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  1. Focus RS - Above & Beyond When it comes to hot hatchbacks, the Ford Focus RS goes beyond that, primarily focusing on performance and handling. In fact, with the focus on performance, the car sports a 2.3 litre turbocharged engine which produces an amazing 345HP from the factory and unlike any of the other Focus trims you can buy which only come in front wheel drive, this pushes power to all four wheels, allowing the vehicle to get from 0 to 60 MPH in 5 seconds flat. Now if you need a comparison to see how it does against other hot hatchbacks in the same price range like the BMW M140i and Honda Civic Type R, it's faster than both, it's as simple as that. Even when compared against the fastest production hot hatchbacks on the market right now, these being the Audi RS3 and A45 AMG, it's not even that much slower and in fact keeps up with the two but that being said, it's all well and good when you compare them in a straight line drag race but that's not what a hot hatchback is for. Hot hatchbacks are meant for the comfortable smooth drive, a vehicle which is rewarding when taking corners. Source : CarAdvice The Ford Focus RS is great for both daily city driving and weekend cruises, it has really nice and smooth linear power delivery, especially when you're in the range of 2000rpm to 6000rpm. The vehicle is able to take corners unfazed by any factor such as entry speed, weather condition or type of surface, giving both the car and the driver the confidence of being able to put the car to full use, taking advantage of the grip and speed. Additionally, the Focus RS has features which allow for a great driving experience, you're able to break in towards a corner, lock the front end of the vehicle on the line and then put the traction through its paces in order to haul you out of the corner which means you can go in slow and fast out of a corner as many times as your heart desires. Like mentioned previously, the vehicle is unfazed by weather conditions, when there's a wet surface, the over speeding rear axle will tighten itself up around a corner whilst you keep your foot on the throttle which is not unsafe or wild but instead smooth and calm. Just like the Nissan GT-R, the Focus RS shows how far a smart all wheel drive system can do to a car, enhancing the fun of driving. Source : Car and Driver The power of the vehicle might be the highlight of it all but the interior is nothing to scoff at, the Ford Focus RS comes standard with heavily bolstered and leather Recaro seats which will hold drivers firmly in place, preventing you from being on the edge of your seat, especially during hard cornering. An optional extra which you can add on to your vehicle is a set of Recaro Shell Bucket seats which are even more supportive than the basic option Recaro seats. The first thing everyone will notice when first sitting down inside one of these is that it sits higher than most cars but that's not a bad thing, the pedal placement is really well thought out and there's a lot of adjust-ability on offer when it comes to the seating position which means you'll easily get comfortable in seconds. The dashboard is similar to the ones seen in the regular Ford Focus except there's an additional display which will show you your turbo boost, oil temperature and oil pressure. There's also an eight inch touchscreen infotainment system which comes standard but you can also get smartphone mirroring. Due to the high seating position, visibility in-front of the vehicle is really good and with the reverse cameras present, this car aids in you getting your way around. Source : Ford To conclude, the vehicle has great and refined handling, especially the willing front wheel drive which is adjustable and the smart four wheel drive system which offers some great fun. This car is everything a hot hatch should be and it does it perfectly, the car offers great strong performance which can be felt as you drive the car more and put more miles onto it, the engine starts to feel more free, it starts to pull a lot harder and it starts to sound a lot better. This specific trim comes in limited supply when compared to other trims and models which means that even now, the newest generation (Current) of the Focus RS still hasn't depreciated the previous year models as much as other cars have been affected and the car has become the star of numerous online drifting and rallying videos. A brand new Ford Focus RS from the dealership will set you back $41,995 (MSRP) for the base configuration but customers are always welcome to customize their own vehicle by adding on accessories and exterior options. Head to your nearest Ford dealership and pick one up today! Source : Team BHP Order your brand new Ford Focus RS and other Ford vehicles from Ford of Los Santos today :https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos.
