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  1. Reduce your loss and cause a worse role play experience for the people online during the times nobody wants their store open. I'm sure we can think of more creative ways to allow these stores to stay open and remain profitable when there are less players around.
  2. Because if people only open their shops when they are online, when theres only 15-20 players online at night, nothing will be open so they'll be restricted in their role play. If my time to role play is between 9 and 11 PM (est) I don't want to only role play that my character is hanging out alone in the middle of the night with nothing open all the time. It's nice to be able to role play to some degree as if the city is populated.
  3. We have a lot of things for scripters to be working on that would provide tangible benefit to role play, this is not one of those things. No from me.
  4. This suggestion would just restrict role play for people who are online during off hours, gonna be a no from me.
  5. We are not spending more development hours on aviation role play when it makes up such a small percentage of the role play experienced in-game. Denied.
  6. Eventually. I wouldn't expect that to be a blocker for releasing the server, Valhalla went years without having gates and role play happened still just the same. We may implement a simpler version early on, rather than the crazy dynamic stuff that Owl has on MTA currently.
  7. That is strange, I don't play on any other community.
  8. I fully agree that this does not need to be made a rule, which I bring up in the last paragraph of the original post. This thread is just to shed light on my opinion as to why one method is a better way to illicit better role play from people, in the hopes that people will read this thread, agree with the points I've made and choose on their own to take on this method. More of a suggestion to individuals to improve their own role play (in my opinion) than something I think we need to regulate as staff.
  9. I don't think that should mean prohibiting use of OOC chat, I think it means we need to have rules against obstructing role play, and I also don't think that it means we should be using /do to ask questions as a result, as such only leads to worse role play.
  10. Going out of character in that context is pausing role play or DMing your friends and then claiming "We were OOC". It doesn't mean that you are prohibited from using out of character chat, perhaps that rule should be clarified. cc: @ThatGuy
  11. Could you link to the documentation that explains ignoring people OOCly? Also I'm not sure what "kills immersion" really means in that context. From my point of view you are using /do for asking an OOC question to prompt someone to role play something, rather than as a description of the role play environment as it is meant to be used.
  12. I think it's worth pointing out for this discussion that other questions that get asked are also just as aggregious, such as "* What would we see? (( Joshua Baker ))"
  13. What would be really legendary is if the trains would continue to sync while no player is within range. If Multi Theft Auto treated them as players themselves, they could operate by NPCs and you could actually have a functional train system like you see in SAMP servers.
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