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  1. (( thought it was my car, I forgot there are 2 of this ))
  2. name: ghostbusters comment: wasn’t it’s top over 200km/h? Also the only one in LS, one of my friends had it and I know it’s specifications from him. I’d place a bid if I had the sufficient funds, good luck with it anyways.
  3. Los Santos Auction House - 2 Semi truck Trailers Item Name: Two semitruck trailers. Description Hey, I am selling those because I do not have a semitruck and they're just keeping my space busy. ((car slots)) They can fit 3-4 cars if you're brave enough and detain the knowledge of how to fit them inside. The secound trailer has two storage shelfs along with a few boxes. Both trailers are the same, they were used by some company as far as I remember. Trailer #1 Starting Bid $10.000 Minimum Increase $1000 Buyout $20.000 ------------------------------------------------ Trailer #2 Starting Bid $10.000 Minimum Increase $1000 Buyout $20.000 Auction Ends 26 Jan. 2019 Contact Information {field_value-1030}
  4. name: Ghostbusters comment: we may arrange a test-drive? I am still keeping my bid
  5. name: ghostbusters comment: I’d personally love to have this in my collection, would you consider the starting bid as a buy-out? I couldn’t afford the entire price and since no-one is willing to buy it-.. @Ixosis
  6. name: ghostbusters comment: doesn’t that garage cost around 8.000 dollars from the state? I mean, the others next to it does have that pricetag.
  7. You won, call me on 711-536 for finishing the transaction.
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