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  1. Name: Kazimir Bid: $45,000
  2. 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

    Noted Leading! Outbidded!
  3. Residential - #5 Giggles Street [Renovated]

    Name: Little Boi has a small cock Bid: $105,000
  4. Residential - #5 Giggles Street [Renovated]

    Name: Kaz Bid: $95,000
  5. Residential - #1 Fullum Street, Dillimore

    Name: Hi Comment: You're all complaining about the house starting bid, it's not like houses in Dillimore comes up every day.
  6. Gurei sunēku shinjikēto

    Doesn't really make sense an African-American male leading a bunch of Chinese/Japanese but that's up to you guys. Best of luck.
  7. 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

    Noted! Leading! You've been outbidded.
  8. 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

    **Leading Bid is $60,000**
  9. Avalon 40's Crips

    Good to see a black gang back active makes a change from no development gangs.
  10. Business - Henry Ford Business Plaza, Downtown

    Name: O'Sullivan LLC Bid: Starting.
  11. O'Sullivan Real Estate - Krakk's Pawn

    Congratulations you've won the auction! Contact me via Email: [email protected] ((Forums PM))
  12. Two more cars

    Name: O'Sullivan Comment: You stated it ends on the 18th it's already the 18th, I don't understand how you can say there is five hours left you never said it was ending at 5 am on the 18th. Auction Rule: Ending dates that do not provide a set time shall end immediately on that day (Auctions set to end on January 5th will end as soon as January 5th starts unless a time is otherwise set). (( @Swanker ))
  13. Two more cars

    ((In-game time it's already the 18th, you didn't specify the time zone.))
  14. Two more cars

    Name: O'Sullivan Comment: Take it I've won the auction as it's the 18th. (( @Swanker ))
  15. O'Sullivan Real Estate - Krakk's Pawn

    Noted! Leading!

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