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  5. ⊰ Sandy Shores ⊱ After settling into Paleto Bay with his mother, Jordan started working two jobs until he was able to move out into his own and rent out a trailer located within Sandy Shores where he would come across a run down tattoo parlor that he would work towards being to purchase but moving to Sandy Shores would become a huge turning point in the life of Jordan. Within the first week of living in Sandy Shores, Jordan met Marcus "Sully" Sullivan, the president of the Vikings Motorcycle Club who started to teach Jordan how to ride motorcycles, influencing Jordan to buy his own bike but due to the low funds, it would end up being a rusty and broken down Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane (Ratbike) which would allow him to start doing rally races with the other members of the Motorcycle Club, members that Jordan would end up becoming close with. ⊰ Vikings MC ⊱ After getting close with all the members of the new and aspiring Motorcycle Club, Jordan would start hanging around the Longhouse more often, eventually quitting his two part time jobs and picking up a job as a bartender at the bar. This allowed him to get closer to all the members and the President of the club, Sully who he started seeing as a father figure. It wasn't long until he would receive the Prospect patch, becoming a member of the club and quickly becoming the Treasurer of the Vikings where Jordan would start getting involved in the illegal activities of the Motorcycle Club whilst still sticking to the sidelines, away from all the action but not before making his bones by joining the other members on a highway robbery of a delivery truck to steal booze and stock the bar. As the Treasurer of the Club, He would start managing the finances from the legal side of business within the motorcycle club, laundering the Ill-gotten gains of the Club and advising the President on business ventures which would provide a bigger cash flow, aiding in the growth of the Vikings. Spending every day at the Longhouse and around the members meant they were no longer a gang or just a club, the Vikings became a family away from home, they were all brothers. ⊰ Louisiana ⊱ Jordan would continue to launder the money for the Vikings, aiding them on minor jobs from time to time for a while until finding out that his mother's health was starting to become a concern, getting worse as the days went on. Jordan would drop everything, hang his leather cut up and gather all his Ill-gotten gains, making a break for the highway on a 1900 mile trip down south to the state of Louisiana where he would move his mother back into her home state as a final thank you. This expense would put Jordan back to square one, with no direction in life and facing a financial crisis. No longer being able to make his money through laundering, Jordan would sell both his vehicles, including his beloved and iconic Lowrider which was a tribute to his older brother and father, both serving jail time for drug trafficking, distribution, criminal possession of a weapon and second degree murder. This money would allow Jordan to maintain the property and provide for his mother but it wasn't long until he would face financial problems once again, with no stable income, Jordan would turn to illegal cage fighting on the streets of New Orleans. "The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission" - John F. Kennedy. (Thank you to everyone involved in the Vikings MC and growth of it for the amazing roleplay)
  6. haha happy birthday to my mate hope you have a good one x

  7. wouldn't trust you with a common cough let alone surgery eeeeee
  8. I'd love for there to be a form of logs like there were on MTA as it would have a lot of benefits like you stated, it would make it a lot easier to VM as you wouldn't have to take a screenshot of each block of text and it would also allow people to make nicer and less choppy screenshots. I know that RageMP has a textfile which has lines of output from characters but because RageMP and MTA are written in different languages, the text files are different and it's harder to sort the logs from RageMP files. If there was a way that scripters on Owl would be able to make a way that would create a text file containing all outputs from the player along with timestamps, it would be perfect but I'm not sure if that's possible. (Might be wrong though)
  9. how are the kids lars larson f1 driver

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      claiming like lars used to

  10. I've just checked and it only allows you to send money to a character, not an actual faction.
  11. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Bank Account Transfers What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Banking What is the suggestion?- With the increase of player owned factions, especially legal factions which offer services and host events like Sabre Ltd, Paleto Bay Waste, etc, players should have the ability to transfer money from their personal account to another persons account or to the account of a company (faction) in order to pay for services such as a security company completing installation of security systems for a player or faction specializing in events hiring a security firm faction. What are the advantages?- -Allows factions to keep track of their finances and income - Allows Players/Factions to pay other Players/Factions for services/events. - More Realism - Actually allows faction owners to put their money together to place into the companies bank account for use when purchasing assets such as businesses or paying for services. - Beneficial for both legal and Illegal factions (If they launder their money properly) What are the disadvantages?- - Can be abused by alt to alt transfers (Pretty sure detection and prevention measures can be put in place like in MTA to prevent this. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- N/A
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