  2. Name : R.M Comment : I'm fairly certain that there are better sources of clean and reliable power which at the same time take less time and money to set up and maintain. It's worrying that the people of Blueberry were not informed about such a big change like this when they're going to end up being the residents living next to a nuclear plant and when there are various farms around the general area. Doesn't seem like any of this is being done for the good of the people who reside in this county and is instead being done because some company offered to pay for the whole project.
  3. Ford Takes on Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 When you think of a garden party, the last thing you would think of is race cars flying down the road at an estate doing timed shootouts but things are done a little bit differently at Goodwood. Goodwood Festival of Speed IS the largest motoring garden party in the world, offering a unique summer weekend which brings together a mix of cars, stars and Motorsport royalty in order to create the largest car culture event in the world which is held every year in July. In this years event, the career of Motorsport legend Michael Schumacher was celebrated along with Sir Jackie Stewart, The Volkswagen ID.R smashed two Hillclimbs events (Unofficially) and everyone who participated in the Motorsport events gave it their all. Within this article, I'll be rounding up everything to do with Ford, especially since it was such a good year for them at the Festival of Speed. Source : Goodwood Festival of Speed This year was taken over by American V8s and that's no surprise after you look at all the cars that Ford brought out for the events. Bringing some authentic American muscle to the UK with a slight hint of sophistication, Ford brought out the brand new 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 which contains a supercharged 750HP V8 under the hood. Vaughn Gittin Jr. was behind the wheel as the Mustang took a drive around the track, setting off the line by performing a burnout and finishing by crossing the line at over 110MPH. Source : Ford Secondly, we have professional rally driver Ken Block where the only thing you have to know about him is that he loves spinning, drifting and lots of tyre smoke. He brought over his classic Ford F-150 and Escort RS Cosworth, his return to Goodwood ticked everything mentioned in the previous sentence. Starting off with an aggressive start, we were treated to a slight drift before we got a display of all wheel drive donuts at the show center. Whilst this display was going on, the left front fender of the car peeled away but when you're doing donuts in a 914HP pickup truck, it's a small price to pay. You heard that right, a Ford F-150 from 1970 doing all wheel drive donuts whilst producing 914HP, this car is anything but classic. It's got modern widebody styling to give it an aggressive look and it's engine can be traced back to the Le Mans winning Ford GT race cars. Ken Block's Ford F-150 uses the 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6 from the Ford GT except this has been modified to boost it from 500hp to 914HP, especially with the two massive modified turbos which stick out of the hood. Source : Goodwood Festival of Speed Ford wanted to give this event everything they had so they shipped out some of the best cars from Motorsports that they could, they had the #66 Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Ford GT fresh from the Le Mans 24 hours endurance races and had set it up to race up the Hillclimb course wearing the same exact livery that it was sporting during the endurance races. Ford's M-Sport Ford World Rally Team Ford Fiesta WRC car also made an appearance, running both during the Hillclimb event and the Forest Rally Stage. For the first time ever, the 2018 NASCAR Championship winning Team Penske Ford Fusion race car was brought to the UK and 1980 Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri road racing car was also on display, celebrating 50 years of the Ford Capri sports coupe. Now from all the Ford's that we mentioned here, it's clear to see that Ford vehicles are a common sight at this event but more specifically, the Mustangs but no two are the same. This can be seen by the GTS 1 that was displayed, it's not a NASCAR and is instead an IMSA racer in GTS 1 which is a racing class, being the successor to the famous GTO class. 