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  1. Drug addiction and withdrawal presents itself in a very varied way and while it has typical symptoms, unique ones appear and it is very individual I suggest a meter to remind the player to roleplay it, but to not impair the player or character in a way that forces you to do it in a certain way
  2. Hey you! I used the word old loosely here and figured you guys would understand that I'm not seriously trying to imply I'm some old beaver, it's just I'm not a teenager in school anymore and I simply can't spend more time in-game than I do nowadays
  3. I see your points, guys. But I'm not really that familiar with illegal RP although I've tried it before. I just feel more at home and entertained with legal RP. I can try an IC approach, and we'll see how it goes. Tried something similar the IC way before without luck, but yeah - let's see
  4. I agree with your points, guys - great feedback. For me personally, I can definitely arrange something in-game with a faction leader and sort my own situation out. But to my experience, it's not just me. And the inactive character being an instructor, inspector, you name it; it wouldn't be wise to give that character any authority, but it'd be a name with limited abilities. Either way, faction leaders; read my post and think through it. There are quite a few inactive players that would want to pop in once in a while to roleplay, and have a faction and field to do it in. I agree with the replies to my thread, issues would have to be sorted before implementing something like this and then it wouldn't really be worth it. But at least we're reflecting over things
  5. Hi guys. This suggestion may seem selfish and bizarre, but it's because AFAIK it hasn't been done before in public. Basically, some of you know me but most of you don't. I used to roleplay a loooooot when I was a teenager / early 20's. But today I'm a bit older than that, and I have a full time job, a house to take care of, and was damn close to having kids as well (but that was only a scare and a story for another day.) So as you may understand, I don't have much time to roleplay every day. Especially not when I work 12 hour shifts, and therefore it's hard to follow up on what happens in-game. And that's too bad, because I enjoy roleplay and I feel like I can be a resource in-game when I'm actually able to be there and participate. I can't really join a faction, because when I do, I'm active for a few days but then I work the whole day for 5 days in a row, fix my car the sixth day, and the seventh day I'm doing an errand a city away. But then I may pop back in for three hours, and I'm gone again. That's not ideal for a faction leader or member that depends on your activity if you have a form of responsibility. But I enjoy roleplay, people enjoy roleplaying with me, and I have experience from law enforcement, - fire, and medical factions before. I used to roleplay hour long surgeries, execute well planned training days for LSFD, and create multi-layer cases for our detectives back in the day. And I can't do that because I'm not available enough, and when I'm available, I can't do it because I don't have a character able to do it because I haven't put the time in. So to my point - the older roleplayers are getting just that; old and they are busy with life. But they are still a resource (I sound like I'm retired after a 60 year old career and still want to redeem myself for the younger generations, but no) and they can pop in-game and roleplay, yes, but they can't really do much because their character isn't attach to a faction or function. We can fix that. In real life, where I work, we get regular inspections from people we don't see much. Businesses get irregular inspections to surprise them. Keywords are health and safety, fire, legal, and corporate visits and so on. I can't really roleplay what I'm good at if I don't have a character that has a reason to be involved with what I'm a better roleplayer with. If I had the ability to jump in game when I can, and use that character to interact with the legal, plus fire and medical factions in a not versus role, not patient role, but together role, I think it would give me better roleplay (I did use the word "selfish" at the top there, remember?) but it would also enhance the roleplay for the rest of the characters, of those that are active enough to keep a firm position in a faction. This wouldn't - a) steal faction positions or ranks from more active and established players b) give my character any authority or position where I would have to be very active The way I see it, it would - a) give versatile roleplay for more active players. Like BAM - the health and safety inspector from another city popped in to review things and the bosses are stressing b) allow semi-active players like myself to jump into roleplay that I otherwise wouldn't be able to maintain. Yes, I have a character. He can get a car. But he can't really do a job because he can't maintain it because of my inactivity. I do well with fire and rescue roleplay, legal roleplay, and definitely medical roleplay too. A pop-in assistant surgeon, as an example? c) increase the time