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  1. divaks

    [ALL SOLD] Five Vehicles

    Name: Jason Bid: 10,000$ Car: BMW E24
  2. divaks

    Rennsport Motorcars

    Excuse me but is the recruitment open at the moment?
  3. divaks

    Aviation roleplay

    Just map some exotic destination far far far away from the San Andreas Map and make businesses and villas there as well as hotels and casinos and other stuff like that that might form some opportunities for some Travel + Aviation roleplay?
  4. divaks

    [BoTS] 2016 Jeep Wrangler [SOLD]

    Name: Jason Bid: $7,500
  5. divaks

    LSMA Application - Jason Jordan

    Name: Jason Jordan Phone Number: 509935 Age: 21 Education & Degrees: Greenglass College - Transportation technologies The position you want to apply for (multiple can be selected): LSMA (Los Santos Motorsport Association) Technical Marshall (some mechanical experience, please provide some logs) Why should we hire you for this task?: Well, firstly, I have great technical and mechanical knowledge and experience of automobiles and motorcycles which I'm sure would be beneficial for the company. I'm a mechanic by profession, which comes second, and I'm sure that would come in handy since the position I'm applying for is technical related. If needed I would gladly show the skills I possess by being tested. I'm more into automobile software engineering which is a rare qualification. I also run a car and bike parts shop, so I'm quite into parts and I constantly do a lot of researches in the sphere of auto engineering which sooner or later might be of some help. ((Sorry, I currently don't have any logs, but if needed I'd do a test of some sort)) Do you have any previous experience in motorsport and the position you are applying for?: More like mechanical experience - like I mentioned above, my profession is mechanical related and that is motorsport experience of some sort. ((OOC INFORMATION)) In-Game Username: divaks Forum Username: divaks HoursPlayed (Account total): 200 Timezone: GMT+2

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