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  1. I had so much fun, thanks for everything lads. Hope to see you lads again soon.
  2. I have joined this server in 2016 and in that time I didn't know anything about english (Can't say to this date if I know english or not.). So that time, Owl was the top RP server for a lot of people and I didn't think that I'll be able to play one day. Here I am. I owe quite a lot to this server. I had a lot of fun and on top of that I got to meet with amazing people and make good friends over years. I don't think I'll ever get to experience something near the experience I had. Thanks for the past. I don't want to start tagging people, it will take ages. I want to thank each and
  3. yeh ok my bad but let me explain I mean it is nearly impossible to "hotwire" modern cars. If you do have the correct equipment and you know a lot of shit about softwares, you can go ahead and try to reprogram the immobiliser (it is not easy to do that). You can't just go ahead and say I'mma cut some wires and hotwire this whip.
  4. yeah imma just take out the plastic part under the steering and cut some wires, done.
  5. Go ahead if you think you can hotwire a car easily.
  6. lmao, you guys are serious about this
  7. Welcome back man. Congratulations. I still remember the bots scandal lol.
  8. Remember, we are here to discuss the playerbase. Not here to talk about someone. Keep it low. If you have an issue with someone, UCP is your way to go.
  9. If FT has plans of doing an event for legal world, it shouldn't include Dinoco sorry about that.
  10. Rules don't apply to everyone. Some of you guys know what I mean. Because everyone knows that you guys are letting MTA die and it is going to be worse after V release. On the other hand players need more roleplay support. They need to be entertained.
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