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  1. Vinewood Country Club is hiring! Apply today at https://bit.ly/VinewoodJobs
  2. I'm working on some ideas that you could say fall under this notion if you removed the word "job" of course. There will be scripts to support illegal activities coming soon! As an example, we're working on a script to acquire marijuana seeds and be able to grow marijuana plants and sell 'em for cold hard cash. More on this soon! I agree that we are a role play server, but the development team is very keen to add more RPG elements in ways that will support player interaction and give players more to do in-game!
  3. !! VIP Memberships are now closed as we have reached member capacity, Regular & Junior Memberships available !! (( Forum PM membership inquires to @Courtez ))
  4.  Assistant Chief of Police Career Opportunity Office of The County Commissioner May 17th, 2020 The County of Los Santos is looking for an Assistant Chief of Police to assist the Chief of Police with the day to day administrative and technical operations of the Police Department including crime prevention, training, risk management and emergency operations; and to assist the Chief of Police with program and policy implementation. The position requires someone with an in-depth knowledge of law enforcement and the drive to take on considerable responsibility for daily oversight of both field and administrative operations. The candidate must have an advanced degree in Law Enforcement and have at least 10 years of full time experience in Law Enforcement as a sworn-in officer, at least three of which must have been in a supervisory role. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Assist in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies and priorities for the Police Department. Plan, organize and supervise the Administrative and Field operations and departmental activities. Provide oversight of activities involving patrol, traffic safety, investigations and crime prevention and related activities. Provide oversight of operations related to personnel management, records, property and custody, dispatching vehicle maintenance services, internal affairs, and budget administration, risk management, emergency operations and research assistance. Review operating procedures and make recommendations for improvement. Assist the Chief of Police in overall departmental budget development and administration. Respond to the most difficult citizen complaints and requests for information. LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO Assumes full responsibility for the activities of the department during the absence of the Chief of Police. May attend scheduled meetings to represent the Police Chief in his absence. Supervises Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, officers and other Department personnel as assigned. Performs related duties, as assigned by Police Chief. Knowledge of county statutes, codes, and ordinances to be enforced. Knowledge of the principles and practices of police/law enforcement administration, including budgeting, program planning and development, employee supervision and training. Knowledge of police operations principles and practices including investigation, patrol, communications, records, community/public relations and crime prevention. Knowledge of the equipment used in law enforcement, including weapons, communication, computers, and vehicles. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other law enforcement/regulatory agencies, departmental staff, County officials, and the public. Ability to understand and interpret complex statutes, ordinances, regulations and standards. Ability to plan, organize, direct and evaluate the work of subordinates engaged in diversified activities. Ability to analyze complex verbal and statistical reports and to formulate action based on analysis. Ability to analyze complex organizational problems and to determine proper courses of actions. Ability to prepare and present effectively oral and written informative material relating to the activities of the Department. Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinates and to advise, instruct, and train personnel. Skill in directing investigative, community and public relations, crime prevention, and support activities. Skill in evaluating operations and programs to determine if they meet community's needs. CONTACT US Job applications should be emailed to [email protected] with the title of “[Your Name] - Assistant Chief of Police Job Application” Casey Hughes County Commissioner of Los Santos [email protected]
  5. Hey! I've been role playing since October 15th, 2009, starting with Valhalla Gaming. I joined Owl in 2014 when it opened, and went on to lead the administration team, and script for the MTA server, making some things like the MDC, /ads, and vehicle auctions. I've been on and off the team a number of times over the years as life has gotten in the way, but as of late, I've been on the V server as an administrator, and scripting features for our website and the game. I look forward to sticking around and making some cool stuff and helping you all out as an administrator.
  6. Yes, precisely what I think we should focus on fixing
  7. Adding this into the phone script might be a bit much for a quick win, but what I am going to do right now is add a /gps [ZIP] command so you can quickly type in someones zip code (property ID) and it will direct you there. I implemented this on MTA actually, so shouldn't be hard to do again
  8. Great idea, I've got a really simple idea I'm going to try tonight
  9. Please expand on this point, because I'm quite curious how this possibly hurts the in-game economy. We have years of MTA to look back on where players did not have tokens, and years on MTA where players did have tokens, and the economy on our MTA server was pretty balanced up until the end. There were a few very wealthy players who had an extremely vast number of hours played on the server and then there was the rest of us who had enough money to role play just about whatever we needed to. The only issue that I have with the current economy is that it is primarily funded by driving a mail van, and not by businesses that might provide role play. But that's something I'm working on independently of a token discussion.
  10. I think Rockstar has probably put more effort into making their vehicles feel balanced with each other than any group of people we assign to do that would. As others have mentioned, a script like this did not work out well in MTA, what I do think is worth while is working with the modifications that are already available within GTA to create opportunities for people to role play installing those, etc. beyond the current modshop implementation.
  11. It's not a matter of it having value on another server, it's a matter of a player considering all of the options they have when choosing a new server to play on. If they want to role play something, where will they get off the ground quickest? The server that makes it very easy to get tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or the server that gives them nothing and tells them to go rent what they need. In our case, we decided tokens were a creative way to get people off the ground with their role play quickly, while causing the least harm to our economy by not flooding it with money. We're role playing on a gigantic map, giving every new character a house does not put a dent in the available properties right now, and the token assets are much harder to offload onto other players, so I don't see it causing an influx of money. If the server's popularity sky-rockets and we're in more of a position for players to rent their properties to newcomers to make more properties available, we will re-evaluate this option, but for now I believe the token system is a necessary piece of our value proposition to starting your new character at Owl. I hope we greatly expand that value proposition with the upcoming great features we are planning!
  12. The idea for property and vehicle tokens came from a server that I was developing for myself before Owl was a thing, which we eventually brought to the MTA server, where renting properties was already a thing. Many other servers offer large amounts of cash to new players, the idea behind the vehicle and property tokens was to give them something meaningful without just dumping cash into the server. Taking them away and telling new players to just rent something offers them nothing meaningful to start off with, which would put our proposition to new players at a disadvantage to competing servers. With that in mind, offering the ability to rent out your property to other players for either a short or long term amount of time is something that is on our radar, as is supporting some form of script to better support people wanting to role play a real estate agent. Lots of ideas, but none of them involve removing our tokens.
  13. I was really excited when I added this too, makes it so much easier to know where you're at with your finances
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