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  1. Squirdo

    Car - Motorboat and 2 vehicles. [ENDS: 17/06/2018]

    Name: G Bid: starting on the boat
  2. Squirdo

    [No stealing textures] - Revise

    Or if they remove the feature so you're able to right-click helmets and see the url of the texture..
  3. Name: G Bid: $10,000 on item #2
  4. Squirdo

    Confusing options

    Try right clicking on desktop, click the nvidian panel, find power managment and set it to max.
  5. Squirdo

    Where are you from?!

    the country that got Yugoslavia fucked*
  6. Squirdo

    Where are you from?!

    Slovenia, also known as the better version of Slovakia.
  7. Squirdo

    [General] - Character Appearance

    Wouldn't mind having this honestly.
  8. PD has all the vehicles inside an interior, so that's not causing the lag.

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