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  1. This is definitely something we have talked about a lot over the years, I'm just not sure there's a very simple way to make this happen without rewriting huge amounts of the inventory system. The basic idea of what would happen if we could do it though would be nestable items. So items can be enabled to be nestable, eg a backpack can have a wallet inside which can have a wallet inside can have cards inside.
  2. Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    An introduction to MTA:SA's OOP methods!
  3. Why OwlGaming!?

    Haha, gotta stay youthful, to be hip with the kids, y'know? Thanks for the encouragement!
  4. Why OwlGaming!?

  5. Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    Annd here's episode 8 where we hook that GUI up to our backend!
  6. Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    In this episode, we discuss building our first GUI in MTA:SA!! We also dive a bit further into the event system, and how we can use it for custom events.
  7. Why OwlGaming!?

    Maybe we'll do a podcast!
  8. Palomino Community Center

    93 Crest Drive Sold!
  9. Why OwlGaming!?

    LOL definitely. I also need a boosted board and one of those anal bead looking things for my camera.
  10. Why OwlGaming!?

    I recorded like 8 different introductions to this video, and at some point you just have to go "ITS FINE JUST KEEP ROLLING".
  11. Why OwlGaming!?

    Haha, that's funny because really what's stopped me from doing these videos before was hearing my own voice and being like naaaahhhhhh. Decided one day fuck it, and now here we are!
  12. Why OwlGaming!?

    It's a video blog where I explain why I'm here! Enjoy ! LMK below what ya think of me doing more of this!
  13. Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    In this episode, MY FACE! Also, we introduce client side scripting!

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