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  1. I wish Law becomes the new senior admin.
  2. Name : hi Comment : Before I bid, I'd like to know what engine is inside, CA18DET, SR20DE or SR20DET. ((vt pls help))
  3. floor is lava i heard ya bitch got that water
  4. its quite funny how well that kid actually represents serx in his crazy status.
  5. Would've loved to sell the bike but the auction ended.
  6. They made him a cake, a cake.
  7. name : tim comment : I wanted to buy but mom didn't let me use her credit card.
  8. Congrats, you have won the auction, contact me on my number. *Would only be visible to Anonymoose* 718291
  9. why is SL co. so slow and aids.

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    2. Chillz


      ^^ or PM Lewis/Lauren instead of crying in status updates xx

    3. Gazzeh
    4. wAFF


      jgc does orders ?

  10. Buyout lowered to 9,000$
  11. hello, welcome to rice gaming