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  1. high end pcs, yeah. high end.
  2. Name: jer0ld tar0l wal0ce Comment: help me i can't stop cumming
  3. [Disabling OOC Comments in bids.] - Discuss

    I knew you would say that, but when a bid gets confirmed, and even the auction ends, it may be too late to progress something. That's why i actually suggested it, i expected all those outcomes.
  4. Better than sex

    shit i didn't see the subforum, i came here from navigation. sorry lmao
  5. Better than sex

    Name: Local 2Chinz with turkish vehicle. Comment: doesn't matter, had sex
  6. [Disabling OOC Comments in bids.] - Discuss

    People already understood what i meant i guess. I am suggesting this because forum moderators may not be active at the moment when revealing the truth is needed mostly. Writing an OOC warning comment takes few seconds while reporting to forum administrator may be even up to hours and cause worse problems for small issues.
  7. Rule Discussion Subject: Disabling OOC Comments in bids. I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I don't even know if it's actually a thing but last time i commented on an auction with disabled OOC comments, administrator removed my comment. We should remove this rule since there are people around who is trying to scam people with some information and car/property sellers are trying to reveal the truth and mentions that auctioneer is not roleplaying things. I just saw an example of this, but i won't give the link to destroy auctioneer's reputation, thank god he did not disable OOC comments.
  8. [SOLD] 2006 BMW E61 530xi Sport Wagon

    (( I don't know if i sold this car to him. Most likely i did, i imported the same model and it was not M-Sport package. It was just basic 530xi, he is not roleplaying those parts. It did not even have sunroof lol. I deleted the comment because incase if i did not sell the car to him that's why. )) Name: Jacob Comment: Go scam people in somewhere else you little prick.
  9. [SOLD] 2006 BMW E61 530xi Sport Wagon

    (( Deleting my OOC and IC comment, i don't want to waste my time on this. ))
  10. Islam in Los Santos

    Oh.. you are in wrong country then (regarding to foods)
  11. Islam in Los Santos

    Eat Manti in Kayseri, you will love it.
  12. Islam in Los Santos

    ayy going offtopic, which city?

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