1980 Ford Zakspeed Turbo Capri Road Racing Car Source : Ford Ending how we began with the vehicle showcase at Goodwood, we're going back to Vaughn Gittin Jr. who put on quite the show in his Ford Mustang RTR Drift Car which can be seen at Formula Drift. Now, if you need to know anything about this car, it's the fact that this was the very first car to ever drift the "Green Hell" which is the Nurburgring located in Germany, a location to visit on the list of every petrolhead's bucket list. Behind the wheel of the 900HP Mustang RTR, Vaughn Gittin Jr. was able to drift all 13 miles of the track, going as far as hitting speeds of 150MPH (240+ KM/H) so just from that introduction alone, you already know the display that Vaughn put on, that's right, he went into the Hillclimb course sideways and shining, leaving a trail of tyre smoke until the finish line. Source : Goodwood Festival of Speed Vehicle Reveals Although a big highlight of the event is all the shootout runs on the Hillclimb course and the cars on display from all the eras of motoring, it has provided a platform for several debuts with more automakers picking Goodwood as the perfect venue to announce and reveal brand new cars. This year, Ford announced two new vehicles, these two being the 2020 Ford Focus ST and the 2020 Ford GT MK2. The 2020 Ford Focus ST is a hot hatchback which uses a 2.3 litre Ecoboost Four-Cylinder engine which produces 276 horsepower with 310 pound-feet of torque, giving it the ability to reach 62MPH in 5.7 seconds before leading up to a top speed of 155MPH. Reviewers who were able to drive the car were all able to agree on one thing, the fact that the car drives and handles really well all due to the power it produces and the really sharp steering which has now become an ST trademark. Source : Ford Now we move onto the biggest announcement from Ford, right before the event started, Ford posted a darkened image which featured a race inspired version of the Ford GT, people were quick to point out the fact that the Ford GT in the picture was sporting a completely different rear wing which was hinting at other body modifications along the body. The day finally came and Ford brought out a brand new track only version of the Ford GT supercar which would be a limited run with only 45 examples being built, all costing $1.2 Million which is more than twice the cost of the basic road version of the Ford GT but this is far from the road-going GT, in-fact, it's more similar to the racing version of the Ford GTs used at endurance races but unlike the racing versions, this MK2 GT isn't restricted by rules, where as the racing versions are limited to 500HP, the MK2 GT uses the same 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6 but this time it produces 700HP whilst featuring other additional modifications like the rear wing which is larger than the ones seen on the racing versions and a large rear diffuser. 90 KG were shaved off by removing the suspension which was present in the basic road version GTs and now with new suspension which provides a really low fixed ride height, the vehicle is able to achieve 2Gs of lateral grip. Ford states that the MK2 GT will deliver the full performance potential of the vehicle due to how focused engineering was on the racing aspect. The MK2 GT was quite an elusive sight and to finish it off, the vehicle gave a winning Supercar Shootout run on the Hillclimb course. Source : Ford Order your brand new Ford vehicle from Ford of Los Santos Today! : https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos
  4. Ford Raptor : The Car To Do It All The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor only requires one look and you can already tell what it's used for, off-road driving, it's a no-brainer but what if we told you that the Raptor was able to handle everything that the road throws at you, from daily use to road trips and everything in between, the Raptor takes it head on. Looking back at the previous generation of the Ford Raptor which started in 2010 and ended in 2016, you'd say that both the current generation and previous generation look exactly the same from the exterior but that isn't the case, the generations are completely different when it comes to all the technical aspects. Starting off with the smaller aspects, the interior offers new Recaro seats. Usually when people think of Recaro, they think of the bucket seats that they produce and believe that these seats would be quite uncomfortable, especially on road trips but just like everything else on this truck, the seats are over sized which means that people of all heights will fit and have an enjoyable drive whether