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  1. It's been an incredible 7 years at Owl Gaming, I've made a lot of friends that will not soon be lost. I hope some of you will join us in this next chapter, it will hopefully be several more exciting years of playing games together. Thank you Chaos for continuing to lead the server through the hard times and not backing down. Thank you Vubstersmurf and ItsMelody for sticking it out in the server for so many hours and creating endless hours of entertainment for our players. Thank you Wright and ThatGuy for creating such comprehensive rules, laws, and staff documentation. Thank you Daniels for relentlessly continuing to ship features through thick and thin. And thank you to the rest of the staff team for making our server your home. All of your dedication to Owl was incredible to witness.
  2.  Chief of Fire Department Career Opportunity Office of The County Commissioner May 3rd, 2021 The County of Los Santos is looking for a Chief for the Los Santos County Fire Department to run the department, implement training and policies, and manage employees. The position requires someone with an in-depth knowledge of fire fighting and the drive to take on considerable responsibility for daily oversight of both field and administrative operations. The candidate must have an advanced degree in Fire Science and have at least 10 years of full time experience in a Fire Department, at least three of which must have been in a supervisory role. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Assist in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities for the Fire Department. Plan, organize and supervise the Administrative and Field operations and departmental activities. Provide oversight of operations related to personnel management, records, property, dispatching vehicle maintenance services, internal affairs, and budget administration, risk management, emergency operations and research assistance. Review operating procedures and make recommendations for improvement. Respond to the most difficult citizen complaints and requests for information. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO Assumes full responsibility for the activities of the department, attend meetings with the County government on the department's behalf. Supervises Captains, Lieutenants, Fire Fighters and other Department personnel as assigned. Knowledge of fire fighting principles and practices including fire suppression, fire investigation, fire prevention, communications, records, community/public relations and crime prevention. Knowledge of the equipment used in fire fighting. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other departments/regulatory agencies, departmental staff, County officials, and the public. Ability to understand and interpret complex statutes, ordinances, regulations and standards. Ability to plan, organize, direct and evaluate the work of subordinates engaged in diversified activities. Ability to analyze complex verbal and statistical reports and to formulate action based on analysis. Ability to analyze complex organizational problems and to determine proper courses of actions. Ability to prepare and present effectively oral and written informative material relating to the activities of the Department. Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinates and to advise, instruct, and train personnel. CONTACT US Job applications should be emailed to c.hughes@saonline.sa with the title of “[Your Name] - Chief of Fire Department Application” Casey Hughes County Commissioner of Los Santos c.hughes@saonline.sa
  3. We haven't made a final decision around that yet. In initial versions of the script my feeling is probably not, but as we expand the feature set, and maybe have similar skills for other areas of the script, there might be a part of setting up your character that involves determining which skills a character might have from the outset, and can manage keeping those skills in balance with each other, so that generally people aren't just creating characters that they believe to be "good at everything" lets say.
  4. @Moore recently shared a list with me of several vehicle mods that match these requirements. I'll let him share more. One additional requirement that might be worth considering in your post is the ability for those vehicles to be modified in the mod-shop like any other standard GTA vehicle. If the mod isn't modifiable it might not be a good fit for the new initiatives we have planned around vehicles.
  5. Yes, if vehicle mods are added we would like them to be canon with the GTA universe and be fully usable with all features.
