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  1. Foster Parent Application INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 1 Name: Nathan Gardner Sex: Male Social Security Number: CB500FA1074985536757781FDEAB1416 Address: 2. Bush Street - East Los Santos Phone Number:722676 Religious Beliefs: Christian. Yearly Income: $120,000 Occupation: Event Marshall at Los Santos Motorsports Associations. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?: N/A If so, elaborate: INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 2 If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Name: N/A Sex: N/A Social Security Number: N/A Address: N/A Phone Number: N/A Religious Beliefs: N/A Yearly Income: N/A Occupation: N/A Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor?: N/A If so, elaborate: RELATIONSHIP SECTION If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Nature of Relationship(Married/siblings/dating, etc): N/A How long have you known each other?: N/A Do you argue/fight/have issues with your relationship?: N/A If so, how would this affect raising a child?: N/A Do you live in the same house/apartment?: N/A GENERAL QUESTIONS Why do you want to adopt a child?: I want to save a child's life. I can give him/her a family, personal care, stability. I think it will help the child to thrive and help to achieve his/her dreams. I can give hope to a child and can give that child a better future. All child deserves happiness and love. I want to give him/her an opportunity to start a new life. Have you thought about how you would care for a child, where they would stay, how you would raise them, etc?: Of course, I am financially secured which means I am able to provide him/her needs such as future education and his/her discretionary lifestyle related costs. I'd definitely make sure he/she get the education for his/her age. I have four empty rooms in my house. It depends on what he/she wants to be in life. No matter what I am going to respect his/her ideas and support him/her. What makes you qualified to raise a child?: First of all, I can give him/her a sense of security, I can treat him/her with respect, appreciate and I can be trustworthy. I can give my full attention when I'm with him/her. I am able to keep her/him entertained at all times. I am a friendly and easy-going person. What could you offer to a child?: Adequate shelter and sleep, healthy living environment, safe and secure surroundings, good education, financial security and the most important thing, unconditional love. Do you have a specific child in mind, say, a girl, a boy, a certain age, etc?: I do not. AGREEMENTS I ( Nathan Gardner ) submit to an inspection of my property, lifestyle, ethics, as well as a full ACT 34 background check in order to be qualified as a Foster Parent in the state of San Andreas. I/we agree to raise any child morally, ethically, and comprehensively to the best of my/our ability.
  2. Foester

    Don't mess with me again

    fair enough man (( Bangladesh is a country you uncultured swine ))
  3. Name: Gardner Vehicle: Camaro Bid: Buyout ( $150,000 )
  4. Name: Nate Bid: Withdrawn.
  5. Foester

    Import Request - Nathan Gardner

    Full Name Nathan Gardner Email Address ((Forum Username)) [email protected] (Foester) Make of Vehicle Ford Model of Make Shelby Mustang GT500 Year of Make 1967 (( Desired MTA Model )) Sabre Vehicle Listing yeah thanks delete me sorry for being a header Signature
  6. Foester

    Car - 1995 BMW E36 M3 Lightweight [ENDS: 23/07/2018]

    Starting price lowered to $70,000.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1995 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: E36 M3 Lightweight VIN: Wittheld. Mileage: 74XXX Description: They were able to shed 200lbs from the M3 which easily improves every performance metric. Weight was stripped by excluded sound insulation, leather seats, A/C, sunroof, and using aluminum in the skins of the doors. Since this car was now lighter than a standard M3, BMW thought of the unimaginative name "Light Weight" was appropriate for their limited edition M3. All of these stripped down Alpine White M3LWs were destined for a special assembly process. In addition to the weight savings, BMW went to work on the drive train. Engines were hand selected off the assembly line for their performance potential like Chinese gymnasts. The final drive ratio was shortened to 3.23 rear versus the standard 3.15 to improve acceleration. The suspension used Euro-spec springs for a lowered ride height and forged alloy wheels to reduce unsprung weight. BMW then sent these cars to Prototype Technology Group (PTG) Racing in Virginia for the final touches. Images Starting bid: $70,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $100,000 (IC&OOC Comments would be disabled) Auction end date: 23/07/2018 Contact details: [email protected] (ForumPM)
  8. Foester

    Where are you from?!


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