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  1. Auction Was Canceled! Reason: No one bid more than $15,000 Thousand Dollars.
  2. Los Santos Auction House - SUV https://i.imgur.com/np3hzuq.jpg Vehicle year: 1989 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Patrol ST VIN: 11995 Mileage: 300k Description: I've had this vehicle for many and I have made a decision by auctioning this vehicle. .2 Door SUV .Manual, 4X4 .Petrol - Unleaded ULP .TopSeed: 128 Km/H .Textured Rims .Offroad Beast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engine Info & Specs .Injection/Carburation: — .Engine Capacity: 4169cc .Number of cylinders: D6 .Fuel type: Diesel .Fuel tank capacity: 95L .Fuel consumption: — .Maximum torque: 264Nm .Maximum power: 85kW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brakes: .Front brakes: Disc - ventilated .Rear brakes: Disc - ventilated ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Suspension: .Front suspension: Live axle, 3-link coil springs with leading arms panhard rod telescopic .Rear suspension: Live axle, 5-link coil springs panhard rod telescopic shock absorbers & ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tire & Rims .Front tyre size: — .Front rim size: 15x10 inches .Rear tyre size: — .Rear rim size: 15x10 inches Images https://i.imgur.com/NX7OtYR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/20XzEmI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/fXfv8PY.jpg Starting bid: $ 15,000 Thousand dollars Minimum increase: $ 3,500 Thousand Dollars Buyout: $ 23,000 Thousand Dollars Auction end date: Friday, July 6th, 2018 Contact details: 819-137
  3. Georgee


    Dear Owl community, I am looking forward to create a texture for my vehicle and I need you're help please. I have a 18' dodge Challenger Demon, but It is very difficult to texture. The Mta Model car is buffalo and As I apply the template, it reflects. For Instance, when I add something on front like a car grill, it reflects onto the side. If you are able to make it, I want dodge Challenger front grill on front of the buffalo, Carbon-fiber onto the hood, Demon logo on the sides, where the fenders are((Behind the front wheel)). and background color would be dark red. Thank you.
  4. Georgee

    How to wrap uncommon cars

    Are you able to make a video about on youtube?
  5. Georgee

    TheOfficalMapps - New Airline Interior

    That could be done by texture....But unfortunately, i don't know how to create textures in map editor.

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