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  1. How might this support interaction between players?
  2. The plan is for you to not really actually get anything out of doing the game, but entirely focus on just pushing players to one spot that isn't pizza stack. I'm open to hearing other ideas, but I really want to come up with a solid plan for making it possible to find other players to role play with in a larger map setting. As an aside, we are certainly working on other things as well, this is just more of a role play problem that I'd like to solve for people who want to find others to role play with. As an example, I'm currently focused on automating tasks that would otherwise take administrators more time so that administrators can focus their time on player reports, and things requiring immediate staff assistance.
  3. We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    Glad to be around again, looking forward to building some cool shit!
  4. Interested in hearing some ideas for creating role play between players. Thinking of maybe a phone app that is a game or something that prompts players to converge on locations. Really anything that allows players to find each other in a role play way to create new rp scenarios.
  5. MDC access question

    I haven't done much research into the real life workings of private detectives, but I am fairly certain they do not have access to Police databases. What they do have, which would be an entirely separate feature, is access to the public records, which is something we could consider building into V.
  6. This is an interesting idea, could certainly work! We could consider looking into the viability of something similar in V. My main worry here would be that you're doing a lot of processing to figure out damage, which would likely be slower than relying on native V's engine. More research would need to be done!
  7. Charity Discussion

    Yeah, I think a focus on mental health could be good for a charity, there are a shite load of players who role play depression, suicide, etc. that atm don't get dealt with appropriately ICly. Also gives more positions to role play, because you could have psychologists and such, and work closely with the hospital faction (whatever the fuck their acronym is this week... )
  8. The current focus of the MDC is to do almost the opposite of this, push all of what you're doing into the game, so that players are spending their time in the game role playing rather than doing "paperwork" out of the game. Allowing this also has inherent security risks, because if I in PD OOCly shared my account credentials with someone who is in an illegal faction, it would be much harder for us to trace than you logging into the user's account within the game and actually spawning as their character to use the MDC. Glasses, hats, etc. all exist in the game in some fashion as they're used in multiplayer today. Down the road I could see this being something we look into supporting to offer more in-depth role play of what specifically the look of your character is. How do you see that working in practice? Do I have to enter the passcode every time I open it in my inventory, or is the password maybe only forgotten when I drop it on the ground? Currently, the passcode for banking in-game is more of a nuisance imo than improving anyone's ability to role play with the bank over how the banking system was 5 years ago. Need to weigh the number of times someone is stealing a cellphone or bank card vs. the number of times on a daily basis we use our own characters items. Personally, not that much of a fan of this idea for two reasons. I'm going to get fairly lengthy here and discuss some larger ideas here so bare with me. The first and simpler problem is that this pulls you away from the role play environment where you are most likely to encounter other players. We have a very large map and need to get creative to think of ways to connect players with actual role play, and spanning out even further by pushing a bunch of those players out on boats into the vastness that is the sea surrounding San Andreas won't help. The second problem is that it doesn't promote role play. My main issue with the jobs in the MTA server is that our focus was put 100% on the wrong side of the scale. The job that makes the most money by far is delivery driving. This job provides the least amount of opportunity for players to actually interact with each other. I took some notes and did a bit of research in-game and of the averages I found, you can make more than 10 times as much money with the delivery driver job as you can with the bus driver job. If we had busses on the streets all the time, they would be following a defined route and would be much less able to be cutting across fields and sidewalks the way the delivery drivers do, and would have an actual shot at role playing with another player in a passive manner when someone decides to take the bus. Moving forward into our V server, I think our focus with the scripted jobs should be 100% on promoting the jobs that will push players to have passive interaction with other actual players, so that they can actually learn how to role play, and get acquainted with people to hopefully foster them becoming better role players some day. Hmm... that is an interesting idea, this definitely may or may not be something we will have in V These ideas are just my own, not speaking on behalf of the whole scripting team, but I love the feedback so far! Keep it coming, big or small, we want to hear your ideas! - Daniel
  9. When you say internet, do you mean the actual internet or our sort of in-character internet exists today.
  10. Hello friends. I'm helping out with development at owl (again) and I thought this would be a good opportunity to start a discussion in this subforum that isn't pure hatred, anger or trolling. Forum mods, excuse me for posting here rather than the script suggestions area, but I think a healthy suggestion thread where we have a constructive conversation about what sort of things should exist in owl would be good for the General Discussion board right about now. So lets dive in! Let me know of the feature that Owl absolutely has to have to move to the next level. Let me know about the feature that exists today that you would like to see different, if we had it all to do over again, and let's keep in mind the upcoming V server, which may present challenges of its own, like making use of such a large map while still being able to find people to role play with. I'll start off with a suggestion of my own. I would like to see the need for faction specific forums negated. Whether that is PD or an illegal faction. If the mobile data terminal (note how it doesn't correlate to MDC, as was recently pointed out to me by @ThatGuy lol) could take care of duty reports, arrest reports, and even recruitment, people would be able to spend more time in-game role playing than alt tabbed on forums. Keep in mind, that suggestions, like mine above are an end-game sort of suggestion. For the V server we are very much so building a minimum viable product to get launched, but we can certainly discuss our wet dream of where we would like to take this, with such an active development team as it seems we have now, the possibilities are endless.
  11. Recent negative threads regarding Owl

    Shoutout to weebly for making such an awesome mta gaming website (i work there)
  12. Extreme Canadian weather

    my car is a little frosty
  13. Where are ya from

    Pickering Ontario
  14. Upper Administration

    You're missing the point. Whether or not people vote yes or no on a poll is irrelevant. The notion that the management of this server doesn't care is absurd. The sheer amount of time sunk into running this server proves the opposite. There very well may be something wrong if so many people feel disillusioned by the management of the server, but this thread does absolutely nothing to solve that problem. It does not address any specific actionable items that one could reasonably take away and improve upon.

    People could certainly afford to treat eachother better around here. I think a lot of it is just letting go of this meme culture got emmm style of interaction that has become almost compulsory for playing video games in general. Having conversations with people as though they're real people works surprisingly well.

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