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  1. Ajahni "Father" Jackson Minor Information: Name: Ajahni Jackson Nick-Name(s): "Father" - "Shooter" Birthdate: August 21st, 1964 Place of Birth: Kingston, "Trench Town" - Jamaica Younger Years: Ajahni Jackson, was born in Kingston, Jamaica to his mother (Serena Jackson) & Father (Emmett Jackson), the family lived withing the poverty slums of Trench Town, Kingston. Ajahni's father worked as a garbage man within the city of Kingston, trying to save to move the Jackson family into a proper apartment. Around eight years old, Ajahni was running around with his friends within the slums, stealing from random shacks, looking for goods to flip for food. Ajahni and his friends continued to run around the slums, till they was around twelve when they was approached by one of the Trench Town Yardies and offer Ajahni and his friends small amounts of Marijuana to sell around the slums. Teenage Years: (Story will be updated soon.)
  2. ((Checked the vehicle out as a VT Member: Only things installed to the car is: Dashcam, Coil-overs, Brakes, 22inch wheels and tires.))
  3. Is this some kind of sick joke? No chance, there's barely any mechanics in game as it is.
  4. Name: Chance Comment: Please contact me via: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  5. Name: Watson Automotives Bid: $5,000
  6. Only admins are allowed to RP as a dog.
  7. Lol Illuminate's mechanic roleplay is top-notch as was always a pleasure to read when he sent in his requests. So don't sit their trying to shit on him.
  8. Oh sadly not, dealerships are no-longer open.
  9. Name: Chance Comment: Seems Mister Wunnenberg has already made up his mind, us addressing our concerns isn't going to change his decision. If anyone is interested in purchasing anything from Covington Trucking LLC, please contact me via [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  10. :) 

  11. Name: Chance Comment: Really confused why this wasn't brought to the people of District 3 nor the residences of Blueberry. If this goes a head I'll be sure to shut down my business within San Andreas and move state. (I don't really understand politics but surely this should've been brought to a public vote or something.)
  12. You still don't have any clue on how to roleplay.
  13. Name: Chance Comment: Bargain of a price! Complete and utter steal!
  14. @ThatGuy Leave my mate Andy Sims alone you fat lesbo!
  15. Covington Trucking LLC - Update
  16. Watson Automotives - Update
  17. Blueberry Truck Plaza - Update
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