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  1. Do you have previews by any chance? (Fuck yes btw)
  2. @Vubstersmurf [2018-09-23 00:06:48] [Output] : [English] Wade Chambers says: COUNTRY ROADS! [2018-09-23 00:06:49] [Output] : [English] Wade Chambers says: TAKE ME HOMEEEEEEEEEEE! [2018-09-23 00:06:49] [Output] : [English] Wade Chambers says: TO THE PLACEEEEEEEE [2018-09-23 00:06:49] [Output] : [English] Wade Chambers says: I BELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
  3. (( @LuigikuikI wasn't the primary officer on scene, but someone was going to make a report about his behavior not being up to RP standards (Aka getting shot 5 times and still walking). I'd just consider it voided I guess. ))
  4. You've got to use your imagination and stop whining about it. Murdoch did nothing wrong.
  5. Some boot getting shot during SWAT training: DPS' Finest:
  6. Name: Chaychay Comment: You wrote that nazi's name wrong!
  7. SnakeyDakey

    RIP Eminem

    RIP Stefan 'Eminem' Von Alvensleben
  8. @RestrepoI'd like to see the outcome, who knows a mirracle happens.
  9. Doesn't matter anymore, I got CKed, it was good roleplay and reasoning from their end.
  10. Only saw myself getting shot two times from my POV. after that the dramatic Kill sound popped up. Eh I see you guy's point. I guess you're right. Obviously I got frustrated because of all the sudden events taking place. I don't expect much from this Appeal, but maybe it turns out something positive for me.
  11. Eh I still think I should've been able to roleplay SOMETHING. plenty of people who survive a headshot. (Sure you're a vegetable after that but whatever)
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