  6. Reworking Vehicle Mechanics Overview We hear you loud and clear! A large number of you have made abundantly clear that you want to be a mechanic on the server, or want a more in-depth script built around vehicles. I am pleased to tell you that solving that is the next big project I plan to work on. But it is going to be just that, a big project. So I want to outline to you the plan at a high level, and then share the iterative steps I have planned to get there. At a high level, the goals are as follows. Allow characters to role play mechanics, purchase modifications for vehicles and apply them to vehicles. Build a system that supports vehicle theft for illegal role play. Build a system that supports “chopping” a vehicle to obtain its parts for sale for illegal role play. To achieve those goals, firstly, a vehicle will be comprised of parts, such as an engine, transmission, front bumper, doors, etc. All of these parts can be removed from a vehicle, and put onto another vehicle or sold individually. The parts will be separated into body parts, performance parts, and appearance parts. Upgraded versions of parts will be available for sale in stores, and performance parts will have a health that degrades as the vehicle is used. Characters will have a mechanic XP skill, which will affect their ability to do mechanical modifications to vehicles, and can be increased by doing a scripted job, or by working on applying and removing car parts. Parts Body Parts Body parts will be doors, bumpers, skirts, hoods, etc. Some body parts will be modifiable, if such modifications exist in Grand Theft Auto, and some will just be removable as part of chopping the vehicle. To apply a modified body part, one will go to a store that sells body parts and purchase the new modified bumper for their vehicle. They will then be able to remove the stock bumper, or whatever bumper was there previously, and apply the new one. Body parts will be specific to the model of vehicle. Performance Parts Performance parts will be the drivetrain and powertrain parts, such as engine, transmission, suspension, etc. Performance parts will be specific to a class of vehicle, rather than a specific vehicle model, so will be transferrable between other vehicles of that class. Upgraded versions of these parts will be available from stores that sell performance parts, and a player may remove the existing part of that type and apply the new one. Performance parts will also have a health that will degrade over time. The higher level of upgrade the part has, the faster they will degrade, to simulate the more beat-on these parts are likely to be. Specific performance parts, such as engine or transmission, will also have an oil level that needs to be maintained or changed at given intervals, or the health of the part will degrade significantly faster. Swap-In ECU Building a balanced system around fully customizable ECUs would be very onerous, so to solve this problem, we will only support fully swapping the ECU for another pre-tuned ECU. These will also be specific to a class of vehicle, and will modify the acceleration and top speed of a given vehicle. Specific swap-in ECUs may eventually require specific modifications be applied to the vehicle before they can be applied. To tie illegal role play into this, swapped ECUs will be highly coveted. We’ll cover how they’re obtained at a later point once we have fleshed that out further, but these ECUs will also be illegal. Police will be given an OBD-2 device to identify if a vehicle has had it’s ECU replaced should they have probable cause to believe the vehicle is illegal, such as catching it being involved in illegal racing. We will work with the Superior Court of San Andreas faction to come up with a set of laws around this, and the potential for these vehicles to be impounded by police and only returned once the player has paid for a LSPD certified mechanic to return the vehicle to stock form. Appearance Parts Appearance parts are non-body-part modifications that alter the appearance of the vehicle, such as tint, neons, decals, paint, horns, etc. Aside from neons, these will not be removable from a vehicle in a way that they can be reused, and the appropriate tools will be available to apply them to a vehicle. The supplies to do these modifications will be available at an appearance modification store. Plates Getting new license plates will be purchasable from County Hall, where you can choose the text and color. These will continue to be a donator feature. Membership Card The Viozy membership card is coming back! We have to tie-in to our Owl Gaming roots and throw a subtle nod to the work that was done before us, and the membership card is a great way to do that. The highest level of performance modifications for engine, suspension and transmission will only be available to Viozy card holders. To obtain a membership card, one will need to go to the Viozy membership office and pay an up-front fee to receive the membership. They will then be charged a small membership fee on every paycheck moving forward. The membership can be cancelled at any point, but to re-obtain the membership one will need to pay the sign up fee again. The purpose of the Viozy membership card is to give an edge to players who want to full-time role play a mechanic. For those characters, it will make sense to have the Viozy membership and be set aside from the rest on the server as someone who can do the highest level of work. For the occasional hobbyist mechanic, the price will likely deter them from purchasing this membership, and therefore they will need to make use of a full-time mechanic, to create more role play for this sector. Mechanic Skill The mechanic skill will be a skill all characters have, and can increase by working on their vehicles. Low levels of this skill will find it takes a long time to apply parts, and they may make mistakes that means they have to redo applying the part, or they may slightly damage a part in trying to apply it. Education For those that don’t want to damage their parts in trying to learn the precious skill of mechanics, there will be some introductory educational courses a character can take to increase their mechanic skill past the first couple of levels. Apprenticeship Once past the education stage, there will be an apprenticeship job available that will give the character basic jobs to do to, so they can take their mechanic experience to the next level, quite literally. Modifying Vehicles Just working on vehicles will still be a viable way to increase your XP should you not want to role play your character as having any education, it might just take some trial and error, and patience. Maintenance In addition to modifying your vehicle to increase experience points, doing basic maintenance on the vehicle, such as oil changes, will slowly increase your mechanic XP as well. Given these are relatively easy for a novice to do, your character will likely not mess them up, though they will yield