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  1. An educated admin like yourself, even when at trial phase, should hover towards the CCWP regulations and rules then revise it thoroughly because it clearly states that if I see a felon in progress I am forced to act on it and stop it from moving further with the felony. CCWP is not just for self-defence. Please, do kindly, re-read the CCWP because what I did is actually by the book and included in the test if you've taken it. As I've stated, CCWP is not to be given for unexperienced citizens so a petty theft robbery is actually a part of the test when you take it, if I wasn't ready for the situation I wouldn't have gotten the CCWP. It would be Non-RP to not act on the situation of the theft and leave the thief be as a citizen holding a CCWP as it's part of the duty that comes with the CCWP. I gave him the cash and let him leave because that's regarding my life with his gun pointed at me. That's the literal definition of walking on the line. If anything he should have shown that sort of fear of being killed when I held the gun at him point blank. Because somehow I wasn't detailed enough in mentioning the gun was aimed to his chest point blank and my shots would have been lethal, any muscle moved from the perpetrator would lead to his death because my finger is on the trigger and my senses would be heightened because of the adrenaline rush. If he makes a move, I drill multiple holes with my .45 ACP pistol into his chest.
  2. First of all, despite the fact that $290 is almost my paycheck, but there wasn't any kind of revenge. The CCWP license allows me and more likely forces me to react in these situations by stopping the felony in progress which would lead me to draw out my gun and threaten the perpetrator. Cops were inactive at that time and we're both aware that calling them would not do any good because there was no one online. My second option is to utilize my legal rights to use verbal threatening and lethal force to stop the felon Second, I held my .45 ACP at point blank from the perpetrator and unless we're in a netflix action show or Bollywood, he is forced to RP fear because the moment he reaches for his firearm, I would've pulled the trigger causing a fatal wound that would lead to CK. So here the possible scenarios that could have happened and how it would have ended with me holding the firearm at point blank of his chest, He pushes me to reach for his own firearm but the moment he moves I would have discharged my weapon in self-defence. He tries to kick me to reach for his own firearm but the moment he moves I would have discharged my weapon in self-defence. He reaches for his firearm but the moment he moves I would have discharged my gun in self-defence. And because sometimes it's not clear enough and third time is the charm. I held my .45 ACP pistol point blank to his chest
  3. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Jinx Character Name- Jonathan Wallace Date of Incident- 10/05/2018 Supervising Administrator- Michael Flynn Narrative- Starts with me logging in and heading to my garage. Got inside, left the door open and checked something real quick. However, I heard knocks on the door and when I got out, that guy had an accident infront of the garage. There was another guy who helped me check on him and he got back up and moved. I entered my garage to bring my car to find 2 of them inside. A chitchat goes for like a minute and asked them both to leave. One left and the other stayed and said nice cars. Well, at the point. He drew his gun out and robbed me. I let him leave and go away. I rp peaking outside through the door and checking the area. He was walking calmly to the bike. So I drew my weapon and held him at gunpoint from his back. He turned around and a chitchat happened. As the situation goes, I kept my gun aimed at his chest. However, when I released the RMB to type. He took advantage and quickly hit the bind button and started shooting. I was able to aim again and land a shot. But it was registered in his leg but supposed rp'ly to the chest. However, he was able to kill me. I'd have rp'ed reacting to him lowering his hand and reaching for the gun but didn't have time. Also, I believe that this was a bit failure to rp gun fear as we were standing face to face and I'm monitoring his behaviour with a gun aimed to his chest and would have taken action immediately. Evidence- https://pastebin.com/zeKxdY9F Method of Death- Gun shots. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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