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  1. DylanW

    Motorcycle - 2015 Ducati 1299 Panigale S [ENDS: 18/10/2018]

    Name: Private Bid: $35,000
  2. DylanW

    Import Request - Dominic Branwen

    (( @DxRK ))
  3. Council of Supervisor Elections All Council of Supervisor Seats Are Open. Requirements Council of Supervisor applicants must meet the following criteria to run: Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of swearing in. Must reside in the district they are running for. Must not have a felonious criminal record. Elections One supervisor will be elected for each of the open districts listed below. All applicants must submit their platform with solidified proposals for their respective district to County Commissioner Nicholas (( @DylanW )) and the County Elections Board (( @Wright )) by Monday, October 29th to be approved prior to the elections which will be held from Thursday, November 1st to Thursday, November 8th. Contact Please forward any questions or inquiries to County Commissioner Nicholas Howard Districts ALL DISTRICTS ARE OPEN!
  4. **Nicholas Howard stands up, looking towards Justice Macintyre.** [English] Nicholas Howard says: After a long discussion with the Deputy County Commissioner and other members of the Government, we come to the conclusion I'll finish my term. I've emailed a few lawyer's but haven't heard anything back, so I'll be representing myself. (( @EvilScotsman ))
  5. 04/06/18 ~ Public Works Commissioner Recruitment Recently, the Public Works Commission under the LSGC has been without a dedicated Public Works Commissioner to lead them. With that, the division has not been able to run efficiently, due to the lack of leadership. The LSCG desires dedicated citizens who care about the county, and want to guide it in the right direction. In order to run efficiently, the LSCG needs staff that will run and supervise Public Works. Additionally, the LSCG is looking for citizens who are dedicated to taking a stand to leading the county into a better place, are able to manage with a large work load, as well as hold the ability to revive such a division. Public Works Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners work directly with the rest of the administration of the County Commissioner to efficiently run Public Works Operations throughout the city such as street sweeping, garbage disposal, and maintenance of government properties. Commissioners also lead and direct LSCG-sponsored construction projects throughout the city, erecting projects left and right throughout our beautiful city. Those who are interested may apply via e-mail to County Commissioner Nicholas Howard, with the e-mail [email protected] In addition to a letter of interest, the e-mail should contain a plan of operation to revive the Public Works Commission, in order to make it as glorious as it once was, as well as a personal resume/CV. ((Forum PM DylanW)) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -
  6. Safe Discharge Of Firearms Ordinance Passed by the Consilium Populusque Los Santos (CPQL) of the State of San Andreas Thirteenth of October, Two Thousand and Eighteen Chapter 1 - Foreword Sec. 101—Definitions (a) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, "law enforcement officer ” shall refer to any person recognized by the State of San Andreas of the United States as such. (b) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, "limits of the City of Los Santos” shall be defined by the following map: (c) For the purposes of this ordinance, and all references to this ordinance, “Chief of Police,” shall refer to any person holding said office within the Los Santos Police Department or any person acting as so in the interim. (d) For the purposes of this ordinance, and all references to this ordinance, “missile" and "projectile," shall refer to any object capable of achieving velocities over 99 feet per second, or are designed to pierce, wound, maim, damage, destroy or cause fatal injury to it's target. (e) For the purpose of this ordinance, and all references to this ordinance, "Negligence" shall refer to the failure to exercise the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised in a similar situation. (f) For the purpose of this ordinance, and all references to this ordinance, "Recklessness" shall refer to the creation of a substantial and unjustifiable risk of harm to others and by a conscious disregard or indifference to that risk. Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents (a) This ordinance may be cited as the "SDOF" or the "Safe Firearms Ordinance". Chapter 1 - Foreword Sec. 101 - Definitions Sec. 102 - Short Title and Table of Contents Chapter 2 - Purpose Sec. 201 - Ordinance Purpose Chapter 3 - General Provisions Sec. 301 - List of Provisions Chapter 4 - Penalties Sec. 401 - Penalties Chapter 2 - Purpose Sec. 201— Ordinance Purpose The purpose of this Ordinance is to; (a) establish clear guidelines and restrictions for the safe use of firearms and projectile weapons. (b) minimize the possibility of negligent handling of weapons resulting in injury, damages or death. (c) provide the Consilium Populusque Los Santos, Los Santos County Government, with legislation to support the enforcement of safe firearms usage. (d) encourage firearms owners to seek safe ranges or locations for the discharging of weapons. (e) to minimize disturbances caused by firearms and weapons. Chapter 3 - General Provisions Sec. 301—List of Provisions (a) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit any federal, state or city law enforcement officer from discharging a firearm while in the lawful performance of such officer's duties including for training purposes. (b) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit any citizen from discharging a firearm while in the lawful performance of an act of self defense (San Andreas Stand Your Ground Act), or in training for a weapons permit pursuant to the San Andreas Licensing Tier Act or training pursuant to the Government Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight Ordinance. (c) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit any citizen from discharging a firearm on public roads or properties expressly approved for hunting by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or the delegate thereof within the Los Santos County Government nor shall it apply to accidental discharges. (d) No person or members of a corporation, firm or organization shall discharge any firearm within the limits of the city of Los Santos, except upon the following conditions: (1) A firearm may only be discharged within the City of Los Santos provided that it is in an enclosed structure, commonly referred to as a "firing range" after receiving the appropriate zoning designation and permit from the County Government of Los Santos. (2) A firearm may not be discharged in the County of Los Santos if it is done in or over any public place or on the right-of-way of any paved public road, highway, or street nor shall it be discharged over any occupied premises. (3) A firearm may not be discharged recklessly or negligently outdoors on any property used primarily as the site of a dwelling. (4) A firearm may not be discharged recreation-ally outdoors, including target shooting, in an area that the person knows or reasonably should know is primarily residential in nature and that has a residential density of one or more dwelling per acre. Chapter 4—Penalties Sec. 401—Penalties. (a) Any person found guilty of a violation of any of the provisions of this ordinance shall, be subject to a fine of $5,000.00 USD for the initial violation, and increasing by $5,000.00 USD for each subsequent violation.
  7. DylanW