less experience than attempting an engine swap. Tools In order to do maintenance, or add or remove vehicle parts, basic mechanic tools will be for sale at a tool store, such as jacks, transmission jacks, engine hoists, air compressors, HVLP sprayers, impact drivers, a rubber scraper for applying tints and decals, socket set, screw drivers, etc. Racing App To support legal or illegal racing, we plan to add a phone app, where a character can set up a route to be a race, then invite others to join the race, set a timer for it to start, and the app will track stats of who wins, what the times were, etc. Races will be able to be set to public or private, so public races could be used by others, and with tracking times, a leaderboard could exist of who has the fastest time ever, so people could do timed runs alone and work their way up the leaderboard. The app will require users to set a nickname for themselves to be shown in these leaderboards. Theft Vehicle theft will be supported by some tools required to do the job. Players will be able to use these tools to attempt to steal a vehicle. When used on player or faction owned vehicles, these tools will prompt the player to request the assistance of an administrator to oversee. Because, unlike a lot of other servers, our vehicles are persistent in their position forever, not respawnable by the owner or put into storage when they log off, we have a high bar for allowing players to steal other players vehicles, so not to make it so everyone’s car is getting stolen several times a week. We plan to make getting your vehicle stolen less cumbersome by introducing purchasable insurance for the vehicle, but we also want to enable illegal role players to steal vehicles more frequently, should they want to role play that type of faction. To make this possible, we will be introducing randomly spawning civilian vehicles on the map, that can be stolen without administrator intervention. We plan to support an NPC that will purchase stolen vehicles (at a heavily discounted rate). This NPC will have a specific list of vehicles that it demands in a given week, and will only purchase those vehicles. Should you want to make more money from the stolen vehicle, see the chopping section below, otherwise, stolen vehicles can be kept and used for criminal activity, just don’t let the police catch you in one! Chopping With this notion of vehicle parts, all vehicles will have a mix of upgraded or stock parts that can be removed from the vehicle. Players can fully disassemble a vehicle and sell it’s parts individually to different NPCs that will move around the map from time to time. They can also make use of those parts in other vehicles, or sell them to players who might want a coveted level 3 engine upgrade. Los Santos Customs The current mod shop will be leaving us in favor of using mechanics to modify these vehicles, so Los Santos Customs will become a place to repair your vehicles only. Doing these repairs will not repair the underlying health of performance parts. Conclusion I know, this is a massive thread, and a massive initiative that will likely take several months to build. We are planning to release these features in stages, so you can get your hands on them as quickly as possible. Leave comments below with your thoughts on the initiative, or any improvements you think could be made! Thanks for reading. Courtez
  7. OwlGaming V | Bug Fixes & Language Commands | April, 2021 It's a bugfix bonanza this week, hope you enjoy! Features Added commands to quickly switch languages, eg /langen /langfr Full list of commands available here. Added admin jail Fixes Fixed a crash that would occur shortly after connection to the server. Made /me for rolling a joint gender agnostic Allow towing faction to use /g Fix for blown up vehicles BUGS-4120 Don't show "masked person" in /look error Make going through elevators with vehicles retain seat order BUGS-3927 Fix entering buses Remove handbrake and seatbelt from bicycles Fix UIs having white text on white background in some dropdowns Fix /reloadveh command to fully reload the vehicle Allow 500 characters in /look for describing tattoos BUGS-4087 Fix vehicle inventory not being available after going through an elevator Touch last used of property when changing property owner Coming soon... Mechanic Job More customization options for vehicles. House XP & house maintenance system Much more that we'll be unveiling shortly... Don't forget that our admin applications are currently open! Apply here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/111562-gat-recruitment-april-2021/ Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  8. OwlGaming V | Asset Transfers | April, 2021 This update introduces asset transfers between characters. Transfer your money, properties or vehicles from one character to another. Features Added asset transfers https://streamable.com/85dnnk Fixes Fixed a crash that would occur randomly to players Removed the go kart map Removed the race track Coming soon... Mechanic Job More customization options for vehicles. House XP & house maintenance system Much more that we'll be unveiling shortly... Don't forget to check out the Feature Showcasing Screenshot competition! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
  9. Jeremy Watson rolls his eyes, making a an up-and-down motion with his half-closed fist briefly.
  10. Jeremy stands, walking back to his seat at the defense table.
  11. "I would like to reserve my right against self incrimination under the fifth amendment." Jeremy says, taking a seat.
  12. * Jeremy Watson stands from the defense table, walking over to the witness stand, standing in front of the chair. *
  13. * A thin manila envelope is sent to the Superior Court of San Andreas. Enclosed is below * Your honor, I wish to plead not guilty to the charges listed in the notice. I would like to submit a motion to dismiss on the grounds that one of the officers present at my arrest was not of sound mind, and may have been under the influence of mind altering substances. I submit that the officer repeatedly asked me the same questions, as if he had forgotten the answer he received moments earlier, and was stumbling over his words when reading my miranda rights. I have requested a state-appointed defense attorney, which I have also not received at this time, and am not sure if the incoherent officer simply forgot my request. Thank you, Jeremy Watson
  14. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new in-character social media site, Hooter! Available now at https://hooter.owlgaming.net you can sign up your characters and start sharing their thoughts for your characters' friends. Fight for social justice, tell that politician what an ass they are, or obsessively like that special person's hoots. The site is waiting for you now, so sign up today! Features Dark Theme Swifts Instant Messaging Enjoy! - courtez & the upper administration team
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