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  1. Rebirth

    Baltic Criminal Nation

    I don't see this working out. As I'm a latvian my self, I know how most of us play roleplay. Everything is fine until they get either banned and then the whole admin team sucks or they get arrested and then the PD sucks. And afterwards they'll just either quit or come and troll until banned.
  2. Rebirth

    [ENDED]Car - 2014 Aston Martian V12 Vanquish volante

    Name: Blondy Bid: $65.000
  3. Rebirth

    [Vehicles] - Admin /ed (Current one)

    wait, isn't that how it works? I thought you just drive it for a week and it becomes brand new..
  4. Name: Blondy Comment: Why would I want to do that?
  5. Name: Blondy Comment: Who in his right mind puts hydraulics on this?
  6. Name: Olivia Bid: Withdrawn
  7. Rebirth

    Carden's Photography

    Updated the information and visual side of the post.
  8. Rebirth

    Carden's Photography

    belive it or not, made them myself
  9. Rebirth

    Carden's Photography

    Are you in need of a photographer for your wedding? Birthday? A party? Anything? Look no further! Olivia Carden Photography is here to make your life events a great memory to look back on any time you want. Price depends on the choosen offer down below and length of the session. Offering: Portrait photography: personnal portrait, family photo, editorial portrait for publishing advertising and websites. Corporate portrait: business people, work team and staff, adminstration boards, annual report, business portfolio of the people in the partners and associates in your company. Event photography: conferences, conventions, launching, concerts, shows, documentary photographs of exhibitions, festivals, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, competitions, demonstrations, tournements. Artists and public figures: Album cover, posters, presse photos, artistic productions, web sites, blogues and calendors. Architectural and commercial photography: architecture, real estate, service or product advertising campaigns, business portfolios, theater and movie set photography. Beauty and fashion photography: model and casting portfolios for actors, musicians, artists. The body and artistic nudes: sensual photographs, erotic photography, boudoir. Contacts: Olivia Carden SMS @ 252525 Leave your name, phone number, event type, budget and location in the message. --Portfolio--
  10. Rebirth


    Enjoy your stay. If you have any questions regarding MTA or OwlGaming roleplay game-mode, feel free to PM me!
  11. I would rather watch Trump find a way how to use these immigrants so both USA and the immigrants benefit from it. Like, getting them a low-experience-needed job where they would gain enough money to live off a whole month and in at the same time boost the economy of USA by having someone who does the little things.
  12. Name: Blondy Bid: Starting
  13. 8th March, 2018 Juniour Journalist Olivia Carden ** Comments would be enabled, but moderated by SAN Staff **
  14. I was going to report about this IC tonight..
  15. 7th March, 2018 Los Santos, St.Lawrence Boulevard, Market Juniour Journalist Olivia Carden ** Comments would be enabled, but moderated by SAN Staff **

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