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  1. *sniff sniff* opression

  2. zzz

    1. KLIPPAN


      yo squirdo tell me what do you think about this cool track 


    2. Squirdo


      its alright

    3. KLIPPAN


      anita is a queen and if someone disagrees with me i'm more than willing to rumble

  3. thanks much appreciation xx
  4. @Vubstersmurf can I get a shoutout
  5. As much as this is true the script is better regarding stability but still has a long way to be above the other servers that are trending. If you really want to revive Owl as a whole community then you need to release way bigger scripts than just a fishing one. In general I've said this before, the whole clothing/face creation needs to be reworked on and advertising or sponsoring roleplay streamers/youtubers could help as well. It'll be hard for Owl to see it's former glory due to the simple fact it didn't end well on the launch day in 2019 and it's left a big impact since. I hope
  6. Happy birthday

    1. QueenC


      You are about a week and 1 day too early. 

  7. Glad to have you with us on the idea, looking forward to the roleplay. :)!
  8. We've had our first call from the PD dispatch regarding a vehicle blocking the road near the police station in Paleto Bay. We've responded immediately and upon approaching the Paleto Bay, we've located the vehicle almost immediately. As there were no clear instruction, what to do with the vehicle, we've towed it to the closest parking lot so it doesn't obstruct the road anymore. And all the way to there and back, we've been blasting the good old song called Country Roads. (( I hope they add a feature where the GUI disappears fully xo ))
  9. I'm sure a complete clothing selection revamp will be coming in the future, but yeah currently it's somewhat a pain to create/choose clothing for the chracter.
  10. Hey there, after recently returning to OwlGaming, I've decided to give it another shot seeing that the Owl V server has good potential for the future. As we know, the server right now isn't the most populated and since adding the city of Los Santos in it surely feels like a ghost town? Well @Krakkfaen and I decided to start a closer-knit community in the area of Mirror Park, what we're hoping to achieve is, creating some kind of a community roleplay, hotspot if we may call it like that, where people can gather, socialise and just have a good roleplay experience in general as the server develop
  11. Squirdo

    Jarad's Pub

    We're gonna make this awesome!
  12. Tim's Towing Service was founded on 9th December, 2019 with the goal of providing personal towing services to the City of Los Santos and the surrounding areas. The company itself hopes to expand in the future to offer Mechanical services and a potential dealership. Location of our HQ: Contact number: 1575919752 E-mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM: @Squirdo )) OOC: (( This thread is obviously work in progress and will be developed further once the server has more scripts and development implemented. ))
  13. Did you sing country roads today

    1. Vubstersmurf


      I did and it was magnificent. I hope you sang it at least twice otherwise there will be issues.

  14. God sends you love from your old pal Squirdo

  15. vse naj naj Keksii

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