than happy to help the admin team with this overhaul by going over every single vehicle that is available on the server at the moment and making a spreadsheet which would show the current price of the vehicle on the server, the fixed price of the vehicle and references to go along with the fixed price to make it more realistic. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I'm guessing all that would be required would be references for realistic prices and for the metadata to be changed on the vehicles within the server to display those prices but I've never done this so it's easier said than done.
  6. Thrills & Bills Due to the Clubhouse bar gaining so much popularity from the public, it wasn't long before they started running out of alcohol to sell so to keep costs low and profits high, the Vikings Motorcycle Club decided to best way to do so was by hitting a liquor delivery truck supplying supermarkets with stock at midnight and managed to pull it off, providing a large supply of alcohol, allowing them to continue running the open bar.
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  8. Really support this suggestion, giving players the ability to reduce the payments remaining by paying a slightly larger sum towards the credit or paying off the credit all in full, especially with factions picking up and players getting jobs, they'll be able to fully purchase the vehicle rather than leaving it on finance. Big +1
  9. I just tried doing it and it doesn't seem to do much, plus I believe he means the ability which allows you to disable the OwlV hud, which is separate from the GTA V hud, this would be beneficial for screenshots and videos as it would disable the name tags, location and finance. Big +1 from me.
  10. ( Jordan Olivier, 18 Years Old, 2014 ) ⊰ Before Birth ⊱ Born on the 17th of May 1971 in New Orleans, Louisiana to French Parents, Adria Olivier grew up in the neighborhood of the French Quarter. Growing up around the area, Adria quickly took a liking to the French Quarter which was regarded to be the historic heart of New Orleans. During the 70s, the crime rate in New Orleans was rampant with close to 150 people being murdered each year and the French Quarter being popular for vehicle break ins, with the crime rate rising each year in the 70s, Adria's parents were considering moving to a safer neighborhood and considered leaving New Orleans all together but ultimately decided to stay due to the culture that was present, especially within the French Quarter which had a vibrant nightlife and colorful buildings flooding the streets such as Bourbon street which was and still is home to jazz clubs and various eateries from different cultures. During Adria's teenage years in the 1980s, the culture present around her such as the festival of Mardi Gras would inspire her and would lead to her picking up a hobby of drawing. What started off as simple sketches, turned into colorful drawings of the scenery at Mardi Gras which then eventually turned into graffiti on city walls and the street cars of New Orleans. In 1989, doing well with her studies and education, Adria ended up moving to the state of San Andreas at the age of 18 to pursue art even more as she had got into a college located within Los Santos. ( French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, 1970s) When moving to Los Santos, Adria would live in the neighborhood of Rancho due to the cheap rent but the cheap rent came at a cost, the neighborhood had a large gang presence along with a high crime rate to match. whilst living in Rancho, Adria would start to pick up part time jobs within the various small time businesses that were present in the area whilst also focusing on her studies. During her years of college, she began to familiarize herself with the area and continued her hobby of graffiti by placing it on walls whilst staying cautious so that she wouldn't tag on the wrong street and come into contact with the Latino gangs present but failing to do so, in 1991, at the age of 20 she would end up meeting Luis Cabrera (22 years old at the time), a member of the Hispanic gang running the neighborhood of Rancho. The gang was involved in a range of criminal activities, these being drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, contraband, vehicles trafficking, document forgery along with low level street crimes such as muggings and store hold ups which only low level members partake in to prove that they're ready and capable enough of moving up in the hierarchy. With Adria and Luis falling in love with each other, Luis would do everything to ensure that Adria was kept away from the gang and that she would remain safe and wouldn't be affected by any of the criminal activity taking place around the area. ( Rancho Projects, Southern Rancho) ⊰ Birth of The Brothers ⊱ in 1992, a year after meeting, Adria and Luis would have their first son, Hayden Olivier, who would take the surname of the mother due to the two not being married. Three years later, on the 19th of November 1995, Jordan Olivier would be born at the Central Los Santos Medical Center. The two brothers would grow up and would start to get highly influenced by their father within their teenage years and would start to spend time around the Hispanic gang and would chill with all the