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  1. JameZ

    Government Perms

    Need full government perms (can be confirmed by @Urshankov), and additionally full moderation powers in this subforum: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/214-los-santos-county-government/
  2. JameZ

    [STATE] The People v. Abram Reznikov

    (( @Urshankov - How shall we proceed from here? The most crucial piece of evidence is unavailable. ))
  3. JameZ

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  4. JameZ

    [STATE] The People v. Abram Reznikov

    (( @Wright - Are you able to grab us a new link for the 911 call recording since that pastebin is private? ))
  5. JameZ

    [STATE] The People v. Abram Reznikov

    "Your Honor, The prosecution is forgetting an important element here which is that the burden of proof relies on them. There is yet to be presented any evidence which suggests the search was indeed lawful, and with the LSPD refusing to comply with the subpoena, it only shows an attempt to cover-up on events that had occurred during the situation." (( @Urshankov @Wright ))
  6. JameZ

    [STATE] The People v. Abram Reznikov

    "Your Honor, The proposed allegations brought against Mr. Reznikov are far from what the reality is. The involved officers wrote a very subpar narrative with no details whatsoever, which to furthermore prove their negligence did not comply with the prosecution's request to provide footage of the incident which is fital for this case. Due to this, we can't establish whether the officers had probable cause to search the vehicle, neither do we have any bodycam footage (which should exist) supporting the narrative given. Furthermore, my client was arrested based on items being found in his possession, with no effort whatsoever from the police to compare fingerprints or to collect substantial evidence that would prove his guilt, not to mention alone the search could have been performed illegally." (( @Urshankov @Wright @Brodyaga - I'm very sorry for the late response, I was extremely busy IRL. ))
  7. JameZ

    [LSFL] Election Address

    Name: P99 Comment: Your retarded ass is everywhere, isn't it?
  8. "Your honor, What has been presented to us in this case is a poorly constructed case with a ton of missing facts, and upon a very poor investigation of the situation, and contradictions between the supplied statement, testimony and diagram of skid marks. With no collection of a detailed report of vehicles' damages, lengths between objects & skids, positions of debris and finally the measured ending positions of each vehicle, the defense finds it impossible that the party in fault can be determined here as one does not simply assume a situation without learning the full facts of it. Furthermore, while Ms. Tackson's criminal record may be relevant to her driving behaviour, it simply does not make her guilty of the alleged crime, nor does it prove in any manner that she was the one recklessly operating during the MVA. The defense also finds it impossible to properly investigate the situation when the prosecution provided ZERO facts about the other vehicle in question, and provided zero evidence about it throughout the entire course of this petition. The defense additionally would like to remind the court that the prosecution failed to provide any evidence regarding Ms. Tackson's vehicle being unregistered, as according to her she registered the vehicle after have been pulled by Trooper Monroe that day." (( @Urshankov @Zebulon @Cryotich ))
  9. "The defense has finished it's cross-examination." (( @Urshankov ))
  10. "Your honor, the diagram shows the vehicle coming from the opposing side of the road off the road, then steering into the the opposing lane and then into the middle, it is surely relevant your honor whether the vehicle was even capable of doing this or not." (( @Urshankov @Zebulon ))
  11. "Your honor, is the prosecution going to keep interrupting the defense when it does not understand the direction of the questioning? Or do they think this just applies to them? Furthermore, not all vehicles can drive on sand as the prosecution claims, that's just a very poor way of wording it, and the suspension has a great factor in terms of the vehicle's ability to drive on different terrains, hence why roads were invented in the world. If all vehicles could drive on sand, why would there be off-road vehicles and vehicles designed simply for the purpose of driving off-road?" (( @Urshankov ))
  12. "And is your vehicle capable of driving on the sand with it's current height?" (( @Cryotich @Zebulon ))
  13. "Miss Tackson, does your vehicle have the stock factory suspension system?" (( @Cryotich @Zebulon ))
  14. "Indeed, your honor. Miss Tackson, is your vehicle capable of driving off-road, based on your own experience?" (( @Cryotich @Zebulon @Urshankov ))

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