spent by those inactive players on the server. Eventually increasing the activity d) give us more disposable characters. Not use-and-throw-away, but more unique characters that you can only play once in a while. I'm a fan of roleplaying dickheads and cunts. I used to roleplay an old stressed, toxic, ugly excuse of a woman. People hated her, but in the long run it gets boring to roleplay with someone like her. But if I can jump online on that character when I have time, and pop in and disturb a faction by reviewing them as a consultant from a distant annoying Bureau Of Endless Paperwork (BOEP) and waddle around with a mouth as loose as a rusty barn door with a bunch of slow paperwork in my hands and complain, it would give me roleplay, it would allow me to roleplay parallel to the factions I have a lot of experience with, and I wouldn't disturb them to the point where it would be detrimental. It would give them active and passive roleplay, and it wouldn't be the "same old" all the time. Especially now when the server isn't loaded with activity. I can give multiple examples. A trusted roleplayer doesn't have the ability to roleplay all the time, but he's roleplayed a long time with the police. Put him in a position where he can create a character and jump in once in a while to be a state detective to review the local police procedures and to see things are going as they should. He pops in when he can, it gives the leadership something to do, and he can interact with lower ranked members to ride along with them for review purposes, follow the procedures with arrest, and so on. A trusted roleplayer can't roleplay often, but did a lot of fire and rescue roleplay in the past. Give him the ability to join as a consultant from a brand the fire and rescue bureau is going to use, and allow him to instruct their personnel or leaders with how things work. Gives them roleplay, gives him roleplay, enhances understanding. Or have him service their fire engines, participate in some roleplay when he can, as a foreigner but parallel. A trusted roleplayer is experienced with medicine, but can't roleplay often. He jumps in-game once in a while to participate next to the rest of the people that roleplays with medicine and rescue. He can assist the physicians, review them (but not have any authority to do anything, of course) and be whatever you allow him to be, so he can take part. This is a suggestion. From a person that can't really roleplay that much so I don't know this community well, and it's up to you guys - I put effort into this thread because I think it can help everyone out. Me, you, admins that want activity. I absolutely won't be offended if you think it's a bad idea, but from my perspective (as someone that wants to contribute with what they're good at but can't maintain activity) then I can only see benefits. TL;DR - inactivity is no good. If people can do certain things when they're not active, things that they normally would have to be active for, it would raise activity, roleplay possibilities, etc. Again, bombard me with reasons this won't work or why it's a bad idea. I can take it, just keep in mind it's written in good faith
  6. I too fear it'd be overused. But it should be restricted and not be used as a form of security when people are away. As an example, people can roleplay body guards. But not roleplay body guards standing by their house or walking in circles around it 24/7. Same with the dog. If the person that's roleplaying the dog is online, the dog appears. If they're offline, the dog is somewhere else, chasing cars in the neighborhood down the road or whatever. So it's not used as means of protection when you're away, but considered equal to a human character or whatever. Also I love your signature, thank you for reminding me of one of the funniest videos I've ever seen
  7. I actually agree, it'd be cool to roleplay as an animal. Especially for me, considering I do a lot of work while I roleplay that my character is doing something else. He's sitting around drinking coffee while I'm working on some project or whatever, and if people engage with him then I switch back to the game immediately and give him my full focus. I may like animals a bit more than the rest of us, but I'd love to develop the life of a dog. Character story, personality, and interests. Then sit around and not do much at times, and other times go for a walk and run around like an idiot, zoomies and what else our 4 legged friends may like. Honestly, I'd love to roleplay a pigeon but that may just be me. And at the same time, I can see how this may be abused and made fun of and turn into something bad. But there's always a way to work around that. And no, devs shouldn't focus on this in the early stages if at all, naturally.
  8. There we go Too bad I'm traveling with my macbook. If not, I'd be in-game now
  9. Looking forward to this one. I asked a few times in the other thread because I was curious, and honestly questioning if something was happening and progress was being made. You guys are impressive
  10. Nice to hear! I'm only here for the V roleplay, so I check the forums a few times a month to see how it's going. I started worrying when the updates stopped
