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  1. Makefoo

    GAT Update - February 9, 2019

    good update
  2. Makefoo


    ** The poster would be seen around Los Santos and on the internet. **
  3. Makefoo

    [General] - Scriped drug-test

    scruped drug test
  4. Makefoo

    Best skin ever

    Anyone want my Homer Simpson cosplay skin? Halloween is around the corner.
  5. Makefoo

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    Congrats guys and girl.
  6. I can finally dab, all I ever wanted. We don't even need to switch to GTA 5 anymore.
  7. Apply now for a rewarding career - dps.owlgaming.net/ Hello there, welcome to this month's release of the Los Santos County Department of Public Safety Public Information and Outreach bureau's newsletter. We of the Public Information and Outreach bureau would like to thank you for taking your time to read this month's newsletter. Firefighter II - Fire Engineer Harvey Austin Crew Chief - Lieutenant Billy McBob Lieutenant - Captain Noah Stevenson Firefighter II - Fire Chief Steven O'Reilly Recruitment and Training Bureau With Thomas McLane's promotion to Assistant Chief the Recruitment and Training Bureau commanding position was left vacant. Ex- Assistant Chief McLane appointed Fire Engineer Harvey Austin to take over the commander position of the Recruitment and Training Bureau. Fire Engineer Harvey Austin had preformed exemplary in the month of August within the Recruitment and Training bureau. So far Fire Engineer Harvey Austin has made a lot of changes to the Recruitment and Training Bureau, and he is still improving the Recruitment and Training Bureau to the best of his ability as we speak. Fire Prevention Unit With the recent events surrounding Lieutenant Damian Powell the Fire Prevention Unit was left vacant as well. The Fire Prevention Unit was led by Lieutenant Damian Powell however after unfortunate events the Fire Prevention Unit commanding position was left vacant. Deputy Fire Marshal Harvey Austin decided to step up and make many changes to the Fire Prevention Unit as a whole. After which he was appointed to lead the Fire Prevention Unit by the command team. Fire Chief Steven O'Reilly's statement ''Good day Los Santos, A lot of people have already been made aware of the recent changes in the leadership of the Los Santos Department of Public Safety. Some of the citizens don't know me yet, so I'll give a quick introduction about myself. I am Steven O'Reilly, Fire Chief of the Los Santos Department of Public Safety. I have been working a lot within government agencies, including the Los Santos Police Department. This is where you may know me from. After I was working within the government, I decided to do something that involves the citizens again. I started with a job at the Los Santos Department of Public Safety. Until today I enjoy the work I'm doing, as well the people I work along with. It is my goal to make Los Santos Department of Public Safety a trustworthy place where people feel not alone when they're in a situation they might not get into easily. We try to help where we can in a timely manner upon receiving the call. Currently, I manage the day to day operations within the department and I am working on getting this department smoothly. The flaws we experienced have to be repaired, which might take some time. We never give up the hope and we'll fighting till the end for it. The plans for the future are made, but you never know what comes on your way. The main plans are ensuring the department runs smoothly With the use of policies and professional conduct. Further on we'll be working on getting better gear, to reduce the paperwork but keep the important subjects in. We will be monitoring the department and we'll be working on the issues that come along. If you notice yourself these issues, never hesitate to contact the Command Team from our department. We'll be working together to get these issues gone if that's possible on the short-term.'' The Firefighter of the month award was issued to Fire Engineer Harvey Austin for preforming exemplary in the month of August. Fire Engineer Harvey Austin has recently taken over both the Recruitment and Training bureau and the Fire Prevention Unit. Fire Engineer Harvey Austin has been a great new addition to the department so far and has done so much in the past month for the department. Therefore the Firefighter of the month award was given to Fire Engineer Harvey Austin. We hope Fire Engineer Austin will continue preforming exemplary in the future.

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