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  1. Talked about in E-mail and considered to be a final buy out. that's not allowed xdxdXDXDxxdddddddddddddddddddddddddXXDXdxdD @Scarlet
  2. new frag movie coming soon bb, stay tuned, i'm halfway done x

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    2. waffle


      hahahah lol, 10-4

    3. Daabas


      waffle no one wants to see ur frag movies

    4. waffle


      this is my first one, and it has some really nice shots, why so toxic, i cri every nite

  3. He just showed you how to get logs, get logs of you putting on your helmet and post them here.
  4. Name : A. V. Comment : This is the smartest roast i’ve ever seen.
  5. I noted it, can't break auction rules
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2007 Make: BMW Model: E92 335i VIN: - Mileage: idk Description: very nice bmw, it has twin turbo stock and comes with parts, need it gone since i'm leaving town. Images Starting Bid: 5,000$ Minimum Increase: 1,000$ Buyout N/A Auction ends: 10th of September at 16:00 ((Server time)) Contact Information: will be given
  7. niBBa you win send me an email ((forum pm))
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