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    I like to learn new thing and i realy enjoy cinema / popcorns.
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    I work for my mom at home

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    Im a Trial Mechanic at the Luxury Autoworks.
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    Guga Skuza its the only one i use.

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  1. (( @AkhiXena I'm still waiting for you to take possession of this auction you won, almost a week now."https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/65555-1978-lincoln-continental-town-coupe-markv/".))
  2. @AkhiXena You won the audiction. Call me you ready to make the payment. #640-755 Guga Skuza
  3. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Click Here Year: 1978 Make: Lincoln Model: Continental town coupe (markV) VIN: 15088 Mileage: 10541 Description: Fully restored classic car according to manufacturer's specs. Engine has been rebuilt from scratch and is now brand new. Full original trimjob, chromes and silver rims. Returned to original color, no rust whatsoever. Great classic to a show room or to ride in style. Images http://i.imgur.com/ev4pzNB.png Starting Bid: 6000 Minimum Increase: 500 Buyout 20000 Auction ends: 4/11/2016 20:00 Contact Information: #640-755 Guga Skuza
  4. just to finish my day
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      you aren't one of the good apples

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      yeah i agree with TPG.

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