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  1. but there is no central support when you have a map that's like 10x larger than the MTA server WHICH already did not look too lively despite getting 100+ players on it, of course there will be a struggle for people to find proper roleplay my opinion is to centralize a few areas in los santos for RP and keep the rest of the map open doesn't harm to have a "pizza stacks" on owlV, a hotspot that bands players around and brings about decent RP from time to time. this is just a stepping stone towards bringing more people around.
  2. well the map is really tiny and does not inhabit the different types of roleplay required for a healthy environment gang members simply can't exist in a neighborhood like this because it breaks immersion. the town is pretty small and the countyside just feels god awful for RP, it feels as if players are stuck to roleplaying a specific type of people and that's fine but it's not what most people are used to. think about it; gang territories in the main town are pretty much hard to come by when you can literally roam the entire map in 5 minutes on a car the MTA community you guys had was special in its scripts and in how they were able to make the game feel different, yet if you compare OwlV to any other successful RP server you'll come to realize it doesn't make much of a difference. there's simply no incentive for people to join OwlV and not any other successful RP community with hundreds of players around. i know this is a suggestion that'll probably not be heard, but i would say take advice from players regarding map location and choose wisely according to what people say and through conducting your own tests with ALL types of RP put into consideration. this includes gang RP, police, prostitution, ricers, whatever.... everyone needs some sort of "area" for all characters to identify with and thus create more traction in the entire world
  3. change map so more players join give more incentive for people to join this community when there are other communities thriving, i suppose something that makes it distinguishable just like the MTA one
  4. it was good while it lasted. xd no but on a serious note it was nice i really enjoyed a lot of the time i spent on there, was nice really playing with you guys and getting to hear the constant whining about CK's every other day, though i will say the vision of the server management seemed to be a bit blurry nearing the end of it but that doesn't matter as much as the cumulative time we've spent playing this server. i enjoyed the factions i've been apart of: from PD to hoovers to MOB, was a very fun experience in general and i honestly didn't realize how much potential could be had with a game that is older than or closer in age to like %80 of the playerbase cheers boys
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  6. That doesn't even make any sense, summer is when the server should be thriving the most. Look at servers like LS-RP that have had their playerbase literally doubled in the summer and actually lower in other seasons. Believe me, the problem isn't youngsters looking for jobs or people going on vacation or any of that stuff: It's simply that people have moved on or were banned. The reason for this lies in the fact that factions are simply not active enough on the server, you can see the factions section for yourself. Yeah, I agree. That's always a possibility. The sync differences between FiveM and RageMP are very noticeable, but still; RageMP's support to a larger player-base as well as the %85 decent sync of cars is much better. I see no need for NPC's and animal NPC's on the street, and if we keep the NPC system just like the MTA server then it really will hardly ever pose a problem at all. But if we add 1000 NPCs roaming the streets than that's where the server will kill itself in my opinion, so I prefer if they'd just do it the same way they've done it on OwlGaming's MTA server. NPC's in general are not necessary and I am certain that overtime the RageMP community will support them further by their updates, but I'd say the issue is very minor to really bat an eye at the time being. What matters most is high-player sync and stability.
  7. Probably but I'd say we shouldn't be too sure. The difference between MTA and GTA V is that anyone can run MTA but not everyone can run GTA V. GTA V could get a lot of players but I highly doubt it'll bypass 128 players during launch, especially with the state the community's in right now as the playerbase has dramatically decreased on the MTA server, which means less people will migrate to GTA V (though maybe the forums are a different matter, I wouldn't know), unless Chaos actually does some pretty good promotions or messages all community members on their e-mails or something. Personally though I think RageMP is a better client.
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