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  1. Name: SA Powersports Bid: $85,000
  2. Park

    San Andreas Powersports

    Inventory: None at the moment! Check back later!
  3. About Us: San Andreas Powersports aims to bring the latest offerings from all of your favourite brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Can-Am, Harley-Davidson, and more! Aside from being able to source new and used vehicles for our customers--we also consistently strive to build great partnerships with other companies and brands who are proud to offer through us a wide variety of accessories and upgrades for both rider and machine. Our Location: Our showroom is located at 300 North Rodeo Drive, Los Santos, SA Vehicle Order Form: https://goo.gl/forms/JYGcNnmz1WwNtxbW2 Important Note: Before you order, please be sure that the vehicle you desire fits within our guidelines; which, while relatively loose, still need to be followed! Essentially, one may order any type of motorcycle, offroad vehicle, or other miscellaneous toys/machines such as golf carts, riding lawnmowers, etc. Contact Information: Lisa Henderson - Owner - [email protected] ((Park)) Luke Henderson - Sales Manager - [email protected] ((Illuminate))
  4. Noted. @Bitcoiner is now leading with $30,000.
  5. Park

    [REQ] Gcs.

  6. Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 2439 Reagan Street, Palomino Creek Description: This quaint one bedroom one bathroom house located in the prime location of Palomino Creek is the perfect home for a bachelor or young couple looking to move into their first real home. Images: Starting Bid: $30,000 Minimum Increase: $2,500 Buyout: $50,000 Auction ends: January 23, 2018 Contact Information: Will be disclosed to the buyer at the time of auction closing.
  7. Park

    Car - 2004 Mazda Mazdaspeed Miata [ENDS: 1/20/19]

    Name: Wop Toppin Comment: Isn't this the car that has the shit stain on the seat?
  8. Great suggestion, I agree 100%.
  9. Sold! @Nick3o has won!
  10. Noted. @Nick3o is now leading with a bid of $6,000. @Bitcoiner has been outbid.
  11. Has it? The more you know then /shrug
  12. Noted. @Bitcoiner is now leading with a bid of $5,500. @TheNeonGuy has been outbid.

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