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  1. I'd like to have a sub forum made for my dealership (Nostalgia Imports) so I could have all the import requests go into a section. Been having some issues lately with the current method of using google docs and I'd also like to hire more employees icly to handle the forum work. Spoke to Unitts and Swanker regarding this and both of them said that they dont have an issue with it.
  2. Name : WhatAreYouOn Comment : Who in their right mind would buy it for anything over 60, I sold the car myself for 45, its a basic car, nothing to it.
  3. Name : Yeah Comment : Vehicle only has 550hp, dont try to pull a sly one, someone already tried claiming 1000hp on it.
  4. DxRK

    VT Update - June 2018

    I'm not crying, you're crying
  5. DxRK

    VT Update - June 2018

    Don't recruit any benters but I reckon @BusterAces is a solid choice, wouldnt want my doors stolen. Sinabit lads, out with the boolers celebrating in spoons.
  6. DxRK

    yeah have a nice one maz, enjoy a stella 

  7. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    (( Images have been added of the ingame vehicles for the vehicles that are still available)) Congratulations on winning Vehicle #3, you'll be contacted shortly. Congratulations on winning Vehicle #1, you'll be contacted shortly.
  8. How about you actually point out the areas in my post that show a negative attitude rather than just making empty statements? I addressed the statement you made that its somehow always VT's fault when comparing it to the other teams and then also pointed out why the two week spawn cycle is put into place for the better good. Would you rather get 60+ vehicles spawned every two weeks or none at all? A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. I addressed the issues by being completely honest and transparent when talking about them but seems like you'd rather have me beat around the bush and give out lies or statements that are not true.
  9. As a current VT leader I’ll be completely transparent when addressing all the comments in this thread that I have read. I’ll start off by addressing the smaller issues and move onto the addressing the main topic of the thread. The first issue I’d like to address is how people keep saying its the team’s fault that we’re lacking the manpower that other teams such as GAT , FT and MT have so let me begin, stating useless suggestions as “Open up applications” are clearly unaware that VT applications have been open for two years now with not a single closure period but the reason you dont see a lot of new members is because requirements are far different from any of the other teams. For VT you need to have the knowledge and interest of vehicles whilst also being able to provide mechanic rp logs that you’ve used in order to make a modification request go onto the processed stage where its archived. Now due to this you’d think that we have applications pouring in but oh wait, here’s a shocker, there’s barely any applications, in the past three months or so we’ve had only three applications, all of which were lacking in terms of quality or used god awful logs like in game tint application logs so there, there’s barely any interest in VT due to the requirements where as GAT, MT and FT only require knowledge of RP and the rules. Now time for the biggest issue, a while ago, there was a sever wide update that said VT would no longer have set dates for dealership vehicles and the issue with this is that this was never brought to the attention of any of the VT members or leaders meaning it was a surprise to even us when we read it. I was late to seeing this update and woke up to messages asking me if people would get a vehicle they ordered within the same hour, not a chance. After this announcement, we arranged a meeting on teamspeak where every member and leader of VT got on to talk about this, every single member agreed that they would be unable to do this around the clock each week because believe it or not we actually have an age requirement within VT and not a single member as of now is under the age of 17 meaning we’re all young adults and need to focus on personal life which includes working shifts, college, part time jobs and even family. Having set dates, the 2 week cycle is beneficial for both the team and dealerships themselves even though they may not agree but I’ll state my points as to why. Having the two week cycle allows us, the team to be aware that on these days we’ll have to do these duties, do you really wanna be the prick that tells your girlfriend that you can’t go travelling with her for the weekend because whiney little cunts want virtual cars created for them? Exactly. The reason its beneficial for dealerships aswell is because it allows them to fill up their slots when making a req, yes, general dealership slots instantly fill up which creates a wait period but other dealership types are not always able to fill up slots, especially due to niche markets. I already saw that a number of VT members already stated how time consuming it is so I wont even go into that because that would require a 2000 word essay. In the end all I’m going to say is that its unlikely the two week cycle is going to be changed and I wanna thank the VT members who take the time out of their day to take over the spawns of dealerships from members who are unavailable at the time.
  10. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    Leading on both vehicles, @Ogami, you've been outbid. Congratulations on winning the vehicle, you will be contacted shortly.
  11. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    Congratulations, you've won Vehicle 5, you'll be contacted shortly.
  12. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    Noted, leading on both, @NoFlexBG you've been outbid.
  13. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    Please state what vehicle. Leading.
  14. DxRK

    Car - 6 Vehicles [ENDS: 08/06/18]

    Auction has been edited.
  15. Los Santos Auction House - Car VEHICLE 1 -SOLD Vehicle year: 1992 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Soarer Starting bid: $9841 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $16000 VEHICLE 2 Vehicle year: 1986 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86 Starting bid: $16000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $25000 VEHICLE 3 - SOLD Vehicle year: 1983 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Corvette C3 Starting bid: $15000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $30000 VEHICLE 4 Vehicle year: 1992 Vehicle brand: Dodge Vehicle make: Viper RT/10 Starting bid: $33376 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $42000 VEHICLE 5 - SOLD Vehicle year: 1970 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Chevelle SS Starting bid: $37225 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $46447 VEHICLE 6 - SOLD Vehicle year: 1972 Vehicle brand: Dodge Vehicle make: Challenger 318 Starting bid: $38433 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $45600 Disclaimer : All the vehicles on auction here are completely bone stock Auction end date: 08/06/18 Contact details: Given to winners

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