it's off road or if it's just a drive down the highway. Source : Ford Adding to the comfort of the truck, the new 2019 model comes with updated and new Fox shocks, they offer the same amount of travel as the models from the previous year, this being 13 inches in the front of the vehicle and 13.9 at the rear but with these updated units, you get a big difference, mainly, the Live Valve technology which means that the Fox shocks are able to enhance the existing suspension system by automatically adjusting suspension damping based on the terrain and how aggressively you attack it. The internal bypass mono-tube shocks get adjusted electronically which means that there's continuous variable compression damping allowing the suspension to change as the road underneath you changes, allowing you to go straight from the road to attacking sand dunes. The 2019 Ford Raptor is now able to handle hairpin turns of a mountain pass with precision and ease which you don't usually get with other trucks, especially trucks the same size as the Raptor. Additionally, with the suspension, the 2019 Raptor is 500lbs lighter than the previous generation with its new updated military grade aluminum alloy body and most impressively, brand new tech which sets the vehicle apart. Brand new Trail Control technology makes it easier than ever to do what the Raptor does best: take you off-road. Similar to cruise control, Trail control will allow the driver to set the off-road speed and the vehicle will take over the acceleration and braking based on the terrain for enhanced off-road trekking which allows the driver to focus more on the course and the steering. Source : Ford To address the elephant in the room, you have to talk about the size of the Raptor, a lot of people may not understand the fun of driving a large truck around but it's something you have to experience in order to understand. This vehicle is not only the king of the wastelands, it's also the king of the road, when you drive down the street, it turns heads of people nearby, people are quick to get out of your way and it's the closest thing you can get to a monster truck straight from a factory. Secondly, a big complaint that people had about the previous generation of the Ford Raptor was the soundtrack of it, the previous generation came with a V8 and if anyone read the "Chasing Cars : Living with a Hellcat" article, you would know that driving around with a loud V8 isn't always the best and how you feel obligated to keep the car quiet when driving in quiet residential areas but a V8 isn't always easy to mask the sound of so the brand new generation of the Ford Raptor comes with Twin-Turbo V6 Ecoboost, although you're losing two cylinders, you're gaining more power. When the 2010 Ford Raptor came out, it had a 5.4 V8 which only produced 320HP, with the later 6.2 V8 producing 411HP. The brand new V6 Raptor comes with a strong and bold 450HP / 510LB-FT whilst also being more economical than the previous V8. Source : Ford Finally, the 2019 Raptor continues its legacy of being the most fun you're able to have with your clothes on. The best part of it is, the Raptor is a variant of the Ford F-150 and it's not one of the most expensive ones either. The base price of a Ford Raptor is $52,855 with the Ford F-150 Platinum and F-150 Limited being more expensive. The Ford Raptor has seating for five people and you can also customize your own model on the Ford website ( https://ford.to/2Y4a2q9 ). One of the first options you have is adjusting the configuration of the Raptor, where you can either go with the SuperCab configuration or upgrade to the SuperCrew configuration for an extra $2,985. You're also able to add extras to your vehicle such as unique decals, specific paint and other interior/exterior features. Do yourself a favor, go to your nearest Ford dealer, place an order for a brand new Ford Raptor and then go out attacking sand dunes, it's an experience that you won't regret. Source : Ford Order your brand new 2019 Ford Raptor and other Ford vehicles from Ford of Los Santos today :https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos.
  5. But in real life there are also different elements which factor in which realistically, prevent you from having 20 cars, this being mandatory insurance, cost of servicing, road tax, etc. A person wouldn't buy a 6th car knowing it would put them in a financial disadvantage because they have to pay off everything mentioned above and the cost of inspections on every vehicle to make it suitable for the road.
