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  1. North Town Hustlers

    Looks awesome. No luck needed. Looking forward to rp with y'all.
  2. [FIXED] MTA stops responding

    Nope. Thank you alot for the steps but nothing of them helped and all I had to do was what Portside said and it was to delete everything from resources folder. Thank you so much! This helped and now I can play again. Yay. Can be L&A'ed.
  3. [FIXED] MTA stops responding

    So I have a problem with MTA these days which is that when I connect to any server it starts loading that 14 MB thing, loads it up and comes the loader circle - the circle that looks like when YouTube video is loading and after that circle spins a couple of times it stops and the game just freezes and I wait and wait for it to fix itself but nothing happen so after I click 2 times with the mouse the message pops up - MTA is not responding and I click End Process which closes the application. Tried reinstalling it and installing newer drivers and shit. I hope someone could help me. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mercury - short edit

    looks good
  5. [Request] House Furniture

    Your jeep whas parked against the flow of traffic and I impounded it. Good luck.
  6. [REL] Novixsus' skins

    Awesome skins man. Thanks for the release.
  7. [Items] - Reducing the price of cellphones

    The economy of the server says it all. 800 is good enough. No.
  8. 1992 Honda Civic DX

    143 km/h
  9. 41 Grove Street Outlaws

    I had alot of fun no matter of the time my character's life lasted. Thanks to everyone who rped with us. If @qvor11 wants he can continue the faction. If he doesn't want @qvor11 please ask for L&A.
  10. GRUB message on pc startup

    Fixed it. Thanks @Jelle1212S and @WonderPlukkie for the advices.
  11. GRUB message on pc startup

    Hello guys so yesterday I had some friends at my place and they wanted to connect the HDMI cable to the TV so we can watch a movie but they couldn't make it so we decided to push my PC box back where it was. Right when we pushed it the monitor went from my desktop to a black screen with a message at the top corner saying GRUB And since then I can't use my PC as whenever I start it up this message comes and nothing happens. I striked every possible F1-F12 key also other keys but it didn't help. So I'm here asking if any of you know how to fix it or has been through something like this. Thanks in advance to everyone.
  12. Vercetti's LLC

    Have fun.
  13. 1992 Honda Civic DX

    Starting Bid is 6,000$ Denied

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