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  1. Foester

    VT | Static Inertia

    Everything is going to be close to real life. However, there are some issues with the OOC models. That's why a stock Hellcat (Buffalo) is able to win a race against that 1500HP Supra (Jester) you've mentioned. Overall, it is not a bad idea but I think we are going to stick to DxRK's solution.
  2. Foester

    VT | Static Inertia

    Hes my mate Thank you.
  3. Foester

    VT | Static Inertia

    Thanks though.
  4. Foester

    VT | Static Inertia

    It's already accepted by us, we've been working on the values.
  5. Foester

    VT | Static Inertia

    First of all, I'd like to thank @DxRK for his idea of how we could fix this inertia issue. As many of you know, static inertia rule aimed to give realistic 0-60 times. According to the current rule, every single vehicle's engine inertia is to be set to 30 (max) from now on; regardless if its legal, illegal, stock or modified. We (as VT) decided to base inertia on transmission types such as automatic ( DSG, CVT, DCT, etc.) and manual ( sequential etc.). We are going to keep the inertia values realistic as much as we can. Current static inertia value has not considered the differences between modified, higher end and electric vehicles. @DxRK said and I quote "It should be set depending on the transmission, that way picking a transmission actually matters. That way when ordering cars from dealerships or buying them, it actually makes a difference, same way goes when customizing a vehicle from Aston Martin/BMW/Audi/Porsche and many more dealerships. It makes it more immersive and it also makes a difference when modifying a car. One way that could also be fixed is by adding a section on vehicle library that's called "Transmission Type" and it shows like "Sequential" "Manual" "Automatic" or brand specific ones like SMG, PDK etc." Basically, a PDK equipped Porsche should be faster than a manual Porsche. I can hear you saying there are few manual transmissions are faster than the automatic ones. We are going to work on that too. We started to test the inertia on the server and we have a lot to work on. We have to create a huge index for inertia values and transmission types. That is going to take some time obviously. In summary, we need your help, your thoughts and your advice about this solution. You could come up with a new solution if you didn't like this way. Most importantly, we are currently four members including our leader. Lack of members and inactivity of few members (including me) are going to slow this process. If you have enough knowledge about vehicles, go ahead and apply. Application form: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/22-vehicle-team-member-application-ooc/ Cheers, VT Member Foester.
  6. Foester

    Car - 2009 Nissan GT-R Premium [ENDS: 01/12/18]

    Name: Nate Comment: Wack.
  7. Foester

    Vehicle Team Update - November 2018

    lmao cheers mate
  8. Foester

    [District 1] Supervisor Letter

    Name: N. Gardner Comment: Good luck Warren, you got this.
  9. Foester

    What happened to me?

    what the fuck amk, glad you're back kardeş
  10. Foester

    Car - Few cars [ENDED]

  11. Foester

    Car - Few cars [ENDED]

    Name: Nateman Comment: Stop being a cunt, cunt.
  12. Foester

    Car - Few cars [ENDED]

    You have won the vehicle #3, will contact you in shortly.
  13. Foester

    Car - Few cars [ENDED]

    You've won the Vehicle #4, will contact you in shortly.

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