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  1. hbd

    1. geroks123


      thanks a lot man, big love


      soz for late response lol

  2. Lets quit importing bullshit already. People imports cars in server like it’s so easy and 2 week process. VT can publish a list of cars that will be roleplayed as certain IRL model. By saying this, i don’t mean to change vehicle’s name. Just roleplay mechanical features like size of engine, cylinders or technological features etc.
  3. It would be a good idea to be implemented if some permitted mechanics has ability to add turbo, engine upgrade etc. When it comes to build 1500 HP drift cars etc. People can roleplay what the vehicle actually looks like. Example, you want to make a drift modded Annis Elegy. You can roleplay tuning it like you are tuning a Nissan R35 GT-R since the vehicle is based on that model.
  4. My fps decreases to 15-20 in crowded areas in server. My graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GT840M, 12GB RAM and Intel i7-4712MQ 2.30GHz. I also get drops in GTA V story mode, to about 25-30 (raises up back to 50-60 in each 10 min, then drops). I was tried a roleplay server in GTA Network recently and my FPS was like 5-10. I am afraid to have the same struggle in Owl's GTA V server too.
  5. I can't wait for launch of GTA V server, but i am afraid of having even worse FPS drop problems i am having in MTA server. Could you give us more information about performance of the server? Are you going to use current vehicle system in GTA V server too? Or are you going to use default GTA V vehicles and handlings? (real vehicles? or gta vehicles?) Are we going to have management teams like Faction Team, Vehicle Team, Mapping Team etc. in GTA V server? If yes, are you going to hire same team members we have in MTA SA server or hire new ones for the new server?
  6. my favourite part. thanks for the tutorial
  7. there is only 1 new member though
  8. Vehicles known to be the reason of drops. If you get to county in san andreas map you will understand what i mean. (tbh im not sure)
  9. I know about it but i just don’t get why we don’t face this drops in some other servers too.. I hope gameplay will be different in GTA V. Next question, will there be real car models in GTA V?
  10. I can face 40-50 fps with lower/mid settings in GTA V. It’s fine, what i am afraid of is OwlGaming. I see 20 FPS in such a game like MTA:SA. Also i am saving money for a car so..
  11. What afraids me is, are we going to face fps drops in GTA V server too? The game itself requires above medium performances already. Unfortunately, not all of us has wellmade gaming computers.
  12. Congrulations to everybody! @PixelCreations you were one of my favourites, damn.
  13. Glad to see we can perform GTA on government vehicles, thanks for updates! it been 5 hours since creation of the thread but still no comments lmao
  14. I loved it! I have a question tho'. Bronze Member - 150 GCs Silver Member - 750 GCs Gold Member - 3000 GCs Diamond Member - 15000 GCs What's the sense of those perks?
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