  11. Am I right in believing this stagnated?
  12. I think I may have explained the part about character development a little too direct and on the edge, and that could be why it doesn't make sense to you. Basically trying to say that if you're a huge car enthusiast in real life and have a heavy interest in vehicles and a specific car type (JDM, muscle, and so on) then that can be reflected in your character without having to bring specific makes and models into the picture
  13. I think it becomes excessive if people want their favorite vehicle implemented and it requires so much of an infastructure to uphold it. I bet there are Rockstar made vehicles in the vehicle list that is similar to your (not you personally, but in general) dream vehicle. And to me it's a little awkward to put your character up with your real life dream vehicle, because if you use that logic then you should do everything you dream for in-game as well, shouldn't you? A lot of development and history went into Rockstar's vehicle fleet and it has so much variation that I think it'd be a shame to not use it and to rely on existing similar vehicle names just to offer something to people that really feel like they need that specific 1999 lamborghini diablo sv in their character's life. That's what you have the infernus for, right? And you may be a 1999 lambo specialist but I'm not. So I don't really know much about it apart from how it looks like when I google it. But when I see an infernus in-game (which is similar to the diablo, that's what I think at least) then what I see is what I get, and if you get an APB after you then it's more efficient and accurate to put it on a light blue Pegassi Infernus Classic with two occupants instead of "1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV" because when you add existing car types then you add doubt in a way - because which Rockstar made car model is that 1999 Diablo equal to? And how do you know it's that APB'ed car without walking up to it and seeing "1999 Diablo" above it from a distance of 1-2 car lengths? I know I'm a minimalist so maybe this isn't right for all of you. But it's the way I feel about it and I'm just expressing it as a fellow player. I have no say and I'm aware of that
  14. Another argument for why I think we should use the already existing car types in-game is realism. Don't get me wrong, roleplaying the Vapid Stanier as a Crown Vic but also another type of existing real life sedan is "real" but I think it becomes excessive if it's done to all vehicles. What if, and only what if; we use the in-game GTA series vehicle manufacturers (there are plenty of them) and their respective models, so they are actually roleplayed? I can't be bothered to count them all, but if you look up how many vehicles there are under "Vapid", you may experience cramps if you scroll through a page with pictures. Same with Karin and the rest of the vehicle manufacturers they're using in GTA V. If my character decides to purchase a Vapid or Karin or Annis, they could visit a dealer specializing in one of those 3 brands (there are more than 3 brands to choose from) and select a car type from the many models they produce and sell. Maybe go a little back and forth to bargain a little. When a company decides to upgrade or invest in their fleet, they could send out a list of requirements and intended cost and have those 3 dealers come up with an offer, the way it works in real life. If those "official" dealers based on the GTA V vehicles then follow up on their vehicle sale, they could notify the new owner of service intervals and keep logs and documentation of the vehicle. It would then be natural for the new owner to follow up the required service when it's time. Unless they want to lose some value when selling that specific vehicle again. You could also have independent companies selling a wide variety of vehicles from across all the GTA V brands doing the same job, or a hybrid of it all. I think it would enforce the service, documentation, economy behind the vehicle roleplay. So it's not just buying your vehicle based on a real life vehicle that you love and adore, upgrade it the way you see it fit, and then cruise around in it pressing W for a long time before you park and try to find some roleplay, always keeping the car around you. It gives you less variety because then a motorcycle isn't going to be the real life existing motorcycle you love and would die for, nor will it be a Nissan drift monster or a Datsun Z thing that you freak out over in real life. It would be a vehicle already existing inside the GTA V world that Rockstar came up with based on some real life inspiration. But I think it would give more depth to trust the GTA V platform to supply the vehicles suitable for the roleplay we do, and open for more "standards" when it comes to maintenance, sale, investment, companies and so on beyond buy - upgrade - drive - get tired of - sell - buy -> -> Or what do you guys think? That's how I'd want things to be but you're not all me - fortunately
  15. I apologize for format etc cause phone. But kentuckyfriednuggetz is onto something. It’d be super cool to use in game car manufacturers as vehicle names and types. I think if you gave vehicle dealers access to lock to a company, it would fuel their interest to roleplay vehicle dealers. I’d love to roleplay a salesman or district manager or whatever for Vapid and compare against, race against, and outdo some other dealership only focusing on their own car make and branding. This would be difficult if you have a wide selection of different car brands and no genuine companies that are more common than the rest. It’s why I think only using the already existing vehicles in game is a better idea
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