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  1. idk what kind of models u need? gta default item mod replacement? https://files.prineside.com/gtasa_samp_model_id/white/3243_w.jpg
  2. right. the roof can be more lowered
  3. few ideas of an interior. also you can texture the interior as u like
  4. Los Santos Auction House - Residential https://imgur.com/a/uo4He7n Property Type: Residential Address: Unkown Description: First of all, I want to start off by saying thank you very much for taking the time, reviewing my designed interior. Basically, how this works is that I do bunch interior designs (0Mapped)) & post them on auction section where people would like to bid on it in order purchase it. When it comes to purchasing a interior, you must have a house that almost matches the exterior/interior. This house interior is perfect for couples and family.
  5. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Converting FFBI truck Into a pick up truck bed after purchasing a pick up truck What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Well, first of all I would love to start off by saying thank you very much for taking the time, reading my owl gaming server script suggestion. I have just recently purchased my 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor and then I thought of an idea that you guys might like it as I was driving around of Los Santos, Basically the whole is to convert FBI Rancher &am
  6. hey sorry i was trying to go on website yesterday but it was down for some reason. however you have won the auction

  7. Los Santos Auction House - Business https://imgur.com/a/MIrWRSd Property Type: Business Address: 2006 Lombard Street, Idlewood Description: Hello, did you stop by and the garage grabbed your attention? Well, I am currently selling my decent renovated garage because I am not interested doing the mechanic job anymore. This garage was used for only couple of weeks after renovating it. It has upper level including one office and one bedroom which it comes with living beside it . I believe that you can fit more than 10 vehicles which is pretty good for a decent size. I'm curre
  8. Auction Was Canceled! Reason: No one bid more than $15,000 Thousand Dollars.
  9. Los Santos Auction House - SUV https://i.imgur.com/np3hzuq.jpg Vehicle year: 1989 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: Patrol ST VIN: 11995 Mileage: 300k Description: I've had this vehicle for many and I have made a decision by auctioning this vehicle. .2 Door SUV .Manual, 4X4 .Petrol - Unleaded ULP .TopSeed: 128 Km/H .Textured Rims .Offroad Beast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engine Info & Specs .Injection/Carburation: — .Engine Capacity: 4169cc .Number of cylinders: D6 .Fuel type: Diesel
  10. “A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.” Vito Corleone.

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      wasn't that what he said when sonny was looking at him like "lol i dont know what u r talking about"

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