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  1. Okay, okay, seems like its not an unrealistic thing to grow at home, could be fun
  2. We have updated our application process to be form based so our staff can handle applicants faster! https://bit.ly/VinewoodMember
  3. Wonder how hard it is to actually grow shrooms IRL, if anyone has any knowledge on this I'd love to hear it. Would be fun if you could RP growin' em in your garden or something haha.
  4. In all seriousness, thanks! We'll keep pluckin' away at it ?
  5. Player owned car dealerships are on our radar, and involve even more than just getting the vehicles at a trade price! Going to be great.
  6. Courtez

    Import vehicles

    Archiving as player owned vehicle stores is an idea already on our roadmap
  7. Archiving this as these ideas have all been brought up in separate threads in accepted or on our roadmap. Thanks for compiling this!
  8. Courtez

    [Items] - Poster

    Accepted. I think this might be waiting on a future version of RAGE, but could be wrong
  9. Implemented. By you.
  10. Accepted, this is something we will work on soon!
  11. Archiving this as another thread with the same idea is already in accepted.
  12. Sure, accepted, of course this will need to come after the ability for mechanics to repaint a vehicle.
  13. I think there are more thoughtful ways of giving players money for their role play, and this system was very hard to manage in MTA to not just give people too much money.
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