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  1. Alaina

    GTA V giveaway!

    it's okay, you can suck my dick
  2. Alaina

    GTA V giveaway!

    Probably not. You are right. On Discord you told me it'd take a bit to get the key. I don't care about the game but why would I run a giveaway when I don't want to give it away?
  3. Alaina

    GTA V giveaway!

    No, I didn't get the game for those who wonder. :)D
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 1796 St Lawrence Boulevard, Commerce, Los Santos Description: A big house with many features is for sale today. The building has its own garage with space for a few cars, it has a rooftop which is already decorated. It also has a shelter, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen with a dining table and a bar, a big bedroom in the second floor. Furthermore, you will have an extra theatre room and a own staircase. The entrace has a special design. (( More pictures TBA later )) Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $180,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout: $380,000 Auction ends: 14/10/2018 Contact Information: Mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  5. I would love to see some screenshots if possible too. However, I like the idea! Would it be possible to use a ferry? Maybe scriptwise like in Euro Truck Simulator so you can travel with your bike/car/truck/etc.?
  6. I work with paint and it's not difficult. One example I made just for fun:
  7. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: urmom Comment: Name: MrNiChOlAsHoWaRdFaNbOy Comment:
  8. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: urmom Comment: Who gives a fuck bastard?
  9. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: Author Comment: https://prnt.sc/km40bm https://prnt.sc/km40fr (Letter to you) https://prnt.sc/km40st https://prnt.sc/km413c https://prnt.sc/km4176 https://prnt.sc/km41c6 (Letter from the government)
  10. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: Author Comment: Obviously you have no idea. To develop you need to make purchases or do you live under the rock and steal everything from Mother Earth? Name: Cry Comment: Real nazi mad he doesn't get what he wants and everyone hates him. Name: Author Comment: That's why your government contacts us and doesn't have the balls to reply back? Name: Author Comment: There are others ways to charge someone, we won't charge a person if he isn't able to.
  11. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: Author Comment: Since when can’t people change their workplaces? He worked for SEMC when we did the purchase. I tried my best to help all divisions within the hospital. Name: Author Comment: Well, explain me how you would have done that if you and the government actually is incompetent? Work on yourself before you criticize others.
  12. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    As I said before, I didn’t know them either but they heard of it. Funny. And I know you are old Mr. Howard but do you reallyWH need glasses already? Where do I say the government is corrupt? Why do you tale offence here? But good luck in adopting a child with your 100 years. (( @DylanW )) Also, feel free to tell me or the public if someone does his job wrong. We are all human beings, a doctor can determine a disease wrong. (( We only RP what the patient tell us OOCly, this makes no sense @bartman )). Moreover, the DPS Captain insisted on buying a second helicopter, not me. Do your research properly. Mr. Wilson who earns as much as a CEO. Even your Board Member earns more who does nothing. You can ask my crew how carefully I worked with the hospitals finance, you thief. (( @bartman ))
  13. Alaina

    [BLOG] Future of SEMC?

    Name: Author Comment: It's more likely a magical power behind this Additionally, I can add that the majority of the staff lost their jobs.
  14. 23/08/18 Los Santos, San Andreas, Written by Camilla Monroe Hello everyone. Some of you may know me some of you may not. I.. I was the head of the Saint Ernest Medical Center, a private hospital in Los Santos. As mentioned above, I was leading the hospital till this morning. I received an interesting mail from people I have never seen nor have I heard from them. You can maybe imagine who sent us (the whole staff of the Saint Ernest Medical Center) such a message. They were like born out of nowhere. Who are those people and do we want to hand them our single hospital in our city? Today, it'll be my first time writing a blog. I don't want anything to be changed. However, everyone deserves the light behind this darkness. Everything started with a mail from the County Commissioner. The government offered us a price to nationalize the hospital and we are talking about a huge amount here. Our plans were to use the money for the hospital to develop it further as we did till this day. Nevertheless, two.. I mean three.. oh that's a lie.. four.. alright they choose their five Board of Directors who cancelled the purchase. I don't know where they have heard about these but two and later five people said they were always Board of Directors of the Saint Ernest Medical Center. Can you imagine, leading a company, expanding it day to day till one day people show up and take it over? I mean, I don't know how to explain the situation, otherwise. It's like Iago's intrigue against Michael Cassio in Shakespear's Othello, where Cassio loses his job. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, I'll try my best to answer them all. Take care everyone. Here are some questions that you may ask: What will happen with the current staff? I am honest with you. I don't know. As you can read in the mail, they offered me a position, I don't deserve. UPDATE: The majority lost their jobs! What did YOU do as the head of the SEMC, others didn't? The hospital received a new design, a new logo, a new website, a new CPS headquarters, new ranks, new furniture, a blood bank and so-forth. I couldn't even pick my items up from my office. My personal belongings! Furthermore, I tried to be a good boss and was nice to all my employees and our patients. I also insisted on partnerships with other companies and departments. What about those allegations in the mail? Obviously, they need a reason to take the hospital over. We handled the issue with the Child Protective Services already. We were always allowed and are still allowed to do this job. (Taking care of children and finding them new homes.) We billed the Police Department with $60,000 as the billing list told us to. Everyone receives the bill he deserves. By the way, the Police Department has still two bills open to be paid. I guess the magically appeared Directors, will handle it. What will happen with the SEMC? We will all see how it will sink, again. The new (old) Executive Staff will do what they did before. A few of them worked for the SEMC in the past and you can tell me if they were successful or not cause when I started my work at the hospital, I got a lot of stuff to do since these people refused to. What is your own opinion on this? I will probably pack my stuff and move somewhere else, where people are not corrupt, jealous and don't appear out of nowhere.
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