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  1. I think it's better if it's made simple and just good using the default GTA V car names and types. There are so many of them that people get their desired car type, although not the name. It's easier to keep track of and maintain, and there are already many ways to upgrade and customize. I'm not here to tell people what to do or command them or whatever but if your roleplay is so focused on vehicles and upgrades and driving, it might surprise you to see that there is a lot of roleplay around that is not car oriented. If you're simply very car interested (I can get that, I know cars) then there are plenty of ways to interact with them and use them in game without implementing a huge vehicle system. Because then they become a status symbol (which they are in real life, but not to this extent: ) and people spend thousands on a vehicle instead of a house or other investments, and I fear that car meets are going to be the big thing you'd have to go to, to interact with other players. My character has no reason to be in a car meet, but he's been brought around because that's the only place there are people
  2. I get your guys' points as well. But I think we disagree and that's fine, we're bound to run into a disagreement and we're not fighting over it! But I don't really see the need to make people want to buy drugs by giving them some super powers. I understand your reason but I think it's the wrong way to go. We're all familiar with why people take drugs in real life (as if there were a set of reasons, but I mean we can all think of SOME reasons) and that reason isn't to run 5% faster, punch quicker or harder, or gain more health. Yes, you do have performance enhancing substances, but it doesn't give you a significant effect. It doesn't work that way in real life and I think it'd be the wrong type of motivation to get people into drug roleplay. If I'm selfish for wanting to continue drug roleplay the way I've always done it and enjoyed it, tell me. But I fear I'm going to be forced into some state, or game logic script-wise that is wholly unwanted from my side when I'm roleplaying a functioning alcoholic or druggie. The type of person that can portion their drug and use it with a high frequency all casual like to function in the day to day. "Function" - it's not always sunny, green grass and happy thoughts involved with drug use and that's my own little melancholic roleplay story. An older, more mature character that has used their drug for decades and had a turbulent start but ended up in a stable consumption.
  3. On my phone now so please excuse any weirdness or formatting. But I feel like a system like that takes away any way for myself to roleplay drug effects on my characters. It’s not always the same from person to person apart from the big obvious effects you get from each substance. Use patterns and method is a variable and having forced overdoses and even effects themselves is off-putting if you ask me. What happens if my character loses access and starts to experience withdrawal, and what if he finally gains access and overestimates his dosage leading to a minor overdose? That’s one of the risks with cut access and an actual phenomenon that kills people. So I feel an added system takes away my ability to roleplay twists like that and takes away control that I could have easily portrayed with text and regular roleplay without a system telling me how to do it. Because tolerance is a variable and a drug system would then have to keep dose, strength and quality, tolerance up and downs, last time used and how much, and so on in mind. If not, I as a druggie would need to work around the system and collide with it. One example out of many to describe it is: lose access to let’s say alcohol or pills. Experience withdrawal and tolerance lowers for a while. Character regains access and assumes old use pattern. In real life, the tolerance would be lower due to a natural decline, but a script wouldn’t necessarily know this and it would allow the same high usage to continue. How do I work around it? One thing is being creative but one thing is running over other people’s toes (of course not intentionally by any of you) But but I fear systems that are coded because it leaves me less room for my own creativity, basically
  4. I enjoy drug and intoxication roleplay and I have an interest in it, (but I don't use drugs at all in real life, to make it clear) and I try to portray it as realistic as possible in my roleplay. Where a character subconsciously reacts to something drug related, be it a high or withdrawal. And to casually "use" throughout the day is a big part of my roleplay. If the drug is then used in-game, I think it would be a pain to be put in an animation. And to be locked to something when my character is experiencing withdrawal. Be it animations or walking stances and similar. I think it would be beneficial and convenient for some. But for somebody that are roleplaying with drugs all day long, I think it'd end up being in the way of, and prevent a more fluid and dynamic twist that I feel like I can personally portray without having additional help. Same with the "benefits" of taking drugs. +15 health, stamina or similar. Things like these (if they were big enough to be visible and to gain something from it) could collide with my dystopian, - slow, - terrible life that I'm roleplaying. Where I try to set in motion my own idea of how a person reacts to a drug addiction with despair, irritability, mood swings and even physical problems. Personality changes and so on. To be the end user of a substance that people and organizations have earned so much money from without caring for lives and welfare. So I hope there is room for what I described, or that I can somewhat continue the type of drug roleplay of which I love while other people can take cocaine and have +15 HP and +5% faster running simultaneously, or whatever you have in plan. (Not trying to criticize. All I'm trying is to add to this and give you guys an idea of what type of players you have waiting in line for your server. I do express assumptions but I'm not judging)
  5. I don't hang around in MTA anymore because I haven't been able to due to my current situation, but I have the ability to check the forums once in a while and then I always look for updates on the GTA V thread because when I'm ready to game again; I'm going to roleplay on GTA V and that's something I've looked forward to for ages. Especially with OGs like Daniels and more developing it, and I have a few friends in the same situation as me - they'll come and roleplay - they just don't show up as active members yet because they're in their own little hibernation and waiting. But please keep it minimal and not clustered with custom files and car types or otherwise heavy things. And I beg you to stick to the original GTA vehicles. I returned to roleplay on GTA:SA / MTA / Owl after a few years of staying away and I didn't particularly like the vehicle system and it was off-putting and a drastic change for me because I was away and came back to something that I didn't see coming gradually through introduction and so on. So I feel like it did create roleplay for those that are interested in things like vehicles, but for me and my characters (even as a hobby car restorer in real life) then it didn't matter. But it mattered for other people and therefore I was pulled into roleplay I wasn't interested in and having people question my character's car choice when there was no thought behind it at all. It's difficult to explain because I don't even understand it fully. But I could tell people took it out of its intended size and direction and made it a huge thing to have a better car than the other guy. It made it all too car oriented and I'm whining about it because it surprised me. Either way & tl;dr - I know many old roleplayers that will return upon launch of GTA V. I want things to be minimal and use the roleplayer's own creativity to give us entertainment, and to not make the vehicle system enormous while still allowing some mechanical roleplay without using real life vehicles.
  6. solql

