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  1. I am not asking to get it 5x cheaper, I am asking if he got a nice car mate for that price.
  2. Name : Private Bid : I know you will feel ashamed if I bid due to my low budget but it's really great car and I wish the best of luck to whoever buys it, I have two hundred grands if you got something perfect and can sell it for that price, email me at [email protected]((forum pm)) and I would be glad to make a deal with you, sir. Appreciated. (( @Dylanjeter1 ))
  3. Name : M Comment : @Bum Are you taking my bid of 40,000$ as buyout? I really need the car urgent.
  4. Name : Private Bid : 43,000$ As buyout, if not then keep my 40,000$ as a bid.
  5. Name : Private Comment : Don't you think waiting for 10/8 is kinda log period? can't you take that 40,000$ as Buyout? (( @Bum ))
  6. Name : Private Bid : 40,000$. Comment : My heart directed me to here.
  7. Name : M Comment : If he withdraws let me know, I will offer a buy out aswell.
  8. You've won the auction, contact me on my email [email protected]((forum PM)) with your contract information.
  9. Auction is ending tomorrow.
  10. Noted @JuanTwoThree Outbid.
  11. Name : Auctioneer Comment : Sure thing, mail me your contact info at [email protected](( @dionkoffie))
  12. *Starting Bid Lowered : 35,000$! *
  13. Los Santos Auction House - Residential [img]https://i.imgur.com/GnC6KZe.jpg[/img] Property Type: Residential Address: 22 Clean Street Description: Awesome house in great location nearby SLD HQ and the neighbors are wonderful, the house comes with a back yard, fence around the house, full secuirty system and can be used for goods. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 40,000$ Minimum Increase: 1,000$ Buyout: 65,000$ Auction ends: 28/7/2017 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner
  14. Name : M Comment : Good luck Tito, hope you enjoy the house. (( @SniicK ))
  15. Name : M Comment : Alright then keep my 53 grands offer up and inform me if something happens.
  16. Name : M Comment : Alright, sure thing.
  17. Name : M Comment : Problem is I got another plans set so all I can do is 53. (( @Hessu95 ))
  18. Name : M Bid : Offering 53 grands as buyout.
  19. Name : M Bid : Offering 85 grands and a house at Palomine Creek as a buyout.
  20. Name : Malone Offer : I can offer you a house with awesome interior and backyard and a yard in the front((Custom interor)) In a good street with an underground garage, an electric elevator takes the car down and up off the downground.
  21. Name : Malone Comment: Is it possible if we can get sale logs?
  22. Name : M Bid: Buyout plus three grands.
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