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  1. Locals Only Ammu-Nation

    LOCALS ONLY AMMU-NATION That's right! Ammunation has all you need to protect your family from the evils of a liberal society! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AMMU-NATION STORE SINCE IT SUPPORTS YOUR RIGHTS. *REMINDER: You need a CCWP Tier 1 or Tier 2 weapons license in order to purchase weapons from this store*
  2. Business - A few properties [ENDED]

    Name: Richy Bid: Buyout on the Ammu Nation.
  3. you can say that as much as you want, it's the same story as the one where people want players to move from IPS to Verona Mall. It's never going to happen and no wonder, a biker gang opens a bar, of course mostly bikers will hang out there, a mexican gang opens a bar in El Corona, of course only citizens of El Corona will visit it, which is not that much. People won't visit such places a lot since it mostly ends with shootouts and police because everyone here is a gangster and a right hand in a mafia.
  4. maybe we could take the idea of the npc that gives criminals tasks and whatnot and implement that on some legal businesses. Or maybe a small script that gives a bar a random amount of npcs just standing by the bar or sitting somewhere or standing somewhere and they would generate a random profit towards the payday for the owner of the bar. That way people would buy bars and would most likely advertise it because.. why not?
  5. Casino?

    Well either this died or are some of the commenting peeps talking privately?
  6. No more random speeding just to mess with the chatbox of a few officers But all in all, great update once again, awesome update on the BoTS impound lot, will sure make administrators relieved.
  7. Congratulations. Contact me on 252525
  8. What kind of jobs that makes good earning?

    ignore the small font, listen to the man, he's talkin about the real deal
  9. Casino?

    I can invest too, depending on how much but first I would like a little description on how everything is going to work.

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