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  1. Welcome back man. Congratulations. I still remember the bots scandal lol.
  2. Remember, we are here to discuss the playerbase. Not here to talk about someone. Keep it low. If you have an issue with someone, UCP is your way to go.
  3. If FT has plans of doing an event for legal world, it shouldn't include Dinoco sorry about that.
  4. Rules don't apply to everyone. Some of you guys know what I mean. Because everyone knows that you guys are letting MTA die and it is going to be worse after V release. On the other hand players need more roleplay support. They need to be entertained.
  5. We don't need more events. You are missing my point.
  6. I appreciate the fact that you guys are working hard to release V but V has nothing to do with MTA. I pretty much gave a specific suggestion on my previous post. We all can agree on one thing, flood event was fun. We enjoyed it a lot, but Ariana Grande event was a complete disaster. We need that update again.
  7. It is not about events, you should read that topic first and comment later.
  8. It seems like UA abandoned the ship. Haven't seen any newspapers, script updates, etc. If you ask me, here is what you guys should do. Again.
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but exams are already over.
  10. I don't believe MTA is dying. No offense, there is nothing new on the server.
  11. grats lads, deserved it @Norm
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