    OwlGaming - Slambook

    Name: Dylan Age: 20 Country: United Kingdom Time Playing OwlGaming: 3 years Favorite Player(s): Too many to name. Player(s) you would like to see in GAT: @Restrepo Favorite Faction: Government of Los Santos & The Yokel Mafia Favorite Faction Leader: Jose and Craazy Favorite GAT Member: Unitts and Jose Favorite UAT Member: Get on with all of em. Favorite LEO Roleplayer: Zebulon Favorite Illegal Roleplayer: Wright Best Legal Faction: Government of Los Santos Best Illegal Faction: The Yokel Mafia, Khram OPG, Bratva, Morra Organized Crime Favorite Weapon: Shotgun/Colt What makes me play OwlGaming: Was leading the Government but passive RP. What blows my fuse about OwlGaming: Retards who can't RP and robo-cop. What do you aim for in Owlgaming: Fuck knows. If you have a chance to force a change or an update in OwlGaming you would do: Give @DrJoseEviI a drone for TYM.
  8. DylanW

    SUV - 2017 Tesla Model X [ENDS: 14/10/2018]

    Name: Andy Bid: $25,000
  9. Name: Dustin Clarke Comment: Properties shit.
  10. **Nicholas Howard stands up from his seat as he eyes the Judge.** [English] Nicholas Howard says: I'd like to inform the courts that I'm no-longer County Commissioner I've resigned from my position. (( @EvilScotsman @bartman ))
  11. DylanW

    CPQL Forum Perms

    Need all my Government forum perms removed.
  12. DylanW

    [BLOG] Where are our elections? Political Fraud!

    Name: Nicholas Howard Comment; Yes, you're still a US State just that the CPQL thought they'd always want to be remembered and decided to rename from Los Santos County Government to CPQL.
  13. DylanW

    [BLOG] Where are our elections? Political Fraud!

    Name: Nicholas Howard Comment: Because it's ratified and needs a unanimous vote to re-name the Government, plus you'd never get the unanimous vote when you've got people in the Council of Supervisor's that are die-hard CPQL lovers like Ms Mosley.
  14. DylanW


    It's not broken. The new system that was made by @Unitts is more realistic plus the low pay-out stops people from farming it like it was back in the day. Also what roleplay? the /me's are automatically done for you so there's really no-roleplay involved.

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