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  1. About Us: Green Leaf is a Landscaping and Fencing company founded by Mister Ajahni Green in 2019, after shortly moving from Kingston Jamaica. Green Leaf excel at any Landscaping and Fencing services that customers may require. We offer very competitive rates along with a proven track record of clients. We strongly believe in spending time between the nature provides health benefits for all ages, we strive to provide good gardening services to our customers, helping them to save and work with the good parts of their garden, removing the rest – making it CLEANER, BETTER and GREE
  2. Happy birthday mate, hope you had a goodun

  3. Some amazing time spent on the MTA platform! Thanks for the journey guys! Thank you to the people on this list for making my time on MTA fun! @Unitts @Notorious @Wright @ThatGuy @ResidentPeach @DrJoseEviI
  4. I know you’ll absolutely kill it and I hope @Unitts joins this, I know this will be right up his street. @ResidentPeach keep killing it with these innovative ideas my guy!
  5. Owls MTA economy was broken! Everything was so inflated, transferring from MTA shouldn’t be allowed at all. It just proves you aren’t interested in rebuilding and the role play surrounding it just want to carry on the same shitty RP you did on MTA.
  6. Glad to see a community we all loved at one point heading in the correct direction again. Amazing job to everyone involved in bringing OwlV out of Beta mode, I’m sure I’ll be able to try it myself in the future.
  7. He’s great thank you! Growing away and enjoying nursery.
  8. Hey meat heads! How have you all been? Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. (if you don’t celebrate it then fair play, just a waste of cash?) @Unitts meat ball head.
  9. Would’ve carried you all in game! But sadly I have work!
  10. I’ll be posting the story once I have a PC. I have some great ideas to bring role play to people on Owl??
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