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  1.  Chief of Fire Department Career Opportunity Office of The County Commissioner May 3rd, 2021 The County of Los Santos is looking for a Chief for the Los Santos County Fire Department to run the department, implement training and policies, and manage employees. The position requires someone with an in-depth knowledge of fire fighting and the drive to take on considerable responsibility for daily oversight of both field and administrative operations. The candidate must have an advanced degree in Fire Science and have at least 10 years of full time exper
  2. We haven't made a final decision around that yet. In initial versions of the script my feeling is probably not, but as we expand the feature set, and maybe have similar skills for other areas of the script, there might be a part of setting up your character that involves determining which skills a character might have from the outset, and can manage keeping those skills in balance with each other, so that generally people aren't just creating characters that they believe to be "good at everything" lets say.
  3. @Moore recently shared a list with me of several vehicle mods that match these requirements. I'll let him share more. One additional requirement that might be worth considering in your post is the ability for those vehicles to be modified in the mod-shop like any other standard GTA vehicle. If the mod isn't modifiable it might not be a good fit for the new initiatives we have planned around vehicles.
  4. Yes, if vehicle mods are added we would like them to be canon with the GTA universe and be fully usable with all features.
  5. Reworking Vehicle Mechanics Overview We hear you loud and clear! A large number of you have made abundantly clear that you want to be a mechanic on the server, or want a more in-depth script built around vehicles. I am pleased to tell you that solving that is the next big project I plan to work on. But it is going to be just that, a big project. So I want to outline to you the plan at a high level, and then share the iterative steps I have planned to get there. At a high level, the goals are as follows. Allow characters to role play mechanics, purchase mod
  6. OwlGaming V | Bug Fixes & Language Commands | April, 2021 It's a bugfix bonanza this week, hope you enjoy! Features Added commands to quickly switch languages, eg /langen /langfr Full list of commands available here. Added admin jail Fixes Fixed a crash that would occur shortly after connection to the server. Made /me for rolling a joint gender agnostic Allow towing faction to use /g Fix for blown up vehicles BUGS-4120 Don't show "masked person" in /look error Make going through elevators with vehi
  7. OwlGaming V | Asset Transfers | April, 2021 This update introduces asset transfers between characters. Transfer your money, properties or vehicles from one character to another. Features Added asset transfers https://streamable.com/85dnnk Fixes Fixed a crash that would occur randomly to players Removed the go kart map Removed the race track Coming soon... Mechanic Job More customization options for vehicles. House XP & house maintenance system Much more that we'll be unveiling shor
  8. Jeremy Watson rolls his eyes, making a an up-and-down motion with his half-closed fist briefly.
  9. Jeremy stands, walking back to his seat at the defense table.
  10. "I would like to reserve my right against self incrimination under the fifth amendment." Jeremy says, taking a seat.
  11. * Jeremy Watson stands from the defense table, walking over to the witness stand, standing in front of the chair. *
  12. * A thin manila envelope is sent to the Superior Court of San Andreas. Enclosed is below * Your honor, I wish to plead not guilty to the charges listed in the notice. I would like to submit a motion to dismiss on the grounds that one of the officers present at my arrest was not of sound mind, and may have been under the influence of mind altering substances. I submit that the officer repeatedly asked me the same questions, as if he had forgotten the answer he received moments earlier, and was stumbling over his words when reading my miranda rights. I have requested a state
  13. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new in-character social media site, Hooter! Available now at https://hooter.owlgaming.net you can sign up your characters and start sharing their thoughts for your characters' friends. Fight for social justice, tell that politician what an ass they are, or obsessively like that special person's hoots. The site is waiting for you now, so sign up today! Features Dark Theme Swifts Instant Messaging Enjoy! - courtez & the upper administrat
  14. OwlGaming V 1.7.7 | Character Looks & Bug Fixes | February, 2021 This update adds /look and many bug fixes! Features & Adjustments /look [player] and /setlook allows you to clarify aspects of your character's appearance that are not evident from their Grand Theft Auto appearance. Added towing faction duty spot Added /towtruck to request a tow from on duty towtruck drivers. Moved inventory actions to not be within a dropdown Added /showinv for administrators Fixes Not reported /uat command /setfacti
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