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  1. it’s not, at least if we want to change the scenario of the IC universe we can still keep it close to realism, instead of implementing zombies or other creatures such as ender dragons. Forgot to mention, ofc the vehicles that were kept outside might have been affected by the radiations and catch some specific effects. Trees leaves texture could be changed to some yellow-ish close to red color and much more
  2. you can rp having cancer because that’s what almost everyone got from radiations
  3. I heard a rumor about a power plant from BlueBerry, let’s not add zombies and stuff and just make it look similar like a chernobyl situation, RP some radioactivity and the rest can be discussed later. Radioactivity was spreading through the sewers system as it reached even the main buildings of LS such as city hall, polite station and even the hospital . Infested water/food and only live with our own savings and ratio. Gas stations being out of resources since 1: they’re all marked for sale so no one is to manage them so no fuel import and 2: importers will avoid LS aswell We can seal the city from the other 2 by blocking the ways and placing re-textured signs with radioactive symbol all around the street
  4. I got here and old mapping with some post apocalyptic looking areas, idk if it’s really needed to change the game mode or something. Ignore the LV and SF mappings. https://m.imgur.com/a/7c2Ty
  5. I miss the old MTA OwlGaming times

    1. Serx


      we all do honestly

  6. (( thought it was my car, I forgot there are 2 of this ))
  7. name: ghostbusters comment: wasn’t it’s top over 200km/h? Also the only one in LS, one of my friends had it and I know it’s specifications from him. I’d place a bid if I had the sufficient funds, good luck with it anyways.
  8. Los Santos Auction House - 2 Semi truck Trailers Item Name: Two semitruck trailers. Description Hey, I am selling those because I do not have a semitruck and they're just keeping my space busy. ((car slots)) They can fit 3-4 cars if you're brave enough and detain the knowledge of how to fit them inside. The secound trailer has two storage shelfs along with a few boxes. Both trailers are the same, they were used by some company as far as I remember. Trailer #1 Starting Bid $10.000 Minimum Increase $1000 Buyout $20.000 ------------------------------------------------ Trailer #2 Starting Bid $10.000 Minimum Increase $1000 Buyout $20.000 Auction Ends 26 Jan. 2019 Contact Information {field_value-1030}
  9. name: Ghostbusters comment: we may arrange a test-drive? I am still keeping my bid
  10. name: ghostbusters comment: I’d personally love to have this in my collection, would you consider the starting bid as a buy-out? I couldn’t afford the entire price and since no-one is willing to buy it-.. @Ixosis
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