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  1. yeah if a stolen car is actively being used there's no reason for it to get deleted
  2. Fernando16

    Grayson's Towing & Impound

    Good luck! Take it far
  3. Fernando16

    Getting bored?

    Owl V's playerbase can grow up to 300+ players daily if players from MTA, SAMP and RageMP come on it, yeah.
  4. Name: JF Bid: $2,501 Comment: bye clev
  5. Fernando16


    hey lol
  6. Name: JF Bid: Starting Comment: another nice merc :')
  7. Fernando16

    [SAAN] Briefcase 3 is on the loose

    Name: Ot. Comment: Ahhh I was so close I could smell it!
  8. Fernando16

    [Miscellaneous] - auto /ame for throwing spikes

    +1 can be scripted in 6 seconds
  9. Fernando16

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    I don't dislike the idea of having IG auctions, but I would not like if they replaced forum auctions. Both could exist and work simultaneously.
  10. Fernando16

    [General] - In-Game Auction House

    But online auctions exist...
  11. man why don't you get back in the scripting team?
  12. Fernando16

    [General] - Remove drive-by from bikes.

    lmao cant believe owl didnt fix this yet
  13. Fernando16

    [Vehicles] - Speed up the NPC Dealerships order vehicle thing

    yeah make the order thing start a timer so the shop resets in X seconds and your ordered vehicles shows up also make it cancel the order when u buy it so it doesnt keep texting you the car you ordered is available over and over again

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