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  1. JameZ

    [SAAN] Fire Chief position vacant

    Name: p Comment: what else would it be about
  2. Amazing stuff as always. Wasn't faction advertisements going to be implemented in this? @yannickboy15
  3. Name: VQ. Comment: Doesn't the comment section tell you about the maturity of some individuals? All this drama because of rumours that Keller resigned? So what if she did lol, in fact DPS leadership should make an announcement about it if that was the case. Oh wait, I forgot, the commissioner does their PR for them.
  4. JameZ

    Roleplay Music Artist - Is this allowed?

    Yep, there is no reason to restrict you from doing so, I'm sure FMT would even rise your pay based on the effort spent to create your music video. You can decide to somehow sell your music IC'ly or request VM money through an FMT public contact as an ad revenue collection.
  5. Simply outstanding, thank you very much for the effort spent to make this!
  6. JameZ

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    Name: Author. Comment:
  7. JameZ

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    Name: Author. Comment: No, the point is they're not really doing anything lmao. Nothing new is being done either, it's the same cancer.
  8. JameZ

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    Name: Author. Comment: Not about the format really, is it? If someone is going to change a few words in an article and contain the same points of an old one they should at least make some effort to make it look new, nothing is going to change obviously. All of the divisions were already setup ages ago, apart from Internal Affairs which of course won't ever be made because Keller is in-charge, and Keller doesn't ever do shit so there you have it.
  9. JameZ

    koolkidzmemezone | DpS UpDaTe

    Name: Author. Comment: it's supposed to be an "update" according to the title but is it really?
  10. JameZ

    Bandwith usage on Owl?

    This isn't accurate because it's you who determines how much bandwith you're going to compensate. For example let's say you're going to AFK in an interior with no streaming audio or a YouTube video playing, you'll barely compensate anything, while on the other hand, you can go to the busiest place in Idlewood and pass by all those radio stations and the massive amount of movement being downloaded, it's definitely going to be a lot more. TLDR; MTA isn't a game that loves bandwith, you can live with 300 megabytes for a six hours playtime.
  11. Name: D. Comment: This could have been completely avoided if the detective simply asked the individual to remain on the sidewalk. Shocking experience to be honest, I hope the detective in question receives an appropriate punishment for his misconduct.
  12. JameZ

    How to get drugs, weapons and other stuff

    The best way to go about this is finding street dealers, they won't be hard to find because it'll be usually apparent that they're looking to sell something, however the trick is at convincing them to sell the drugs to you. If you approach them with an annoying attitude, it's more than likely you'll be jumped. Do your research and look at realistic scenarios of people buying drugs off street dealers. Illegal weapons can be acquired through two ways; 1- Buying them from a dealer. 2- Robbing a CCWP firearm. (Legal licensed weapon) The first option can be really risky and you have to work your way to find a dealer, get your in-character connections and do it smartly, don't just walk up to a random dude and ask him for a gun, that's not how it works in real life. Do your research for this one too. As for the second option, the server allows you to steal legal firearms from people, as long as you do the appropriate roleplay. This includes but isn't limited to directly robbing them off people, home invasions, ammunition heists, etcetera. Alcohol is very easy to acquire if you're the legal age IC'ly, look around in shops or I would personally suggest the alcohol store in Blueberry. I hope the provided information have been helpful to you, enjoy your stay!

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