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  1. $3000 was already bid on #2, invalid.
  2. Leading on #1 Leading on #5, outbid on #1
  3. Congratulations on winning the vehicle, you will be contacted shortly.
  4. DxRK

    Evolve LLC

    All our vehicles from the UK and Japan have arrived today and have been transported to be showcased at our showroom, most of the vehicles imported have been recently made federally legal due to meeting the twenty five year import rule. We're also helping out a business located within Los Santos, Abu's Fast Food , by supplying their owner with an ice cream van.
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle 1 Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: President Starting bid: $2500 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $9360 Vehicle 2 Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Mark II JZX90 Starting bid: $1500 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $7862 Vehicle 3 Vehicle year: 1991 Vehicle brand: Honda Vehicle make: NSX Starting bid: $34000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $48750 Vehicle 4 - SOLD Vehicle year: 1992 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Silvia K's Club Collection S13 Starting bid: $10000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $18440 Vehicle 5 Vehicle year: 1990 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Fairlady Z (Z32) Starting bid: $7600 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $15792 *Notice : All of these vehicles are RHD (Right Hand Drive) and have arrived from Japan* Auction end date: 27/09/18 Contact details: Given to the winners
  6. Name : NB Comment : If it is an actual RSR model, how did you obtain it from RSR as there were less than 10 examples built and they were specifically made for the team. Do you have any certificate or paperwork to prove that this is a genuine RSR model other than showing one picture of the exterior which looks like a poor attempt at replicating a racing livery. (( This auction is a scam as an RSR Race Edition Jaguar would not be possible to obtain through any of the VT dealerships as it breaks multiple rules such as being pre-modified and not having enough examples made @Script @Thomasmith @Maikeyy2, this is a base model XKR that you can obtain from an NPC dealership))
  7. DxRK

    Evolve LLC

    Investments Are you an owner of a small business and are seeking help? Well this is the perfect opportunity for you! At Evolve LLC, we aim on improving, moving forward and bringing the people of Los Santos the best services that we can and this means that we're actively trying to work with smaller businesses located all around Los Santos. We're mainly searching for business located around the automotive industry such as repair workshops, parts stores, etc but if your business is based around a different industry, we would still love to hear about it. To seek an investment from Evolve LLC, use the link provided down below to reach our form: Investments Form Meet the most powerful vehicle on our fleet, a 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera. The Superleggera will put you inside a race car on the road with a powerful, 570 Horsepower V10 engine taking you from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 Seconds. This vehicle is now available for rent from Evolve Rentals along with many more vehicles suitable for every budget. 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Rent a Vehicle Now - Rental Request Check Out Other Vehicles On Our Fleet - Fleet List
  8. DxRK

    happy birthday sweetheart x 

    1. Bum


      thanks couldnt be happier  

  9. DxRK

    Five Vehicles [ENDS: 12/09/18]

    Congratulations on winning vehicle #4, you'll be contacted shortly
  10. **Nial Benson would enter the court room, making his way to the gallery as he would fix up his suit, right before sitting down**
  11. DxRK

    Five Vehicles [ENDS: 12/09/18]

    The starting bid for the NSX has already been placed. Congratulations on winning the auction, you'll be contacted shortly.
  12. DxRK

    Five Vehicles [ENDS: 12/09/18]

    Leading, @spudi, you've been outbid on #1

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