    Keybinding software

    What are you trying to bind or automate?
  7. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    There's a difference between Male14 and Male16 roleplaying two grown adults having sexual relations together versus Male14 and Male16 roleplaying a grown adult molesting a child. Although the first example is awkward and embarrassing to think about, I don't mind as long as it doesn't affect me. I do mind the second example, I believe it's unethical and it shows a lack of understanding of what they really are doing, even if there are no malicious intentions behind it.
  8. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    I think people are confused. We're talking about abuse in any form done to children here. We're not discussing a ban on abuse, rape, torture, molestation on adults, that's fine to roleplay although dark. There's a clear difference in this. Establishing a ban on one part doesn't mean the rest will be affected. Is kid? no go. Is adult? yes go.
  9. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    And please stop relating a ban on this to a ban on something else. There is an enormous difference between doing something to an adult, and doing it to a kid. Be it sexual abuse, verbal abuse or violence. Children are different than grownups for a variety of reasons and you all understand that. But apply it here and think through it. They don't have the cognition or experience or abilities that we have as adults and therefore any crime done to them will result in a stronger punishment in most courts. Use that logic and apply it here as well. To understand there's a difference between being humane and banning this, to being sensitive and banning something else. In crime shows, the plot is often about murder. Then sometimes it's rape, or rape is a part of the story. Then it gradually steps into more grotesque or bizarre things such as torture and only when you go beyond the extreme, you apply all of what I mentioned to children because it changes everything. You grab someone you are meant to shield and protect, from their own environment into an environment that nobody should be in - but especially if they are at their most vulnerable in life. This is rarely done in films (it is done, though. I do know that) because it's something we've agreed is really, really bad. I feel like regular people should understand this, and to unite to protect children as they are. And to distance themselves from playing a fictional role (roleplaying?) where a child is endangered or abused. And to deny other people in the same community the ability to do that. Then sure, if you want to - go on a murder, torture and rape spree where you target adult characters. That's fine and I'd hate a ban on that as well, just like you would. Don't relate a humane limit in your gaming community to an unnecessary limit on everything.
  10. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    I've replied to this thread 2 other times and I feel like doing it again with the same message: It's not about limiting people and who or what they can roleplay. I know it essentially does limit people, but who are we limiting? Raise your hand if you feel like this comes in the way of your roleplay. You have all expressed disgust about it (we all do) so I wonder why we are reserving this space for someone who aren't even here. And if this rule comes in place and this type of roleplay is banned "for no reason because nobody roleplays this anyway" then we made the community a better place for nothing. And is that a bad thing? But I did read there are people roleplaying this type of thing so maybe they would have been restricted from doing it. I would consider that a good thing, because it surprises me they are engaging in something like that. If they are innocent teenagers trying to have fun with the "rape xD" mentality then I feel like adults should step in and revoke their ability to roleplay something like that with a minor. Without making it an "adults vs those kids" ordeal. And I want to acknowledge, again, that this does limit people's abilities to roleplay certain things. But it's not the first step towards a totalitarian roleplay community, come on. Nobody mentioned restricting anything beyond the pure disgusting crime towards children that is illegal in basically any nation you may come from. It has its foundation in actual real life laws and I see no harm in enforcing it here as well, I feel it would be decent. (I'd like to add that I don't want to come off as a dick in all this. I recognize I have no say because I'm not that active here nor am I really influential in general and I don't want to push my agenda other than expressing my feelings. This topic may affect me a little bit because I've seen second hand how destructive the 'thing' we're pushing to ban can be, and I feel like it's a matter of uniting against it.)
  11. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    I personally agree that 2. and 3. isn't that much of a big deal. In real life it could be a sign of unbalance and hidden intentions (although rarely) and it could be a big deal, but if two characters (adult / minor, or minor / minor) have sexual relations in character then I can't really say that would be a disaster unless it entered the rape / abuse category. But there's also the enormous discussion of "omg isn't he too old to be dating a 14 year old?" and such. We've all had that talk in real life and now it's appeared here as well and that's hilarious.
  12. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    Person A and person B agrees to roleplay this, and let's say they can do it without sanctions. They have now successfully done the act (let's ignore how I personally am fully against this) - person B, let's say B is the victim - goes to the police. The whole faction list with the police department refuses to involve themselves with this type of roleplay. Where does that leave us? Should person A and whoever agrees out of character just continue then, because there seems to be no legal in character reaction? Person A and person B agrees to this yet another time, the act is being done and someone walks in on them. Will the roleplay between those two be voided because person C walked in on them? Or will person C, refusing to participate or acknowledge it, be the one to walk out of there for OOC reasons because they refuse to participate? I feel it's unnecessary to even discuss this, and I believe the people that are defending this to allow other people to "have the option open as long as they both agree to it" wouldn't roleplay it either. So who are we leaving this space open for? Another question; I know several people that were abused as children and later in life, and I have functioned as a support person for them. I know how they can react when reminded about the incident(s) - without me using the word trigger and forever labeling myself as a social justice warrior, I feel like we should show solidarity to these actual real life victims of child rape by distancing ourselves. So they can come to this community and roleplay without even having to think about declaring if they are willing to participate in roleplay like this or not. So the question is, again, where is the damage in straight up refusing something like this? And wouldn't you rather deny a small group of people this roleplay instead of allowing it, so people that might have experienced this and have bad emotions to it can roleplay without even needing to have an opinion in the first place? They should be shielded from it and they weren't shielded from it in real life. It's easy to create a safe environment from it here and some are against it because they don't like the idea of restrictions. This doesn't mean I think it's cool to ban guns, violence and torture tomorrow because "omg triGgereEDDd weapONNNN BLOOD ommGGG admin" - that'd be a disgrace.
  13. solql

