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  1. UrkinMyGurkin

    Is this the best song ever made?

    obviously not mate
  2. UrkinMyGurkin

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    its over
  3. UrkinMyGurkin

    716 Peckerwood

  4. UrkinMyGurkin

    If this gets 50 LIKES I rename myself KingC 100% REAL

    what the fuck who gives a shit what your name is ur no one fuck off cheaky cunt go jack off to your 15 likes dumb prick
  5. UrkinMyGurkin

    716 Peckerwood

    im doing this for you big brother
  6. UrkinMyGurkin

    716 Peckerwood

  7. UrkinMyGurkin

    History of Owlgaming.

    delete server lets all join @Resident and play roblox.
  8. UrkinMyGurkin

    Pacho ''Gamba'' Cardenas - El mismo diablo

    starting from 0, got nothing to lose. you got a fast car, i got a plan to get us out of here.
  9. UrkinMyGurkin

    Unitts on his daily walk

    rzinity is fat
  10. UrkinMyGurkin

    i need your help

    mate honestly cant be arsed to talk to those pricks!!! i can link u my paypal tho
  11. UrkinMyGurkin

    Los Diablos Del Rato

    [English] Di McCan says: Y..Yea, he had me at G..G..Gun point. [English] Rodrigo Salamanca says: I see. [English] Rodrigo Salamanca says: Thanks man. * Rodrigo Salamanca reaches down towards his waistline, gripping the handle of a small firearm, pulling it out as he aimed. * * Di McCan's head was blown off. * SNITCHES GET STICHES FUCK OUT OF MY SCREEN BITCH

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