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  1. Name: RoboCop Comment: Honestly this happened 3 months ago, and it was pretty much solved already. Seems like Antonio Johnson is trying to get rid of the competiton, to get himself up there. He hasn't done shit in the past 5 months, yet he's being awarded for being such a great Firefighter. Los Santos Fire Department has been lacking members for the past 4 years, yet nobody is working to a solution for it. Instead they discharge valuable members from their department. Also why is no action being taken against the robocops that were on duty that day and patrolling however for some reason not responding to Cap. Golden's numerous attempts of getting a hold of them trough 911 and the departmental radio? Seems like a bit of negligence of duty there. If ESOC's going to investigate an issue, the investigation should be executed properly. Other than that keep up the great work!
  2. Name: Snitch Comment: @FBI
  3. Name: @AbdulJohnsonAfrican Comment: Cool! Make sure to check my page out! Like for a like! ----------------------------------------------------------------- ** AbdulJohnsonAfrican and JR would both get blocked. **
  4. Makefoo


    ** The poster would be seen around Los Santos and on the internet. **
  5. Anyone want my Homer Simpson cosplay skin? Halloween is around the corner.
  6. I do, just ask an admin to make a /911 distress call.
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