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  2. Name: J. Campbell Comment: Yet again you show your real colors and poor understanding and comprehension skills. The government retrieves ownership of the property in case the loan amount was not paid back, so this cancels out your whole stupid scheme of "communism". No you did not manage to trick the public Wunnenberg, you still failed to explain your burden in the council and how you were the most useless man in the government, and now you're naming other people and defaming them to better your image. Additionally, the EPD was formed under Bradford and nobody has mentioned that it'll be a permanent replacement, it was just me addressing how you claim I failed the government security which in fact is a false allegation, if you have complaints about the EPD then you SHOULD have mentioned them when it was in talks which by the way, you had access to and you had rights and requirement to vote for, but yet again you just twist the facts and try to make your own laziness my problem. You will not fool anyone but yourself, and I hope you know that I will show everyone your real colors and how you're the real fraud here. Go do something useful to our county instead of coming over an hour late to council meetings and wasting our tax money while you sit there and do nothing.
  3. Name: J. Campbell Comment: If you were awake at the time you were a council member you'd know that the Executive Protection Detail was instead formed under the Los Santos Police Department and served the role of PSS, which is why it was removed in the first place. You can also stop speculating as to why I was selected as the County Commissioner, because as if you seeked for facts I was promoted to the position of "Deputy Commissioner" which by the way, had nothing to do with my previous position as a spokesman. You're just delusional and extremely upset that your little scandal was exposed here, and there's a difference in the business initiative which since you're clearly retarded and you fail to read things, the initiative doesn't act as a financial loan in money, and the civilian who applies does not pay any fees whatsoever even after shutting down their business, as the property instead would be given to the government and allow someone to make use of it. So get off your arrogant high horse. Furthermore, you keep accusing me of being incompetent yet your voice was never heard as a council member even criticising me, if you truly cared about your county and you thought I was incompetent you'd have done something about it, instead you wait until the position is clear and then spew your lies to get the position. You're just full of talk, but you never do anything. Everyone knows who you are and your racist past, and the truth shall not be suppressed.
  4. Name: J. Campbell Comment: How do you even have the audacity to talk anymore after all the bullcrap you spewed? So your excuse for not doing anything during your entire term as an elected council member, during both Commissioner Bradford and my term, was that I'm "incompetent" as you allege? Truly convincing for the people Wunnenberg, you just prove your own guilt yourself yet you have the audacity to name other people. Not even sure what you mean here and if you have evidence that I ignored it please do provide it for the public. This was not ignored and was being discussed until we could find a suitable leader, no former leader at the time was interested in the position. (( Under FT talks to remove the faction, so I was completely tied OOC'ly and therefore I couldn't handle it IC'ly. )) So far everything you've done was meet up with the LSPD Chief and re-open an investigation that was already handled for the sake of gaining reputation, none of the other points you've mentioned have even been achieved. I'm not sure if you can read or you just like to ignore facts as usual, but nobody from the ESOC was able to handle it at the time and it was heavily understaffed, instead of ignoring the report it was followed up with Fire Chief O'Reilly, so quit spewing bullcrap. Just proves my point again, you let your unjust personal hatred towards someone affect your job and as a result you've achieved nothing and neglected your duties as a council member. Go and read the previous press releases, the finance initiative I created to help supporting business owners and then accuse me of being lazy. Despite all the hate from the inactive elected council at the time (except for Mr. Hector who was actually doing something), I continued to perform my duties. However I thought I'd step away from politics and allow for someone to do a better job than I did, but this was clearly not what happened. I never said you mentioned any baseless allegations against him, seems like you love to misinterpret most things. Wrong, wrong and wrong. I rightfully became the County Spokesman and was found fit to be promoted to the Deputy Commissioner and as a result I assisted Commissioner Bradford with the rest of his term, you're just letting your unjust self hatred affect your job and it will only put you down the sewers Wunnenberg. And as for the ridiculous sentence you've wrote here: Your record as a council member testifies, you are the laziest and filthiest man ever Wunnenberg.
  5. Name: J. Campbell Comment: I'm truly not disappointed as you continue to show your real colors Wunnenberg, accusing people and defaming them for the sake of improving your incompetent reputation. Now let's address some of the false allegations you put in this poorly written press release: So is this why in your entire term as an elected council member, you have done absolutely NOTHING apart from being a burden to the council, but even neglected the same campaign goals you ran for and achieved nothing. The report was never ignored as you claimed and it was forwarded to the Emergency Oversight Committee at the time which lacked members and thereof a press release was made seeking new members. No applications were sent except for one that didn't meet the basic requirements, so the investigation was instead forwarded to Fire Chief O'Reilly who took care of it. It's an amateur tactic to re-handle an old report since as we all know, you've got nothing to do apart from talking down on people. What have you even accomplished? Look at your predecessors accomplishments in the same time frame you were given and compare it to what you've "done" then come back around. I'm honestly ashamed of how low you've gotten after getting a position of power, and I won't be surprised if you're soon enough found to be in violation of different county regulations as you're in my eyes very incompetent. Nobody will ever forget the real Wunnenberg who sat as a burden in the council for an entire term without even approaching his own people! You're absolute fake news.
  6. Name: Robert West Comment: hiya can i comment
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