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  1. Looking forward to this one. I asked a few times in the other thread because I was curious, and honestly questioning if something was happening and progress was being made. You guys are impressive
  2. Nice to hear! I'm only here for the V roleplay, so I check the forums a few times a month to see how it's going. I started worrying when the updates stopped
  3. Am I right in believing this stagnated?
  4. I think I may have explained the part about character development a little too direct and on the edge, and that could be why it doesn't make sense to you. Basically trying to say that if you're a huge car enthusiast in real life and have a heavy interest in vehicles and a specific car type (JDM, muscle, and so on) then that can be reflected in your character without having to bring specific makes and models into the picture
  5. I think it becomes excessive if people want their favorite vehicle implemented and it requires so much of an infastructure to uphold it. I bet there are Rockstar made vehicles in the vehicle list that is similar to your (not you personally, but in general) dream vehicle. And to me it's a little awkward to put your character up with your real life dream vehicle, because if you use that logic then you should do everything you dream for in-game as well, shouldn't you? A lot of development and history went into Rockstar's vehicle fleet and it has so much variation that I think it'd be a shame to not use it and to rely on existing similar vehicle names just to offer something to people that really feel like they need that specific 1999 lamborghini diablo sv in their character's life. That's what you have the infernus for, right? And you may be a 1999 lambo specialist but I'm not. So I don't really know much about it apart from how it looks like when I google it. But when I see an infernus in-game (which is similar to the diablo, that's what I think at least) then what I see is what I get, and if you get an APB after you then it's more efficient and accurate to put it on a light blue Pegassi Infernus Classic with two occupants instead of "1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV" because when you add existing car types then you add doubt in a way - because which Rockstar made car model is that 1999 Diablo equal to? And how do you know it's that APB'ed car without walking up to it and seeing "1999 Diablo" above it from a distance of 1-2 car lengths? I know I'm a minimalist so maybe this isn't right for all of you. But it's the way I feel about it and I'm just expressing it as a fellow player. I have no say and I'm aware of that
  6. Another argument for why I think we should use the already existing car types in-game is realism. Don't get me wrong, roleplaying the Vapid Stanier as a Crown Vic but also another type of existing real life sedan is "real" but I think it becomes excessive if it's done to all vehicles. What if, and only what if; we use the in-game GTA series vehicle manufacturers (there are plenty of them) and their respective models, so they are actually roleplayed? I can't be bothered to count them all, but if you look up how many vehicles there are under "Vapid", you may experience cramps if you scroll through a page with pictures. Same with Karin and the rest of the vehicle manufacturers they're using in GTA V. If my character decides to purchase a Vapid or Karin or Annis, they could visit a dealer specializing in one of those 3 brands (there are more than 3 brands to choose from) and select a car type from the many models they produce and sell. Maybe go a little back and forth to bargain a little. When a company decides to upgrade or invest in their fleet, they could send out a list of requirements and intended cost and have those 3 dealers come up with an offer, the way it works in real life. If those "official" dealers based on the GTA V vehicles then follow up on their vehicle sale, they could notify the new owner of service intervals and keep logs and documentation of the vehicle. It would then be natural for the new owner to follow up the required service when it's time. Unless they want to lose some value when selling that specific vehicle again. You could also have independent companies selling a wide variety of vehicles from across all the GTA V brands doing the same job, or a hybrid of it all. I think it would enforce the service, documentation, economy behind the vehicle roleplay. So it's not just buying your vehicle based on a real life vehicle that you love and adore, upgrade it the way you see it fit, and then cruise around in it pressing W for a long time before you park and try to find some roleplay, always keeping the car around you. It gives you less variety because then a motorcycle isn't going to be the real life existing motorcycle you love and would die for, nor will it be a Nissan drift monster or a Datsun Z thing that you freak out over in real life. It would be a vehicle already existing inside the GTA V world that Rockstar came up with based on some real life inspiration. But I think it would give more depth to trust the GTA V platform to supply the vehicles suitable for the roleplay we do, and open for more "standards" when it comes to maintenance, sale, investment, companies and so on beyond buy - upgrade - drive - get tired of - sell - buy -> -> Or what do you guys think? That's how I'd want things to be but you're not all me - fortunately
  7. I was in your gang in ug but never around in character cause of admin things etc etc but you don't remember me because this is another username and a fresh start
  8. I apologize for format etc cause phone. But kentuckyfriednuggetz is onto something. It’d be super cool to use in game car manufacturers as vehicle names and types. I think if you gave vehicle dealers access to lock to a company, it would fuel their interest to roleplay vehicle dealers. I’d love to roleplay a salesman or district manager or whatever for Vapid and compare against, race against, and outdo some other dealership only focusing on their own car make and branding. This would be difficult if you have a wide selection of different car brands and no genuine companies that are more common than the rest. It’s why I think only using the already existing vehicles in game is a better idea