  6. Speeding Bullitt Back in 1968, movie goers were treated with a ten minute car chase up and down the steep roads of San Francisco on the silver screen. It has now been over 50 years since this sequence was filmed and it remains to be one of the very best car chases in action movie history with every single modern car chase owing a debt to it. Unlike modern action movies relying on CGI to include over the top sequences, Steve McQueen was really speeding through the streets of San Francisco at over 110MPH chasing down a Dodge Charger R/T 400 which would set the stage for a rivalry between the two outside of NASCAR. Source : IMDb This car chase sequence alone is worth a watch of the movie, giving you a sense of danger with camera work which makes you feel like you're behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang 390 GT, chasing the rear end of a Charger by weaving in and out of traffic and catching air on the steep roads of San Francisco. During this scene, jazz music builds up tension, there is no dialogue and after a the screeching of tires, the soundtrack of two American V8s can be heard. Source : IMDb Now you're probably reading this thinking "Why am I being given a history lesson on a movie from the 60s?" Well the reason for this is, after the iconic dark green Mustang appeared on the silver screen, people were rushing to dealerships to get in on the action, to feel like they're Steve McQueen who held the nickname of "The King of Cool" back in the day, this lead to the Mustang becoming the fastest selling model in the world (It still holds this record). 50 years later now, you can't just walk into your local Ford dealership and request a dark green Mustang from the movie Bullitt, after all. the Mustang Bullitt belongs in the 1960s where it should be in an endless cycle of tearing up San Francisco pursuing a Charger but that's where you're wrong. Source : IMDb The Bullitt Mustang is back, it's stronger and more modern than before. This car really is the driver's car and I had the opportunity of taking it out for a test drive, getting to experience all the features it has to offer. The first thing that caught my attention was the interior of the car itself, specifically the stick shift which sports a cue ball gearknob, the same one seen in the movie (Sorry automatic drivers but the Bullitt only comes in manual) . Secondly, it was the feature called line lock which is probably the best system which you could get in a modern muscle car. When activating line lock, you're locking up the front brakes which leaves the rear wheels free, allowing you do burnouts (On private property) because let's be honest here, if you're buying this car, you're not buying it to drive your kids to school every day or to collect flat pack furniture from IKEA, you bought it to have fun so roll up those sleeves of yours and get involved in the action. Source : Ford USA The Mustang Bullitt comes with a V8 producing a total of 475 Horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque meaning it lives up to the Bullitt name and is an amazing vehicle when it comes to bang for your buck. You could have an amazing vehicle with amazing history behind it or you could cough up an extra $10,000 and get yourself the base model Jaguar F-Type which only comes with a turbocharged inline-4 producing 296 horsepower so do yourself a favor, go to your local Ford dealership and put in an order for a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt or order one online now ( https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh ) and customize it to your liking. Source : Ford USA Ford of Los Santos currently has a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt on display which is currently for sale with the price tag of $58,243, finished off in the iconic Highland Green paint job and with only 5 miles on the odometer. Come on down today and drive back home with a piece of history. Source : Ford of Los Santos Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos. Order your brand new Ford Vehicle at: https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh
  7. Ford GT : The Past, Present & Future. Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday is a phrase which dates back to the early 20th century, back when car manufacturers would do whatever it took to win Motorsports events such as the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans just to get sales on their flagship models. This is a business strategy which has worked for years and the phrase still holds weight today, in 2019. In fact, last month, the 24 Hours of Le Mans took place and Ford entered four 2019 Ford GTs, all of these sporting special throwback liveries, making reference to iconic moments from the 60s which occurred during Ford's previous successes at La Sarthe. Source : Ford Performance Black & White Ford GT (Far Left) : Livery commemorates Ford's victory in 1966 with Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon behind the wheel. Red & White Ford GT (Left) : Livery commemorates Ford's victory in 1967 with Dan Gurney and A.J Foyt behind the wheel. Blue, White & Red Ford GT (Right) : Same Ford GT that won the 2016 GTE Pro Class with the iconic livery that it wore three years ago. Light Blue & Red Ford GT (Far Right) : Livery makes reference to an iconic moment back in 1966 when Ford entered three Ford GT40s. Denny Hulme and Ken Miles had their Ford GT40 in the same exact livery as the one above and had crossed the line first but a call was made by officials to change the formation. At the time, All three Ford GT40s were running a formation of 1-2-3 meaning that not only did they win first place, they also took both podium finishes home. The formation was changed however just to get a nice photograph by the finish line so it could be turned into a boardroom wall. Source : Ford The history of the Ford GT goes back to the Ford GT40 which was a car designed with one specific goal in mind, bring down Ferrari. This rivalry began back when Enzo Ferrari cut off a deal out of spite with Henry Ford II, this deal was about the Motorsport divisions of both Ford and