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  1. Even better I'll still take it.
  2. Name: Chance Bid: $15,000 Vehicle: 2019 Ford F-150 SuperCrew LB 4WD 60th Anniversary
  3. Name: Nicholas Howard Comment: You don't own the whole area, when I was County Commissioner someone contacted us to see how much land they owned. Barely any land comes with the property not enough to do "farming". You pretty much own this area of the property: https://gyazo.com/cde0219e3cdfd078edd3522a6e9defb9 the dirt patch.
  4. Name: Nicholas Howard Comment: Aren't you the guy pretending to have been in the Marines/Army and don't even know what division you were in.
  5. Name: Nicholas Howard Comment: At least I don't hide behind a username, I use my real identity.
  6. Name: Unknown Comment: Are you the guy that said he was in the First Class Private Division?
  7. About Us: Watson was founded in June of 2019, Chance has years of experience from working in numerous garage's located all over San Andreas. Watson strive's to offer the best services to all the people interested in having work done on their motor-vehicle. Watson's lead mechanic Chance has multiple certificates from well known performance companies, making him certified to install their products. Services We Offer: Performance Installations: Turbo-Charger Kits. Supercharger Kits. Complete Builds. (This is just a small list of the performance modifications we specialise in.) Security Installations: Dash-cams. Real-Time GPS Trackers. If we haven't listed what you're after feel free to email the information provided below. While we mainly focus on performance installations we're more than happy to do vehicle security installations. Location: Watson - #1 Forth Street, Blueberry Located within the Watson garage we have a small store that sells tires, dash-cams, trackers and much more! Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Contact Number: 658792 Companies Partnerships: T.B.A (Thread will be updated after the floods disabled.)
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