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  1. Meh I think how the Forum Administration Team Handles the reports are completely fine and nothing needs to be changed so either way I'm still cool with this but not really neccasary let's see for further comments
  2. Personally if you host an event related to big money as the prize I reckon anyone would join
  3. BlackBeatles

    San Pedro 13

    Ooooh, I can't wait to see where this goes Keep it up Ted, I told you Forums = Key Good Luck and Hopefully I'll get to roleplay with yous.
  4. Yeah and make everyone rich by paying a few IRL Bucks for IC Cash, Very Nice Idea y'know, Have the whole server rich and pointless of it being a RP server, might aswell change it to RPG, Very Nice <not>
  5. Name: B.T Bid: $20.000
  6. Money is not bought it's earn they say, So why give people willing to pay IRL money to boost their cashwhoring flow with RS Haul IG? IG you wouldn't just receive the highest rank once getting a job unless applied for and basing 'RS Haul' a job it's a big corporation with Hauler's so it's basically unrealistic to give those who pay just to easily earn Level 5 so they may become cashwhores and then end up becoming statwhores in about a day or so. -1 for me. I strictly say, Want something? Earn it not hard.
  7. I think that I should run for Presidentcy in 3031 Hmm? :huh:

  8. Barra Bing Barra Boom!!!

  9. Happppppppppppy Birthdays Captain Jamez Cook ;)

  10. hApY bIrThDaY pOrTsIdE B)

  11. No cluee who you are but you seem cool and happy birthday buddy :P 

    1. YouriXx


      Papa bless my dude, thanks!

  12. Shoot a ricer's mother fuckin' GT-R B)

  13. @Ted Big Teddy wassup Cripppp

    1. Ted


      What up nEgRoZ


  14. @Alfredas Who dafuq is batman and where he at doe??


    1. Alfredas


      In a cave ;)


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