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  1. do you have a cat yeah? cause you won't in about three minutes if you keep that up aye
  2. Name: KP Bid: $60,000 ( Buyout )
  3. auction ended like 2 hours ago @gus is el winner
  4. Noted. @gus is leading @DellWood @GameBosh @SniicK you :wankers: are outbid
  5. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle make: Ford Vehicle model: Mustang SVT Cobra VIN: 23144 Mileage: 49,3XX Description: Clean example of a Foxbody Cobra. It's the 5.0 with a manual transmission. I'd love for this car to stay but I need the space. I hope somebody else enjoys this car as much as I did. Images Starting bid: $1,000 Minimum increase: $500 Buyout: $20,000 Auction end date: March 26, 2018 Contact details: Will be disclosed to the winner.
  6. Park

    Engine Swap.

    You are a hypocrite actually because you said using a certain word was bad and then turned around and used it yourself. You're using playground logic with the "he did it first!" argument. Takes two to tango buddy. And explain in what way you live better than me since we've resorted to taking jokes seriously now i'd like you to back that up
  7. Park

    Engine Swap.

    bro your dad lives in a duplex shut your mouth
  8. Park

    Engine Swap.

    and me mate thats my car haha toyota supra needs a bit of tlc but she rips my guy
  9. Park

    Engine Swap.

    why are people still commenting here the dude who made the thread is 1 - retarded 2 - banned PISS OFF WITH THIS FUCKING THREAD ALREADY
  10. Username: KP Ticket number: 17
  11. homie you dont gotta be an auction webmaster to look at the times illuminates won it see
  12. Winner! ***Only visible to Brody*** Call me at 571361 to arrange the final transaction.
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