    [Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia.] - Revise

    I agree it should be against the rules as it's against the law. I used to think it was punishable as well until I was told it wasn't by someone else, and it disappointed me. I feel it's less about censorship and limiting roleplay, and more about setting a global standard that is linking this community up with humanity and our society with what's tolerated or not. I can elaborate but I think you get the idea, people.
  14. I do not live in the US, but while I live in Europe, I still pay attention to what's going on over there because it gives a certain clue about what's happening in our world. And where we are heading. I think some of the people that are so against immigration (the legal immigrants that aren't criminals apart from their illegal stay) need to keep in mind these people may come from a different part of the world (let's add Syrians and what we are facing in Europe recently) - they seem to remember there are many 'parts of the world' when they mention how their world is theirs and how other people aren't welcome. But I think they forget it's the same world when they see the divide in living situation and how much of a hell hole other parts of the world can be. I agree with the screening of immigrants to evaluate if there is a place in your nation for them, to find out if they are a threat to national security. I do not support fully open borders. But what I do support, is the ability to immigrate to another part of the world with the desire to create a better life for yourself - if you are a decent human being, or show improvements and the ability to be productive. That is going to be the future - the immigration - for many reasons. We have seen people relocating themselves because of war for many years now. We have seen people relocating themselves because of disasters once in a while - but what you need to keep in mind is the climate change, rising sea levels and the inability to maintain a food production to satisfy the need for our growing population. Things will happen in the future and I believe countries that are better off need to prioritize a proper system for immigration. Not just for the people that will need to move, but for themselves - the countries - to improve the integration, lower crime rate, and raise the productivity. Maybe not literally; but when Amena, Burhan and Aseel knock on our door here in Europe - we need to take them in. Because if we close our borders and ask them to turn away and they have nowhere to go, we will collide in one way or another. Same goes for America - when María, José and Fernando knock on your door and have nowhere else to go, they will enter even if you close your borders and ask them to leave, if they have nowhere else to go for various reasons. Collisions and conflicts will happen. Therefore I think it's better that we use this time around now to better our immigration policy, perfect a method to integrate and preserve culture, while still remaining friendly - because if you think immigration will cease and eventually stop in the near future, you'll be disappointed. (Maybe this was off topic, but I wanted to share a few words on immigration because I am a part of a political party (try to guess which one - win a cookie!) in my own country, and I engage in discussions like these relatively often.)
  15. solql

    [General] - Hunger & Thirst

    Let's also remember there are multiple diets in real life. And a lot of variation with food types, eating habits and so on. I have a special interest in this and it is reflected in my characters. Intermittent fasting as an example, is where you go a set amount of hours without food and have fasting and feasting cycles. This doesn't cause an energy loss so limiting running speed and / or lowering my character's health would deny me the ability to roleplay this, as the dietitian my character is. I do appreciate the creativity and wish to find improvements, and while this could be an addition to some players, it would prevent me from my own roleplay if implemented. Maybe it could work on a reminder only basis, I don't know

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