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  1. Meh I think how the Forum Administration Team Handles the reports are completely fine and nothing needs to be changed so either way I'm still cool with this but not really neccasary let's see for further comments
  2. I think that I should run for Presidentcy in 3031 Hmm? :huh:

  3. Barra Bing Barra Boom!!!

  4. Happppppppppppy Birthdays Captain Jamez Cook ;)

  5. hApY bIrThDaY pOrTsIdE B)

  6. No cluee who you are but you seem cool and happy birthday buddy :P 

    1. YouriXx


      Papa bless my dude, thanks!

  7. Shoot a ricer's mother fuckin' GT-R B)

  8. @Ted Big Teddy wassup Cripppp

    1. Ted


      What up nEgRoZ


  9. @Alfredas Who dafuq is batman and where he at doe??


  10. Is it time for me to come out the shadows and become a status warrior!?

  11.  [English] Xavier Winton says: No you are under arrest.

     [English] Xavier Winton says: Turn around.  

    [English] Samantha Carr says: You think he's kidding, kid?  

    [English] Xavier Winton says: Just kidding man, you're free to go.

    ★ Samantha Carr chuckles slightly. [English] Xavier Winton says: Stay safe.  

    [English] Aziz Nazari says: By the way, I'm 40 so i'm wayyy over a kid. [English] Xavier Winton says: Oohh... snap.

    [English] Samantha Carr says: Fair enough.

    ;) - Flash Back

  12. Ahahaha OT: Personally in Australia, We have speed camera's, traffic lights, pedestration walking zones, speed bumps, etc at every intersection/major intersection/roads and more. It's basically all over the place, I mean I don't live in the U.S. to know it's laws but police are always having their speed radar's set ready to capture any speed offenders especially on freeways.
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