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  1. During the 70's, under the Soviet period, many corrupted clerks made connections within the criminal underworld in order to source the black market. But in fact, the elite criminals known mostly as ''Vory v Zakone'', their Code of Conduct strictly forbade them to accomplish cooperation with any kind of the official authorities. Decade later, this led the georgian underworld to divide in two, one half collaborated closely with the authorities meanwhile the other was following the COC(Code of Conduct) strictly. Shortly after, meanwhile Georgia was prospered, it earn a name as one of the most corrupt countries. In the 90's, Georgian government was weak, they had to accept and advantage the nationalist militias formed during the ethnic Abkhaz and Georgia conflict. The militias were pushed into racketeering and smuggling due the lack of funding. With the Rose Revolution which started in 2003, it put Mikheil Saakashvili in power. Saakashvili soon started to implement actions against the high level of crime and corruption. He successfully managed to get many officials behind the bars along with members of the underground authorities in 2005. In order to avoid prosecution, Georgian's ''Vory V Zakone'' emigrated and fled to either Russia or Western Europe, with small gaps in USA. As the arrival of a small ethnic group of georgians in the US, a few personas have established themselves in San Andreas, Los Santos. In a not long gap of time, they managed to create stable business relations around the city, either to invest funds into legal businesses, considered such as legal fronts which advantaged them to avoid the prosecution of their illicit activities for the time being. OOC: With any kind of personal association with the faction, you automatically agree the CK clause and the organization's leadership has the enough power to proceed a CK for every solid reason they have/find good.
  2. [hs*]kockata > clo|kockata

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      [LMN]Boody > Owlgaming boody

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      why do you want to join: hs is a really good community i want to learn from people please accept me it is my dream to be in the gang

      post a picture of banana to show you're not retarded: Image result for animated banana

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      what are your weaknesses?: driving plane flying boat and im good shooting pls acsept me im loyal and im good pls

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