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  1. BlackBeatles

    [CPQL] Bureau of Traffic Services Corruption Scandal

    Name: SSS Comment: Why didn't this happen earlier? oh well thank god atleast they won't tow my *correctly* parked car! I hope you all go to prison alongside. Have fun
  2. Name: B.C Comment: Wow I'm disgraced just disgraced. All that money could of been used for greater good rather then it being useless for such a thing for fixing a 'website' and awarding Fifty Thousand Dollars which comes out of our tax money by the way! #FixBoTs
  3. BlackBeatles

    Special Shack/Cabin in Auction

    Name: B.C Bid: $60.000 @GentleFart
  4. BlackBeatles

    Special Shack/Cabin in Auction

    Name: B.C Bid: $51.000 @DylanW @ViT
  5. BlackBeatles

    [OOC within Auctions] - Discuss

    Meh I think how the Forum Administration Team Handles the reports are completely fine and nothing needs to be changed so either way I'm still cool with this but not really neccasary let's see for further comments
  6. BlackBeatles

    My Return

    Warm Welcome, Buddy.
  7. BlackBeatles

    Brett Chambers - Paramedic

    Application for Employment Personal Information Full Legal Name: Brett Chambers Title (If Any): Mr. Phone Number: 863-018 Date of Birth: 25/12/1984 Email Address: [email protected] Primary Home Address: #8 Angle Pine Cabin Place of Birth (City, State/Province, Country): West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States of America Field applying for(By default Patient care or E.R Care, unless you have a waiver): EMT / Paramedic Are you an American Citizen?: [X] Yes [ ] No Educational Experience Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent?: [X] Yes [ ] No Have you obtained a college degree?: [X] Yes [ ] No If so, what type?: [X] First Aid Kit Qualification: [Red Cross] [X] Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): [Red Cross] [X] Automated External Defibrillator (AED): [Red Cross] [X] Basic Life Support (BLS): [Red Cross] [X] Advance Basic Life Support: [American Burn Association] [X] Advance Cardiac Life Support: [ACLS Certification Institute] [X] Associates Degree in : [BS and Construction Solutions] [X] Bachelors Degree in : [Biology and Criminology] If you obtained a college degree, where did you obtain it from?: Yale University Legal Background Have you ever been convicted of a felony?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what felony or felonies were you convicted of?: Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what misdemeanor or misdemeanors were you convicted of?: Do you understand that All Saints General Hospital (ASGH) reserves the right to have a random background check performed on you whilst employed by us or seeking to be employed by us?: [X] Yes [ ] No Cover Letter **They'd be two attached files with the Application Form** Hello there, I'd like to begin saying that my name is Brett Chambers, I was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts in the United States of America to both my Caucasian Parents, Christopher and Mary Chambers at the Local Massachusetts General Hospital at 9:09pm on December the Twenty-Fifth Nineteen-Eight-Four. I was the only child in my family of three, So my parent's always treated me special and loved me very much. My father Christopher Chambers was a Police Captain within the Police Department of New York, Ninety-Nine Precinct. My mother Mary Chambers was a Nurse at the Massachusetts Hospital, Working there for over 15 years as a specialised Nurse with Advanced Training and a Doctorates Degree in Medicine at Harvard University. The main reason I'd like to become an EMT / Paramedic is basic growing up as a Child, I really admired both my parent's and admired both their jobs and took an Interest growing up to becoming just like them, I studied Criminology at Yale University to study and one day use my acquired knowledge and join the police force just like my father. I studied Biology to understand human life, the Human Body, and to briefly understand to my full extent about the Human Body, Hopefully taking my mother's role using my acquired Qualifications as a Qualified EMT / Paramedic to become a Medic in my future carer. Legal Waiver By signing this form, I, the applicant, understand that any injury, death, or illness that duty may incur whilst incumbent of the All Saints General Hospital, is of no liability towards the company, or its' constituents/subordinate members. I also herein consent to any legal background checks, urinary, blood, or drug testing samples of otherwise, that may be conducted whilst pursuing employment, or maintaining employment status. Signature: B.Chambers Date: 29/09/2017 I, the applicant, also herein understand that any damages that may occur to property, life, psych, or social status whilst employed by the hospital, are not thus responsibilities to be bore by All Saints General Hospital. Signature: B.Chambers Date: 29/09/2017 I, the applicant, also understand that I am to render assistance to all those willing, despite any personal vindictive grudge, views, traditions, or customs, to any individual in need. I also understand that patients/victims reserve the right to refuse any treatment or assistance at any point, and I am to cease and desist at aforementioned point, whilst providing waiver of departure towards the afflicted refuser. Signature: B.Chambers Date: 29/09/2017 Finally, I, the applicant, understands and agrees to adhere to all policies, ethos, codes, and procedures that are standard to the All Saints General Hospital, with failure subject to penalty of termination of employment, revocation of benefits, as well as docking of pay. Signature: B.Chambers Date: 29/09/2017 OOC Information Username: BlackBeatles Age: 16 Faction History: Verdant Corporation / Sabzanov Construction / RPMF Hours: 80 Prior Characters: 1 Admin History: https://owlgaming.net/account/history/eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjo4MjE3N30:1e1reN:UOK0w1Hb5yXELd_nQAKU7WCRg6U/ Do you possess any OOC knowledge which will help you in the position which you are applying for with us? If so, briefly elaborate: I've previously been involved in role playing a Medic IC'ly with members of the community also have been involved in medical roleplay in other Communities inside and Outside the MTA Community, I've learnt BLS, ABLS, CPR, Removal of GSW, Healing Wounds, Cleansing Wounds, Examining Wounds, Observing wounds and how to take proper care to heal the wound. Also with my skill asset, I'll be a highly valuable skill set and a highly active member that will be here so player's shall no longer worry about the need of non-active paramedics at certain timezones!
  8. BlackBeatles

    [ADVERTISEMENT] Modified Toyota Supra giveaway!

    Name: B.C Number: Any other number not taken!
  9. BlackBeatles

    Aviation roleplay

    Personally if you host an event related to big money as the prize I reckon anyone would join
  10. BlackBeatles

    San Pedro 13

    Ooooh, I can't wait to see where this goes Keep it up Ted, I told you Forums = Key Good Luck and Hopefully I'll get to roleplay with yous.
  11. BlackBeatles

    [Script] Instant max job level premium feature

    Yeah and make everyone rich by paying a few IRL Bucks for IC Cash, Very Nice Idea y'know, Have the whole server rich and pointless of it being a RP server, might aswell change it to RPG, Very Nice <not>
  12. BlackBeatles

    2002 Hummer H1

    Name: B.T Bid: $20.000
  13. BlackBeatles

    [Script] Instant max job level premium feature

    Money is not bought it's earn they say, So why give people willing to pay IRL money to boost their cashwhoring flow with RS Haul IG? IG you wouldn't just receive the highest rank once getting a job unless applied for and basing 'RS Haul' a job it's a big corporation with Hauler's so it's basically unrealistic to give those who pay just to easily earn Level 5 so they may become cashwhores and then end up becoming statwhores in about a day or so. -1 for me. I strictly say, Want something? Earn it not hard.
  14. BlackBeatles

    San Andreas

    Oh hello no!, I need my people populated in LS so I can rule the whole damn place, gimme a break damn it

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