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  1. Dolt

    ERP - ESEX

    t/ame 18 - 21 y/o | Slim Body | Large Booty | Big Lips | Blonde Hair | erp is part of developing my char tyvm.
  2.  - hype is real for me >/////////////<

    1. Dolt


      RWBY Volume 4 got announced!!!! >//////< 

  3. Started "roleplaying" back around 2013 on an SA:MP server - played on the server for about 2 - 3 years then found about out owl-gaming few months back and joined OwlGaming.
  4. https://youtu.be/p3NO1cWOVx0 - cops stepping up their tactics
    1. Wynters


      Ewww. I hate prostitutes. :x

    2. Dolt


      I think a lot of people do :x

  5. Everyone you know IRL going to a club in my area looking like they are twenty but are 15 - last night I was watching RWBY with Aurora losers :|

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    2. Stretch


      I don't know anyone who goes clubbing these days, since they suck.

    3. Dolt


      I just hate clubbing in general its just weird and hate socializing with people I don't know XD

  6. Server still down?

    1. Skippy


      Still unstable as it has been, sadly.

    2. Dolt


      Alright thanks for the update <3 - also what happened to the shoutbox?

    3. Skippy


      Shoutbox got disabled due to the many people repeatedly asking about the status of the server and being a bit toxic. No problemo!

  7. Only getting down to playing the GTA V singleplayer properly now - all the other times I just went around with cheats on lol

    1. Rinkk


      Finished it 3 times lewl, it's quite good, but GTA:O sucks donkey balls.

    2. Dolt


      I've only played GTA:O since I got it awhile back lol

  8. 8.5/10 - Kid looks like he gets all the biatchs XD
  9. 10/10 - thats a really cool signature liking the effect as in it's angel hidden in our society
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