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  1. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    @Tailor Tried contacting the man, he was recently banned, dont seem like he went back online
  2. Oi mate, Tell me when you can get on, i never see you ig

  3. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    Oh.... My apologies
  4. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    When can i come to collect my vehicle @Fuzion
  5. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    Auction ended,
  6. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    @Fuzion I believe i won the auction
  7. Nick55

    1998 BMW E36 M3

    Name: Peanut Bid: $22,000
  8. Nick55

    Refund Request

    Item: Swat Clothing Date it was purchased: About 3 months back, Its been awhile sorry Reason: I'd like to refund it because i purchased it at Fredrick Alpers tactical store, back then i was never told that a UAT contract was required to use the skin, I payed $8700 for it @ThatGuy
  9. Nick55

    CPQL Perms

    Oh, You can put this in archive, Figured it out sorry @Tailor
  10. Nick55

    CPQL Perms

    I'd like to request the perks or permissions to view CPQL applications Current Rank : Assistant Commissioner of Public Works
  11. Nick55

    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    Big thanks to @BeyondSalvation , took his time and helped me with my report understood everything properly now, as opposed to the others it was just accept and bai
  12. Nick55

    [BoTS] 2017 Ford Explorer Sport [SOLD]

    Name: Peanut Bid: $21,000
  13. Nick55

    [BoTS] 2017 Ford Explorer Sport [SOLD]

    Name: Peanut Bid: 17,000
  14. Nick55

    [SOLD] 2 vehicles on auction! F31 and F32! [SOLD]

    Name: Peanut Vehicle number: 1 Bid: 24k

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