Ferrari and due to the deal being cut off, Ford went straight to Lotus, Lola and Cooper to build an endurance race vehicle which would beat Ferrari. The Ford GT40 had a bumpy start, the first race it competed in was at the famous Nurburgring track which was a 1000km race, sadly, the Ford GT40 was forced to retire due to suspension failure. Three weeks down the line, three Ford GT40s were entered into the 24 Hours of Le Mans where all three retired. Due to the failures in the races, Ford GT40s were sent off to Carroll Shelby who worked on them and allowed them to gain a victory with Ken Miles and LLoyed Ruby behind the wheel at the Daytona 2000 in 1965. It all started looking up for the underdog when the experience gained from the Daytona 2000 was put to use when the Ford GT40 MKII was created, fixing the wrongs of the previous prototype. With this new model, Ford entered the vehicles into Daytona once again, this time a 24 hour endurance race where three MKII GT40s took first, second and third finishes. A few months later, Ford once again took all three top finishes. Finally, at 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ford once again took home all three top finishes, achieving Henry Ford II's goal of beating Enzo Ferrari. After the GT40 MKII, two more generations were built. the third generation focusing on being a road vehicle whilst the fourth and final generation continued to focus on Motorsports and endurance racing. After the fourth generation, Ford stopped producing Ford GT40s but a company by the name of Safir Engineering started to rebuild Ford GT40s and started to produce their own replicas which would resemble the original GT40s up until the 80s when they stopped. Source : Top Gear After the 80s, the GT40 model name was dead up until 1995 when Ford revealed a new concept car by the name of the Ford GT90, all was not lost and fans of the original Ford GT40 had something new to look forward to. The Ford GT90 was never released but in 2002 at the North America International Auto Show, a brand new GT40 concept was shown by Ford. This concept was very similar in appearance to the original race cars which were tearing up tracks back in the 60s but this model was slightly bigger. In the fall of 2004, the Ford GT40 concept came into production but this time it was under the name of the Ford GT. The base models were sold for $250,000 and only 4000 were made, a lot of people applied to be on the waiting list, including a lot of celebrities, one of the most famous cases being Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. Today I got the opportunity of driving a Ford GT on the streets of Los Santos but there's a twist with this specific example. This specific 2005 Ford GT was the personal vehicle of Camilo Pardo, the chief designer of the Ford GT who was also the original designer of the classic Shelby GT500. The vehicle is a pleasure to drive with its smooth and responsive handling but the vehicle also shows it's origins with a supercharged V8 engine which roars when you try to bring outs its heritage of the GT40 by putting your foot down (At your local track of course). To show you how fast the Ford GT is, it was able to achieve 0-60 MPH in 3.3 seconds, keep in mind, this is 2004. Although there are a lot unique features when it comes to the vehicle itself and the engine, the biggest highlight of this specific example which makes it prestigious is the one of a kind touches that you can find on the struts located in the engine bay, on them, you'll find signatures from Edsel Ford, Carroll Shelby and David Hobbs. Source : Ford of Los Santos The Ford GT was only in production for two years, from 2004 to 2006 with the model years being 2005 and 2006. It seemed as if history would be repeating itself with the GT name withering away but at the 2015 North America International Auto Show & The unveiling of Forza Motorsport 6, a redesigned and modern Ford GT was shown off with plans of it going into production in 2016 to mark 60 years since the Ford GT40 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Unlike the previous models and generations, this new Ford GT would no longer feature a supercharged V8 and would instead have a 3.5L Twin Turbocharged Ford Ecoboost V6 which pushes out an impressive 647HP. The model went into production in December of 2016 and is still being produced today which means that you can walk into your local Ford dealership and place an order for one. Just like previous generations, the second generation of the Ford GT continues to improve its racing pedigree with a total of 16 victories so far which brings us all the way back, full circle to Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday as last month's 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019 marks the end of the Ford GT program which has lasted since 1965. The Ford GT Program made its exit in style by finishing a total of 1699 collective laps around the Le Mans track. Although the program may be over, second generation Ford GTs will continue to lay down rubber on race tracks all over the world and compete in endurance races , just like Henry Ford II dreamed of back in the 60s. Source : Ford Performance Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos. Order your brand new Ford Vehicle at: https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh
  8. You're lucky that it was changed from 150 hours to 75 hours and it should stay at 75 hours. If there was no restriction on how many hours you need before making a modification request, you would see people RS hauling for a few hours, buying a car, buying parts and then building a car just for the sole purpose of baiting police into pursuits. Rule should stay how it is now. Secondly, for the other part of your "rule revision", A lot of people get denied on the reasoning because they don't actually provide one, writing "I'm building this car because I want a fast car" is the quickest way to get your modification request denied. If you can't explain why you're building the car or justify why you need a built car, you probably shouldn't be building the car in the first place.
