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  1. name:BLOCKBOY BBC cooment: choppin' and getting racks
  2. Happy birthday dude, hope to see you again in-game

  3. name: Jordan comment: gang gang brick sqaud lord farque gang shit my homie doggy g herbo
  4. tfw i didn't even get to respond because i was actually watching the video

  5. You didn't hit me at 100 km/h but whatever helps you sleep at night bud.
  6. First off I aimed my gun at you and you didn't even roleplay gun fear you jumped in your car and drove away. Second, you did not hit me at 100km/h you were going much slower then that.
  7. Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- FredosMyDad Character Name- Jordan Banks Date of Incident- 10/25/2017 Supervising Administrator- GentleFart Narrative- On October 25th, 2017 a CK was issued to Jordan Banks, I think it was absolutely unfair and not even following the guidelines of disregard. Basically, I reconnected my game after selecting my character and logging in I was immediately hit by Tyler Dixon in a blue car and him forcing in OOC to RP. I argued a bit about it but none the less went to roleplay it like how I should of even though it was clearly not fair as I had no time to react. Afterward, Rasheed Powell walked out of the pizza stack and Tyler drove away from the scene when Rasheed saw me on the floor he helped me up and I limped to the fence to lean on it, we talked about going to the vehicle that we stole to go hunt for Tyler. On our way to the car since I was jogging because i was just hit off my bike so Rasheed was obviously faster when i finally saw him he was in an altercation with Tyler and then Tyler took off, afterwards Rasheed decided to report Tyler for something because when I looked in chat he was talking in OOC to an admin, this admin being GentleFart when talking in OOC with him I didn't resume our conversation because he was in the middle of something with the admin. While he was OOC I was waiting for him to finish so we could continue our roleplay as im standing there this person comes out of nowhere and decided to blow my head off. I reported for an admin and GentleFart accepted it after when asking him something I waited for a response so I can have an input on the whole situation and he just CK'd me I switched alts to message him and he told me that I was CK'd for " 2 x counts of disregard" and these reasons being "firstly you chase after a corvette that had just run you down, secondly you turn up to a hood area wearing a masked and armed without identifying yourself" first off we didn't even get to the point of chasing anyone yet because Rasheed was in OOC with Gentle at the time and nobody knew I was armed because I never pulled out a gun once in this whole roleplay. Evidence- Rasheed's Report - https://pastebin.com/MajfhJiv Method of Death- Tec-9 to the head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
  8. I mean if someone pay's IRL money that keeps the server going to get game points they should be allowed a measly furnished basement, also the fact that you state you live in Canada you should know it's common.
  9. @LikeMike It's pretty weird how you and the rest of the Mapping team disabled an interior I understand maybe it was a bit big for what the house, sure I agree with you. Then you follow up by saying basements don't have washrooms, bedrooms, and offices? I don't know how basements are in Romania but if you don't know what modern day basement looks like in America then you shouldn't be on the mapping team. Simply as that.
  10. name: Jim comment: Can i install vtec?
  11. @Chillz bruh what are you on about? have you never seen a basement before or something?
  12. name: dirtydanswetsister comment: ((I made that interior))
  13. Who's worse? Neems or Toasty? :thinking:

    1. Rizzoh



      and toasty

    2. JameZ


      at least toasty isnt as annoying

  14. @Alucardo you have won the auction you will be contacted IG.
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