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  1. OwlGaming V 1.7.7 | Character Looks & Bug Fixes | February, 2021 This update adds /look and many bug fixes! Features & Adjustments /look [player] and /setlook allows you to clarify aspects of your character's appearance that are not evident from their Grand Theft Auto appearance. Added towing faction duty spot Added /towtruck to request a tow from on duty towtruck drivers. Moved inventory actions to not be within a dropdown Added /showinv for administrators Fixes Not reported /uat command /setfacti
  2. Wtf we're exactly the same age down to the day? Lmao.

    1. Courtez


      Haha, happy belated birthday! :) 

  3. see u soon bb <3 can't wait to get back and build more stuff like this.
  4. well it does translate to I don't speak russian, so... checks out.
  5. Its all up to U-haul as to when it shows up, which isnt supposed to be until ~oct 4 unfortunately.
  6. Just yell at @QueenC to get online ezpz. The story of moving is not that interesting. Also all of my stuff is still in san francisco
  7. Its in the footer of owlgaming.net Its a bit early atm, picks up in a few hours. I am in the process of moving back from San Francisco to Toronto so I don't actually have a PC to play games atm, until I move into my new house in october.
  8. Probably not in the near future. Maybe some day. Wheres the quality content from you sir
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