  9. Event Update Due to the our sponsors, Dinoco Ltd, the prize pools for the brackets have been increased, here are the following changes that have been made: Stock Class Prize has been increased from $5,000 to $10,000. Street Class Prize has been increased from $8,500 to $13,500. Pro Class Prize has been increased from $12,500 to $17,500. We would also like to announce that we now have a brand new sponsor joining us for these events, Spectre Motorsports who will help us host future car related events. Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that the event will be starting at 19:00 (7PM), If you're signing up for brackets, you will be required to present a dated dyno sheet of your vehicle and it's current tune. Secondly, your vehicle will be inspected to make sure that it's fit to drive and race on the track, these requirements are for the safety of you and others around you, not meeting the requirements will prevent you from being able to participate in the brackets but you'll be able to race during the different periods. If you're displaying your car at the car show section and you're recklessly driving around the area or are doing burnouts/donuts, you will be asked to leave the event. Finally, we'd like to say that we hope to see you all there at the event and hope that everyone has fun.
  10. Name : RM Bid : This isn't only a one off event that we're hosting, more to come in the future.
  11. Name : RM Comment : Thank you for clarifying how much property actually comes with this "farm". The auctioneer sent me images which showed way more land than what the deed actually entitles. Scummy tactic used in order to sell off a property, close to a scam.
  12. Name : RM Comment : How much land does the property grant you, would you be able to outline the whole plot of land out on a map to display this? Not looking for any sly remarks as I'm actually interested in the property but it all depends on how much land comes with it.
  13. Due to a new sponsor, Dinoco Ltd, the prize pools will be increased and there will be an additional update posted soon with the new prize pools for all of the classes. Thank you to Dinoco for helping out with the event.
  14. BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INTRODUCTION Las Venturas Race Nights is a drag racing event hosted by Myers Loans & Investments and sponsored by Chase's Burgers & Sparta Inc. This event is focused on reviving the legal racing scene which used to be present in Las Venturas back when LSMA hosted events at the drag strip. Due to there no longer being any events hosted at the drag strip, we took it upon ourselves to host one. Within our Las Venturas Race Nights, we'll have "Everything Goes" races, this will be a period of time where anyone can race anyone they want, no matter what classes the vehicles are in, during this "Everything Goes" period, we'll be carrying out tech inspections on the vehicles participating in the brackets. The tech inspections will determine if your vehicle is fit to race and to determine what bracket it will fall under. After all the tech inspections are done on all the vehicles which are participating, we'll go into the bracket races. EVENTS & BETTING Everything Goes : These races will take place whilst technical inspections are going on, you may join these races if you're not participating in the brackets (Race Ticket is still required) and you may join these if you're waiting for your technical inspection or if your technical inspection has been finished. Within these races, you'll be free to race anyone you like and they can be from any of the bracket classes. (Races won in Everything Goes do not count towards the leaderboards) Brackets: Within brackets, there are three different classes, these classes are Stock Class, Street Class and finally Pro Class, all of these classes will have their own set of requirements and limitations, these will be discussed down below. When entering brackets, you will be going up against people in the same class as you, if you win, you proceed to the next stage, if you lose, you're out of the bracket, win the finals for your class and you walk away with the prize money. Rack up wins to climb your way up the leaderboard. We'll be posting updated leaderboards after every event we host. Every single class will have its own leaderboard which will show off the racers with the highest win streaks. Call Outs: Call Outs will take place once all the bracket races are finished, during this period, you can call out and challenge any other racer to a drag race, no matter what class they're in. Racers will also be able to bet on their