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  1. Application for Employment Personal Information Full Legal Name: Alexander Locatelli Title (if any): Mr. Sex: Male Phone Number: 583604 Date of Birth: 04/01/1991 Email Address: [email protected] Primary Home Address: N/A Place of Birth (City, State/Province, Country): Gela, Province of Caltanissetta, Italy Field applying for: Prehospital Paramedic Are you an American Citizen?: [X] Yes [ ] No Educational Experience Do you possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivilent?: [X] Yes [ ] No Have you obtained a college degree?: [X] Yes [ ] No If so, what type?: [X] Associates Degree in : Mathematics [ ] Bachelors Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] Masters Degree in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] Doctorate in : [Enter Degree Type Here] [ ] PhD in : [Enter Degree Type Here] If you obtained a college degree, where did you obtain it from?: I had studied in Italy during my youth and successfully obtained the Associate Degree in Pegaso's Telematic University. Legal Background Have you ever been convicted of a felony?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what felony or felonies were you convicted of?: Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor?: [ ] Yes [X] No If so, what misdemeanor or misdemeanors were you convicted of?: Do you understand that the Saint Ernest Medical Center (SEMC) reserves the right to have a random background check performed on you whilst employed by us or seeking to be employed by us?: [X] Yes [ ] No Cover Letter Name's Alexander Locatelli, twenty-eight years old born in Italy from an Italian father and an American mother, I decided to move to the US to pursue my long-lasting dream, become a Paramedic. I've always had a desire to help others and in Italy, I managed to join the Red Cross, do a course and become a volunteer EMT-B. For the next ten years I'd be volunteering three times a week and gather a good amount of experience on the field. What prompted me to move to the US and seek a career within the pre-hospital field was the lack of advancement since in Italy the only position you could advance to from EMT-B was either becoming a Registered Nurse or a Doctor, which was not exactly what I was aspiring to become. I consider myself an easy-going (but strict when the situation at hand requires it), stress-resilient and experienced person. The reason I chose Los Santos was that my mother had some close friends in Los Santos and they had accepted to let me freeload until I find a stable profession and rent a house on my own. Legal Waiver By signing this form, I, the applicant, understand that any injury, death, or illness that duty may incur whilst incumbent of the Saint Ernest Medical Center, is of no liability towards the company, or its' constituents/subordinate members. I also herein consent to any legal background checks, urinary, blood, or drug testing samples of otherwise, that may be conducted whilst pursuing employment, or maintaining employment status. Signature: A. Locatelli Date: 25/04/2019 I, the applicant, also herein understand that any damages that may occur to property, life, psych, or social status whilst employed by the hospital, are not thus responsibilities to be bore by Saint Ernest Medical Center. Signature: A. Locatelli Date: 25/04/2019 I, the applicant, also understand that I am to render assistance to all those willing, despite any personal vindictive grudge, views, traditions, or customs, to any individual in need. I also understand that patients/victims reserve the right to refuse any treatment or assistance at any point, and I am to cease and desist at aforementioned point, whilst providing waiver of departure towards the afflicted refuser. Signature: A. Locatelli Date: 25/04/2019 Finally, I, the applicant, understands and agrees to adhere to all policies, ethos, codes, and procedures that are standard to the Saint Ernest Medical Center, with failure subject to penalty of termination of employment, revocation of benefits, as well as docking of pay. Signature: A. Locatelli Date: 25/04/2019 OOC Information Username: GoldFury Age: 19 Faction History: On this character none, on others, throughout the years, I've been in the LSPD, LSSD, LSIA, DPS and BoTS. Hours: 2, considering all characters 1070. Prior Characters: Kevin Ricci Jacob Myers Jack Murabito Ruslan Kovalev Houssein Bouasriya Mindaugas Siknovatau Joshua Malson Joshua Michaelson Houssein Abdeslam Ray Hampton Discord name: Kuroen #1249 Admin History: CLICK ME! Do you possess any OOC knowledge which will help you in the position which you are applying for with us? If so, briefly elaborate: Yes, I'm an actual Red Cross EMT-B in real life.
  2. Name: itsyoboi Bid: Offering 5000$ as starting bid (or even buyout)
  3. @ItsMelodyy is a good and active admin but gets carried away when his not-born child is touched or remotely mentioned. He's an Italians ally and our best mate, just like Adolf Hitler back in the day.
  4. If the Island is back LSPD will definitely do something about it and maybe establish a boats unit that patrols the waters around it. Will definitely bring some good RP to both LSPD, illegal factions and aviation.
  5. This is mandatory to boost Aviation roleplay and should be the first and foremost feature to implement before even thinking about reviving it.
  6. Name Private Comment, is it up for test drives by any chance?
  7. Name: Kevin Bid: 8800 Comment: I want it!
  8. Name: Kevin Bid: 8000
  9. Bid: 2,000$ (( Comment: what's the MTA model? ))
  10. But you sold it to someone who wasn't the best bidder or the buyout buyer, either way, he did not join the auction.
  11. Just saying, it sounds unfair for whoever wanted to buy the truck.
  12. Kuroen

    [N/A] - Revise

    You apparently have no idea how things work in the Department. We never use teamspeak to call for backup, we use the IC radio. In fact, when we are patrolling we are in separate patrol channels most of the time therefore your point makes no sense.
  13. (( @einschtein, please lock this topic as the winner isn't contacting me or is inactive ))
  14. @Hawk, I'm still waiting for you to contact me.
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