younger kids around the area. Due to still being a fairly poor family, their parents wouldn't have the money to buy Hayden and Jordan the newest shoes or nicest clothes so the brothers took it into their own hands. In 2008, with Jordan being 12 and Hayden being 16, the two started their own side hustle inside school, they would acquire full cigarette packs from gang members that they used to spend time with and would then go onto sell the cigarettes to other school kids, this was something that was going well for both brothers and would bring them in some money, this would go on to impress their father Luis and other gang members but their mother was unaware of what the two brothers were doing so they would have to hide the money and would have to pretend that any clothes or shoes they brought, were gifts from the gang. This side hustle of theirs would continue until Hayden got into a fight with another schoolboy over the price of the cigarettes, this is where the school would find out that Hayden had been selling cigarettes within the school and would lead to him being expelled. Hayden would completely give up on education at the age of 17 and would start to get more involved within the gang, due to his father being impressed by how he managed to sell cigarettes in school, he was given the job of selling drugs on street corners around Rancho. Jordan however would continue to sell cigarettes on a smaller scale within the school for another year before completely stopping whilst he was still ahead. Jordan would start to focus on his studies more before also picking up on art just like his mother. During his free time, he would spend time with the gang and would start to head out with members to tag the walls with graffiti, marking the territory. Jordan would start to make sketches of Hispanic culture before placing graffiti of them onto the walls of Rancho and the Los Santos Storm Drain. The sketches and graffiti done by Jordan, especially the Hispanic culture inspired work, would start to catch the eye of Samuel Reyes, the main tattoo artist who would ink all of the gang members in the area. Samuel took Jordan under his wing and started to teach him how to do tattoos, this sparked a passion for Jordan and he would start to ink gang members alongside Samuel, getting better at it one tattoo at a time. The gang members would love the work done and would even come to Jordan for unique designs but no one loved the tattoos more than his own family, his father and brother would come to Jordan to get gang related tattoos done whilst his mother was proud that he was pursuing art and staying out of trouble by not getting involved in the more serious criminal activity carried out the gang, not the same could be said about Luis and Hayden... ⊰ The Downfall⊱ In 2014, with Hayden climbing the ranks of the gang, He, their father and various other gang members set out for a meeting with another criminal organisation to set up more distribution of drugs and other contraband, bringing some product as a sample. This meeting would turn sour however as it would be ambushed by the police which would result in a shootout. Hayden, Luis and a few more gang members would end up getting arrested with Luis getting charged for second degree murder due to killing a police officer during the shootout. They would later on receive additional charges with some members receiving minor drug possession charges and others getting drug trafficking and distribution. Everyone involved would also receive charges for criminal possession of a weapon. With the main source of income gone, Jordan and his mother, Adria could no longer afford to work minimum wage and live in poverty whilst struggling to pay off rent, this resulted in Adria moving with Jordan to Paleto Bay, a small town in Los Santos County. Jordan being 18 at the time, saw this as a fresh start, he would drop all studies and would no longer pursue higher education but would still have one goal in mind. Keeping his passion of tattooing and becoming skilled at it over the years, he planned on opening up his very own tattoo parlor, however in order to do that, Jordan needed money, something his family didn't have so he started to pick up jobs in the businesses located around Paleto Bay, working minimum wage. He would do this for a few years, earning enough to help his mother out and have some left over for himself, but at the age of 23, he knew that he'd never reach his goals of opening his own tattoo parlor by working minimum wage so he went back to his roots of selling contraband, however this wouldn't be as easy as selling cigarettes to schoolkids. Jordan got in contact with and reached out to the younger members of the gang, the kids that he grew up with back in Rancho. He seeked out a favor from them, small quantity of marijuana so that he could start small scale independent distribution of it in Paleto Bay with them acting as the suppliers and getting a small cut out of the sales made. This is where it begins, Jordan's journey to his goals. ( Paleto Bay, Los Santos County, 2019) ( Jordan Olivier, 23 Years Old, 2019 ) ⊰ To Be Continued⊱
  11. minecraft hunger games so i could drop kick a few cunts and not feel bad about it
  12. They've already been announced
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