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  1. Name: Dustin Clarke Comment: John Harlend is a fraud! He pays for his recording studio with my disability money! #KillHarlend! @DrJoseEviI
  2. Name: Sims Bid: $85,000
  3. Congratulations you've won. Contact me via email.
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1978 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Falcon Cobra XC VIN: 22410 Mileage: 90721 Description: This is your chance to own one of the Kings of Australia muscle cars the Ford Falcon 500 XC Cobra No: 174 Only 400 Cobras were ever made and many are believed to not of made it to see today sadly. Only 120 of them were made with this option set out exactly like this one so this is a very rare car indeed This 37 Yr old has certainly aged well it can still kick you into your seat without hesitation showing its muscle heritage strongly with its 5.8L V8 Cleveland Engine (matching numbers) But don’t think for a minute because its a muscle car it lacks luxury It has Factory Options to spare and definitely was the pinnacle of motorsport and luxury so why not have both. Images Starting bid: $75,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $100,000 Auction end date: 15/02/2019 Contact details: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((OOC&IC Comments Disabled.))
  5. Name: Sims Comment: Is this anodized black version or the raw aluminum version? Also what's the mileage please. (( @SuperM ))
  6. DylanW

    Redline Automotive

  7. *You'd find this advertisement when browsing online vehicle/motorcycle stores.* Hey, thank you for checking out my advertisement. I'm currently in the market for a few various vehicles that'll be able to fit into my collection. I'm mainly looking for motorcycles but wouldn't turn down a rare American Muscle Classic. I'll list the brands I'm looking for below. Motorcycle Brands: Harley-Davidsons Indian Confederate American Muscle Brands: Chevrolet Dodge Ford Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. DylanW

    Business - W. Washington Street [ENDS: 2/5/2019]

    @violet23 Can you put a picture of the exterior.
  9. DylanW

    Covington Trucking LLC


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