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  1. i can't believe it internal l'affaires

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    2. Effect


      Meh, same old same old. Been trying out Owl V...
      But I am waiting for sum' RedMP you feel me?

    3. Shahanshah


      Shit man forgot to reply. Chea man i feel you. I cant get back into this shit no mo im old man.

    4. Effect


      Playing other games, huh? :D Or girlfriend shizzle?

  2. yo niggu what yo AIM?

  3. Hey, T-Mon. Please, come back and make a tong or even better a Yakuza squad. Kind regards, an old friend. Another old friend would probably like to join as well.

  4. It's funny you mentiom that because I forgot haha. Good old days. We patrolled with M4s and I remember Einschtein (I think?) gave us the army skin. We all obviously got arrested.I also remember I plead for teaching newcomers and I set up a team with Lorvi and Tomate as a joke - which Mount scripted and all that - and it became the GM team. I always laugh when I see it became an unmissable component in MTA RP because it was just playing admins and now there is the VMT. When we were trials I remember we'd TP above an interior and watch Fallen ERP with Banneboy (I think?). And I remember how I had my own forensics unit (with only me as a member :a) in SASP when it was just an investigational organization when PD DB sucked dick and I'd roleplay in the basement to get logs of autopsies I'd attach with evidence to CKd bodies. This was during Anumaz' accenssion so to say. I remember going upstairs to roleplay getting coffee near the desk cops (we actually RPd that) and just saw Laura and Fallen ERP and just left. I remember how Enko would be such a bad loser he'd use the bugged not logging /tognicks to see through walls and he'd guarantee catch any criminal by cheating and nobody had proof. I remember getting ingame drunk and just died of laughter using my car as a catapult and Den had to come after me when he was Super and repair everybodys cars. Also when I was with Jevi and we made a script to place a stream near a corner with gangsters and streamed porn through 12 year olds' speakers. I remember testing a siren and strobes script I made for Aria with Jevi on UG when that feature was new in a nightly and they stole it and everybody is using it now but I never got credit.
  5. I sort of have the urge to make something that transcends the GTA platform but still stays true to the roleplay element. Was thinking of using CreateJS.
  6. I remember when I got banned and you unbanned me and sort of dadded me around haha after I wrote apology letters to the staff team like Fields and Fallen.
  7. That's true. Ive never really had any permanent friends in real life. Sort of just nomading around. Worked at a Chinese place for three years and Im in marketing now but I sort of dont have the urge to maintain friendships. Go clubbing every weekend with situational friends and thats about it.Over the years the people I met online I always sort of fell back on and its trancended outside of RP.
  8. Well itd be funny because youd have statwhores and elitists but Humanrev and Baize would still be socialists.Is RP any good on here also? Because I heard its still pretty much an admin server but I got confused with a Multimart spambot on LS-RP and got banned. And the autist OOC cops wont listen.
  9. Hello. Solstice here. Pretty much workaholic nowadays. Did a faction with JTG and Mickey. Lamp quit as did JTG. Kaze quit in 2014. Cars still around, but that's all that's left in LS-RP. Reach and Shadow are in university. Reach has an 8/10 gf somehow. LauraV hospitalized and hasn't RPed since.
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