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  1. I am happy with whatever the admin deems fit.
  2. Stop lying, you were shooting me outside, right infront of the parking lot. Don’t forget about the actions that you did first before you start judging people. And yes, they are exactly the same according to your logic. This is unrelated to this situation and as I said, let’s wait for the final verdict and see where this ends.
  3. I have already said everything I have, I will leave this to @Chaos. You did the exact same thing on me on your character, Tyler Jefferson or w/e, where you tried to rob me and opened fire at me at RS Haul and you were not even masked without taking into consideration that there might be witnesses around. Just wanted to remind of this one. I’ll leave the rest to Chaos.
  4. Do yo even know where the entrance is? I have not seen any single person pass by, maybe you did but not me.
  5. We were in a chase and you crashed into a pole and fell off your bike, we then proceeded to put you in the trunk but you resisted. We were nowhere near the PD’s entrance nor the Cityhall’s, I don’t see how this is an issue right now. Anyhow, Let’s see @Chaos final verdict on this.
  6. No. it has nothing to do with disregarding and is nowhere related to what you have just said in your post and I’m pretty certain that the supervising administrator would have addressed it if it was an issue as he was watching the whole roleplay from the beginning till the end.
  7. That is not gonna change the fact that I wasn’t disregarding. We already went over this, what are you trying to deliver exactly?
  8. I am not on about anything, yes, we did not kill you which is what I said earlier. I don't mind if your character didn't get Character Killed as much as I do to my character.
  9. I had no idea that the cops were even there, I was surprised when they got in and no, no one was pursuing me. Only Johnny and I were there.
  10. No? We have already discussed this before and even you said that Johnny chased me first, I don't know why you keep on changing your mind. "you then actively chased him towards the LSPD rushing at him with the knife before being shot by the LSPD." - That was your first statement. "he knew the LSPD was involved he wanted you to get caught hence why he took the photos and chased you with the baton." - Then you said that he was chasing me and now you are saying that I am chasing him which is not true at all and here is why. As soon as the cop arrived, he went directly after the vehicle, that's when I tried to sprint away from the scene followed by Johnny who was holding a baton and chasing me down until we came to the point where I took my knife and started chasing him down because he took a photo of Jwaun. We ended up in the sewers only to get sprayed down by the cops, that is when my character was CK-ed. I didn't show any disregard from my side nor did I try to pursue the police, I was only trying to flee from the scene but I was interrupted by Johnny hence why this CK is uncalled for. Plus, Johnny was running towards no one but me and there were no cops as they were all busy chasing @LaSavage with his car.
  11. I never interacted with the police, I ran away as soon as I noticed the police. I did not even have any weapon equipped when the police arrived. You can even ask the officers who were present at the said scene. There was only one officer and he was busy chasing my friend with his car, @LaSavage
  12. I didn't chase him for no reason as I said before, I wasn't disregarding whatsoever.
  13. What about the scene where he was being held at gunpoint and just decided to head bob and kick us in the balls out of nowhere, how is that not a disregard? Also, the police weren’t there by the time we did this so I don’t see how this is possible. I also clearly didn’t chase him down with a combat knife for no reason so I don’t see how I was disregarding which was the main reason why I was Character Killed.
  14. I don’t understand how this is CK worthy when Johnny was the one who started pursuing me and he clearly refused to roleplay fear when he was being held at gunpoint, not to mention that he took a picture of Jwaun when I could be armed for all he knows but instead he just went on and chased me down when I was running away which forced me to take actions.
  15. Because as far as i remember when I asked you, you told me that the reason for my CK was because I was disregarding my life which is not true at all. The police still shot me too but I didn't get the chance to roleplay my injuries when he did, that's unjust..
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