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  1. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    That is strange, I don't play on any other community.
  2. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    I fully agree that this does not need to be made a rule, which I bring up in the last paragraph of the original post. This thread is just to shed light on my opinion as to why one method is a better way to illicit better role play from people, in the hopes that people will read this thread, agree with the points I've made and choose on their own to take on this method. More of a suggestion to individuals to improve their own role play (in my opinion) than something I think we need to regulate as staff.
  3. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    I don't think that should mean prohibiting use of OOC chat, I think it means we need to have rules against obstructing role play, and I also don't think that it means we should be using /do to ask questions as a result, as such only leads to worse role play.
  4. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    Going out of character in that context is pausing role play or DMing your friends and then claiming "We were OOC". It doesn't mean that you are prohibited from using out of character chat, perhaps that rule should be clarified. cc: @ThatGuy
  5. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    Could you link to the documentation that explains ignoring people OOCly? Also I'm not sure what "kills immersion" really means in that context. From my point of view you are using /do for asking an OOC question to prompt someone to role play something, rather than as a description of the role play environment as it is meant to be used.
  6. Eloquent

    Let's talk about questions in /do

    I think it's worth pointing out for this discussion that other questions that get asked are also just as aggregious, such as "* What would we see? (( Joshua Baker ))"
  7. What would be really legendary is if the trains would continue to sync while no player is within range. If Multi Theft Auto treated them as players themselves, they could operate by NPCs and you could actually have a functional train system like you see in SAMP servers.
  8. Hey friends, so I recently rejoined the administration team, which means that I see a lot more of people's role play who I am not directly connected to. If you know me, then you know I've been around this Multi Theft Auto role playing scene for nearly a decade, and it has been interesting so see how the rules of the game evolve and change. One of the things that has changed, as far as I can tell, is what is acceptable to put into the /do command. Previously, one was allowed to use /do for the purpose of either continuing an emote from /me that was too long to fit into the bounds of one line, so that it continued to read appropriately without the name being in front of the proceeding lines, or it was used to describe the role playing environment to others. The environment being described can be something about your character, for example, "* Joshua's clothing is disheveled, his shirt half untucked. (( Joshua Baker ))", or the actual world around you, "* A Glock 19 lays on the bed side table. (( Joshua Baker ))". Both of these constitute a description that is suitable for /do. What was not allowed previously was asking a question in /do. What you are doing when you ask this question, is asking another player to describe something with their role play, which in essence should really just be an OOC question asked in /b or /pm. Asking the question in /do generally illicits yes/no responses from people in /do, which is also not a valid description of the environment or role play scene, and often leaves out necessary details that help tell the role play story. Let's try an example, "Joshua reaches to his belt, pulling off a pair of handcuffs, wrapping them around Shawn's wrists.". You might then want to ask if you were successful in this action, or if the player has a counteraction they would like to emote, and today a lot of people on the server opt to do something along the lines of "* Am I successful? (( Joshua Baker ))" to which the player's natural response to such a question would be "* Yes (( Shawn DeSanto ))". What I am proposing is that instead of asking that question, firstly, give the player a chance to respond themselves without a question, and if they don't, politely ask them OOCly to respond in an emote (/me or /do) to your role play, enticing them to come up with something more along the lines of "* Joshua's cuffs wrap around Shawn's wrists, a wince visible in his face (( Shawn DeSanto ))" which is a valid description about the environment and person's character in that moment than "* Yes. (( Shawn DeSanto ))". I raise this not to suggest that we should add to the rules tomorrow that you are no longer allowed to ask a question in /do, but more so to make a suggestion that I have seen have a positive effect in the past to improve the quality of people's role play, and make our emotes read more like a story than a discussion. If you disagree with me on this, I would love to hear your point of view in the thread below with some constructive criticism to the idea.
  9. Eloquent

    Newsletter - End of August 2018

    yea u welcome u welcome 😙. We're down this month from 128 open issues on the MTA board to just 73! September is going to be the month of V, we gonna kick some ass and maybe even chew a hubba bubba if theres time.
  10. Eloquent

    Aviation roleplay

    Always enjoyed flying RP personally, but it certainly does take a long time to get everything in place (license and obtaining vehicle wise), and I very strongly disagree with the amount of scripting effort Owl has previously put into aviation role play which is useful to such a small piece of the player base when there is such limited scripting capabilities and we need scripts that can apply to the player base as a whole. I look forward to seeing people actively role playing it, and as the idea of looking outside would be useful to any sort of vehicle interior, that may be something worth investigating, I think on the whole increasing activity just needs to be done by finding more people to role play with. That's just my opinion, hope to see you do some fun stuff, and hope to fly myself.
  11. Eloquent

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    Let me just solve the worlds problems here. Make a UCP component that complements the in-game part, so you can bid online. BOOM all problems solved, and its way more immersive to have this not dealt with on the forums.
  12. Eloquent

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    Would definitely be CEF if it happened

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