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  1. Park

    change your profile picture/signature/cover photo you FREAK

    1. Rinkk
    2. Park


      No, Alex I'm being completely legitimate remove all the stuff. 


      This too.

  2. @Illuminate for literally nothing fuck this guy jk hes class love him
  3. VeX

    fucking appy birthday m8

  4. Happy Birthday!! ??? 

  5. Renny

    happy birthday parkinsons

  6. happy bday maple twat

  7. happy birthday

  8. Name: Parker Age: 16 Country: Canada Time Playing OwlGaming: About three years Favorite Player(s): @Illuminate @DxRK @Skiizion @Foester @disappoint @Cryotich @QueenC top fucking lads (and ladette) right here Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: I think @Cross125 would be a good admin not gonna lie. Favorite Faction: Evolve LLC, because DxRK is one cute motherfucker Favorite Faction Leader: DxRK Favorite GAT Member: QueenC Favorite UAT Member: zac top lad Favorite LEO Roleplayer: riana matthews Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: @Rinkk Best Legal Faction: generic security company Best Illegal Faction: LSMA Favorite Weapon: tom box What makes me play OwlGaming: literally nothing aside from my best mates from across the pond dxrk and illuminate What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: headers that drive around in clapped nissans and do /districts for their engine sound like anybody actually gives a shit What do you aim for in Owlgaming: minorities If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: ban quincy's brother. kid scammed me out of a pack of grits.
  9. Park

    Show yourself!

    next owlgaming patch introduces 3d scanned player models
  10. no itll be nice to have lore friendly shit for once trust me
  11. @JuanTwoThree Real good guy. Very helpful. Called me a faggot but he's not wrong so I'll let it slide.
  12. @Rinkk spawned me in my chastity belt right quick, cheers lad
  13. Free my ni??a Boostio

    1. Park


      Nah I don't intend on appealing since I'm totally guilty. Plus, I've lost too many friends over an MTA server so yeah... It was fun while it lasted.

      I think I explained it in another thread//status why I attempted alt-alt but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Thanks for the RP in the past mate, sorry what we had going on yesterday couldn't develop further.

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