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  1. The Yokel Mafia

    @DrJoseEvil @Bartiex @Kalisto Where these juicy screen shots?
  2. Hi, I'll answer this question. I was the person who shot at these guys beforehand as I seen a bunch of armed people running on the street above Cesar Road with Shot-gun and Pistols so I went behind a building and shot at them while they were on a roof due to the suppressed pistol didn't reach to their heads they were only hit in the leg. I'd also like to add that they were shot and multiple times but due to the range it didn't hit. https://gyazo.com/b6d9e6e8bbea9bc0265515ae86de4e45 https://gyazo.com/5f14807d69ab3f9534555405ee322b4f
  3. Rollin' Stones

    I can simply buy 15 hours mate.
  4. Rollin' Stones

    Your hard used a throwaway character along with @Broke hope you RP'd injuries right away as well. [2017-09-20 19:50:09] [Output] : * Andrea Cotton's left arm was hit. * [2017-09-20 19:50:09] [Output] : * Ron Heather's right leg was hit. *
  5. Idlewood 69¢ Store!

    Name: Cashkah Bid: $105,000
  6. Residential - #3 Pasadena Boulvevard

    Name: Persian Famly. Bid: Withdrawn
  7. Cashkah Enterprise

    Yes, I did, I took the services you used to offer via Property Insurance.
  8. Cashkah Enterprise

    "Announcement" Cashkah Property Insurance is the leading property insurance company in San Andreas offering packages that cover most disasters that could happen to your property we're proud to be opening our doors to the people of Los Santos offering them very affordable coverage to make them have less of a worry if anything is stolen or destroyed in the future List of Packages:
  9. [STATE] The People v. Vincent Miller

    **Kazimir Nikolaev walks into the courtroom holding a walking stick as he takes a seat in the gallery peering towards Vincent Miller shaking his head.**
  10. Cashkah Enterprise

    "Settling in the Family & Business Adventures."
  11. Cashkah Enterprise

    First online advertisement for Cashkah Security & Installation showing off our new bundle deals!
  12. Looking for a company that offers quality service great equipment and quick installation? Then have we got the company for you Cashkah Security & Installation can do it all not only do we sell the products you need to secure your home/business from unwanted people we also install all the equipment for a small fee all our employees are qualified to do any job. We offer great services in bundles so you don't have to worry about getting the equipment yourself see more information listed below. Bundles: Wanting to inquire about a bundle? contact the provided information below. All services include the best equipment on the market with regular check-ups from our Installation team to make sure there are no faults with the equipment after a few months if any problems occur before out scheduled check we'll happily come out and replace any broken equipment. Contact Information: Akilah Cashkah Phone: 465-376 Email: [email protected] ((@DylanW)) ((Comments would be disabled.))
  13. 2017 Bentley Bentayga

    (( @Salsa ))
  14. Residential - West Broadway #103

    Don't be thick!
  15. Residential - West Broadway #103

    Noted. Leading! Outbidded!

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