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  1. I'm not entirely sure what this means or how it pertains to this feature, but I suspect vehicles and properties will have inactivity timers in the near future. It's the best way to ensure that properties do not just sit owned for months on end without being utilized for any role play, and the need to remove unused vehicles from the world is certainly something we need to consider given the more restricted limitations of vehicle streaming with V as opposed to MTA. Property rentals in general will likely be a thing, though probably tied to paycheck as that's what everything else in the script is tied to.
  2. I don't really have strong opinions on this subject one way or the other. I like the idea of people starting out with very little and needing to build up character stories as they build in-game equity, but I also think that equity isn't really necessarily something that needs to be tied directly to how stories come to life, and starting a story as a corporation could still be interesting. The various different facets all these corporations are getting into is a bit strange, but I'm not all that concerned. What I did want to bring up though, is I am glad to see people having high level discussions about role play again. Haven't seen that in a meaningful way around here for quite some time, and I think it's always an interesting read, so thank you everyone for your input. I look forward to thinking of how I can help answer some of these questions with code in the coming months! Good to see people like @Belgica and @einschtein coming out of the shadows to talk role play.
  3. Will you be playing on that v server? 

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    2. Chaos


      "Will you be there?" owlgamer

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      "Video not available"

  4. Meow's it going?

    1. Eloquent
    2. cat


      Y'know, just meowing n stuff.

  5. That's not a bug, the auction center is just full! It currently only accepts 10 cars at a time. I can look at adding a few more slots, but it's not exactly a huge space.
  6. It has that if you pickup the car from the keymaster.
  7. Hopefully property auctions will be a thing sometime in the future, but for now only Vehicle Auctions are supported in-game. A step in the right direction though, for sure!
  8. Reduce your loss and cause a worse role play experience for the people online during the times nobody wants their store open. I'm sure we can think of more creative ways to allow these stores to stay open and remain profitable when there are less players around.
  9. Because if people only open their shops when they are online, when theres only 15-20 players online at night, nothing will be open so they'll be restricted in their role play. If my time to role play is between 9 and 11 PM (est) I don't want to only role play that my character is hanging out alone in the middle of the night with nothing open all the time. It's nice to be able to role play to some degree as if the city is populated.
  10. We have a lot of things for scripters to be working on that would provide tangible benefit to role play, this is not one of those things. No from me.
  11. This suggestion would just restrict role play for people who are online during off hours, gonna be a no from me.
  12. We are not spending more development hours on aviation role play when it makes up such a small percentage of the role play experienced in-game. Denied.
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