own races during this period if they wish to win more money. Within our events, if drag racers want to gain even more money, they can place bets on their own races. The bets will be managed and controlled by us, in order to place a bet, both of the racers will have to come up to the booth and place the same amount of money down which will generate the money pool, once the race is done, the winner will take all the money that was placed down in the bet. As we're controlling the bets which are being placed, a 10% commission will be deducted from the final prize pool. Bets may only be placed during brackets or during the "Call Outs" period where racers can challenge other racers, no matter what class the vehicles are in. The Call Out period will occur after all the brackets have finished. 7PM : Event Start : Everything Goes and Technical Inspection 8PM : Everything Goes, Final Technical Inspection and Brackets 9PM: Brackets and Call Outs 10PM : Event End THE VENUE AND PRICING Race Ticket : $1,500 (This ticket allows you to participate in Everything Goes, Brackets & Call Outs, you'll also be allowed to park your vehicle in the car show section of the venue) Display Ticket : $500 (This ticket will allow you to park your vehicle and display it in the car show section of the venue) Spectator Ticket : Free (You'll be allowed to come into the venue and watch the races but you will be required to park your vehicle in the spectator parking section of the venue) At the venue, Chase's Burgers will have a food van present, providing food and drinks to both racers and spectators. VEHICLE CLASSES AND LIMITS To be eligible to participate on the leaderboards of Las Venturas Race Nights, your car must fit into one of three classes that we have available, to be placed into a class, you鈥檙e required to bring in a recent dyno sheet of your vehicle on the tune that is used during the races, the dyno sheet must be dated and vehicles will be tested on the dyno during future events. Secondly, your car will have to undergo a technical inspection which will inspect the car and ensure that your car meets all the requirements of a specific class to determine what class you will be placed in. Down below, the requirements of each class will be listed: Stock Class 路 Your vehicle must have under 500HP (Horsepower) 路 Must have a secure driver's seat and passenger鈥檚 seat if you intend on having a passenger. 路 Must have a roll bar installed if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. 路 Must have a harness for both seats if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. 路 Must have a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have its full interior, bucket seats and steering wheels are exempt from this rule. Street Class 路 Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 500HP to 1000HP (Vehicles with 1000HP will be transferred to the next class, see below) 路 Your vehicle must have bucket seats installed for both the driver and the passenger. 路 Your vehicle must have a harness for both seats. 路 Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in behind the driver within arm's reach or on the passenger鈥檚 footwell. 路 A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. 路 The vehicle鈥檚 battery must be secured in place, especially if there has been a battery relocation. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have suitable tires with a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. Pro Class 路 Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 1000HP to 1500HP 路 Your vehicle must have a full roll-cage installed with a window net 路 Your vehicle must have a bucket seat present for the driver, passenger seat can be removed as no passengers are permitted within this class. 路 Your vehicle must have a harness for the driver with a quick release. 路 Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in either in place of the passenger seat or in the passenger鈥檚 footwell with a quick release. 路 A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. 路 The vehicle must be fitted with a drogue parachute with controls being accessible from the cockpit. 路 Your vehicle鈥檚 battery must be secured in place. 路 Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. 路 Your vehicle must have drag/street radials for your vehicle to be eligible for this class. PRIZES Winner of Stock Class : $10,000 Winner of Street Class : $13,500 Winner of Pro Class : $17,500 Any bets placed during the event have a 10% commission and handling fee. (This money will put forward to improve the prize pools and to host future events)
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