  9. I'm in my mid 20's and I'm here waiting for GTA V roleplay, and GTA V roleplay only. I have a few other friends that are holding off roleplay because they are busy with their full time job (these guys are closer to 30 hahah) and studying, but they're returning upon launch on the V roleplay platform. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hanging around to roleplay a few days in a row on GTA V and then slacking off. I'm engaged in character stories, development (not for this community or any other community, I just want to explore the possibilities) and MTA roleplay as of now. I'm just very motivated to switch to a newer game with more options
  10. I've been thinking a little. And I may be wrong or misunderstood because I haven't been in game for a few months now (but I lurk and will return when I'm able to) but I think a fundamental problem (which you've touched upon and may have even mentioned before, I skipped the whole page one in this thread) is that you have a pilot license at all. Sounds crazy but what I mean is that in real life, being a pilot can either mean a PPL and you're recreational or CPL and you're a genuine pilot that has dedicated parts of their life to learn the art of flying from a young age. Most of you guys know this, I know! The way it used to be back in the days as you know, (and I'm guilty of this) is that a high ranking member in the ES / PD somehow gets their pilot license and are then command AND pilot because they are the only resource in the faction that remains there due to their high rank, and they are trusted with a license that way. Or somebody rich and able just figure they want a license and therefore they go to a flight school and there are no differences between commercial and private and you end up with a generic thing that lets you fly. Although you could fly without a license too, but it wouldn't be realistic so they just needed that specific item to be in their inventory. I think it's treated like a bonus to a character's main story or profession. I think that's why the flight / aviation roleplay is lacking. Because it's like a sub-thing people can just go ahead and do with whichever character and it requires no past history or anything apart from either money or time. But if you restrict pilot licenses to people in the aviation faction and allow people to roleplay actual career pilots with ATPL's and everything, where you collect a bunch of flight nerds (no offense intended, I'm that kind of person myself) and allow them to make pilot, ATC, planning, logistics- characters, you get some community background to it and allow them to have a sense of pride and belonging. Instead of the license being something every single person out there can get without having the background and fundation for it. How do you know a guy is a pilot? He'll tell you. That's a joke based on real life because pilots are proud people, you've probably heard it before. But I could never see that happening in-game because it has become a very spread thing where people can become pilots if they want to, while at the same time have other full time jobs. You're not an updated (on the FAA, type ratings, equipment and navigation, etc), fully functioning pilot with an ATPL, while you're a high command in the police or fire / EMS faction or running your own accounting firm or whatever. How can we make sure we get a bird up when we need one in a police chase if we can't have a pilot in our own faction? Maybe that will give some actual responsibility to pilots, if a channel is used between the pilot and the faction needing air time, that would be the ideal result. I appreciate how there are people here (like you anumaz) that are "aviation super users", and how they are taking a look at this
  11. I think it's better if it's made simple and just good using the default GTA V car names and types. There are so many of them that people get their desired car type, although not the name. It's easier to keep track of and maintain, and there are already many ways to upgrade and customize. I'm not here to tell people what to do or command them or whatever but if your roleplay is so focused on vehicles and upgrades and driving, it might surprise you to see that there is a lot of roleplay around that is not car oriented. If you're simply very car interested (I can get that, I know cars) then there are plenty of ways to interact with them and use them in game without implementing a huge vehicle system. Because then they become a status symbol (which they are in real life, but not to this extent: ) and people spend thousands on a vehicle instead of a house or other investments, and I fear that car meets are going to be the big thing you'd have to go to, to interact with other players. My character has no reason to be in a car meet, but he's been brought around because that's the only place there are people
  12. I get your guys' points as well. But I think we disagree and that's fine, we're bound to run into a disagreement and we're not fighting over it! But I don't really see the need to make people want to buy drugs by giving them some super powers. I understand your reason but I think it's the wrong way to go. We're all familiar with why people take drugs in real life (as if there were a set of reasons, but I mean we can all think of SOME reasons) and that reason isn't to run 5% faster, punch quicker or harder, or gain more health. Yes, you do have performance enhancing substances, but it doesn't give you a significant effect. It doesn't work that way in real life and I think it'd be the wrong type of motivation to get people into drug roleplay. If I'm selfish for wanting to continue drug roleplay the way I've always done it and enjoyed it, tell me. But I fear I'm going to be forced into some state, or game logic script-wise that is wholly unwanted from my side when I'm roleplaying a functioning alcoholic or druggie. The type of person that can portion their drug and use it with a high frequency all casual like to function in the day to day. "Function" - it's not always sunny, green grass and happy thoughts involved with drug use and that's my own little melancholic roleplay story. An older, more mature character that has used their drug for decades and had a turbulent start but ended up in a stable consumption.
