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  1. Why do little situations seem to always have big consequences?

    1. Bartiex


      Because life. It's unfair. It sucks.

    2. Rizunaburu


      I guess your right.

    3. TPG


      You guys need a knife to cut yourselves?

  2. Trying to think of questions to ask my teacher tomorrow at my parent-teacher conference.

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    2. Lyricist


      Nah, you gotta share to someone. Whoever says they don't talk to anyone about their shit is either a fucking liar or they are pent up and tense all the time. Shit builds up, you either put in countermeasures in place, alleviate the shit by talking to someone or go bat shit crazy.

      Everyone has problems and everyone needs help, just seek it in the right places. You're on a community full of teenagers that are far more interested in material values and adultery.


    3. Ice


      Well, everyone has their own life experience. People I tend to trust normally stab me in the back at the most awkward moment. So thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather keep my problems with me.
      Hopefully @Rizunaburu's life experience is closer to Lyricist's one, though.

    4. Lyricist


      It's a rather normal reaction to deal with betrayal and disappointment by turning away from society. Also, the last thing you want is to have a life experience like mine. I don't wish that on my worst enemies. TLDR just hit the gym, get ripped, work on your shit, get some bills together, buy yourself a watch, new Jordans or whatever the fuck you like.

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