  13. On my phone now so please excuse any weirdness or formatting. But I feel like a system like that takes away any way for myself to roleplay drug effects on my characters. It’s not always the same from person to person apart from the big obvious effects you get from each substance. Use patterns and method is a variable and having forced overdoses and even effects themselves is off-putting if you ask me. What happens if my character loses access and starts to experience withdrawal, and what if he finally gains access and overestimates his dosage leading to a minor overdose? That’s one of the risks with cut access and an actual phenomenon that kills people. So I feel an added system takes away my ability to roleplay twists like that and takes away control that I could have easily portrayed with text and regular roleplay without a system telling me how to do it. Because tolerance is a variable and a drug system would then have to keep dose, strength and quality, tolerance up and downs, last time used and how much, and so on in mind. If not, I as a druggie would need to work around the system and collide with it. One example out of many to describe it is: lose access to let’s say alcohol or pills. Experience withdrawal and tolerance lowers for a while. Character regains access and assumes old use pattern. In real life, the tolerance would be lower due to a natural decline, but a script wouldn’t necessarily know this and it would allow the same high usage to continue. How do I work around it? One thing is being creative but one thing is running over other people’s toes (of course not intentionally by any of you) But but I fear systems that are coded because it leaves me less room for my own creativity, basically
  14. I enjoy drug and intoxication roleplay and I have an interest in it, (but I don't use drugs at all in real life, to make it clear) and I try to portray it as realistic as possible in my roleplay. Where a character subconsciously reacts to something drug related, be it a high or withdrawal. And to casually "use" throughout the day is a big part of my roleplay. If the drug is then used in-game, I think it would be a pain to be put in an animation. And to be locked to something when my character is experiencing withdrawal. Be it animations or walking stances and similar. I think it would be beneficial and convenient for some. But for somebody that are roleplaying with drugs all day long, I think it'd end up being in the way of, and prevent a more fluid and dynamic twist that I feel like I can personally portray without having additional help. Same with the "benefits" of taking drugs. +15 health, stamina or similar. Things like these (if they were big enough to be visible and to gain something from it) could collide with my dystopian, - slow, - terrible life that I'm roleplaying. Where I try to set in motion my own idea of how a person reacts to a drug addiction with despair, irritability, mood swings and even physical problems. Personality changes and so on. To be the end user of a substance that people and organizations have earned so much money from without caring for lives and welfare. So I hope there is room for what I described, or that I can somewhat continue the type of drug roleplay of which I love while other people can take cocaine and have +15 HP and +5% faster running simultaneously, or whatever you have in plan. (Not trying to criticize. All I'm trying is to add to this and give you guys an idea of what type of players you have waiting in line for your server. I do express assumptions but I'm not judging)
  15. I don't hang around in MTA anymore because I haven't been able to due to my current situation, but I have the ability to check the forums once in a while and then I always look for updates on the GTA V thread because when I'm ready to game again; I'm going to roleplay on GTA V and that's something I've looked forward to for ages. Especially with OGs like Daniels and more developing it, and I have a few friends in the same situation as me - they'll come and roleplay - they just don't show up as active members yet because they're in their own little hibernation and waiting. But please keep it minimal and not clustered with custom files and car types or otherwise heavy things. And I beg you to stick to the original GTA vehicles. I returned to roleplay on GTA:SA / MTA / Owl after a few years of staying away and I didn't particularly like the vehicle system and it was off-putting and a drastic change for me because I was away and came back to something that I didn't see coming gradually through introduction and so on. So I feel like it did create roleplay for those that are interested in things like vehicles, but for me and my characters (even as a hobby car restorer in real life) then it didn't matter. But it mattered for other people and therefore I was pulled into roleplay I wasn't interested in and having people question my character's car choice when there was no thought behind it at all. It's difficult to explain because I don't even understand it fully. But I could tell people took it out of its intended size and direction and made it a huge thing to have a better car than the other guy. It made it all too car oriented and I'm whining about it because it surprised me. Either way & tl;dr - I know many old roleplayers that will return upon launch of GTA V. I want things to be minimal and use the roleplayer's own creativity to give us entertainment, and to not make the vehicle system enormous while still allowing some mechanical roleplay without using real life vehicles.
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