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  1. Also norm is still a fucking paedophile
  2. Never cared for GTAV but MTA gave me three thousand or so well enjoyed hours. I'm still even now talking and meeting up with friends I met in that server, and I've since continued my creativity once stemmed from MTA out into new projects. I'm still seeing so many of the old people in the GTA scene, and I'm glad MTA was the place I got to know them first. Much love. unlock the mta forums again so we can go through some nostalgia xx
  3. You're welcome for the playtesting but I'll have you know I charge hourly. And unimpound my other car you fucks. With love.
  4. who you stalking fool <3

  5. https://streamable.com/7y1l4 https://streamable.com/n0sid https://streamable.com/qxzc3 https://streamable.com/njg83 https://streamable.com/08fdo https://streamable.com/8gbw1 https://streamable.com/ftpf0 https://streamable.com/x53cx Cheers for all of the laughs. I was happy to be a part of this community and wish you the best for your future. It would've been cool to still have my stuff from 2016 but oh well. Tra mates.
  6. Been a part of OwlGaming since 2015, 3 of those years being a VT member. Very sad to see the server go especially as an MTA-only player and will be missed. Made a lot of good friends and memories throughout and no other server can match that of the experience I've been a part of here. I started out with one friend who brought me this community in 2015 and instantly I found how much fun MTA can be in the correct direction. Not everytime was the player heard here, especially with the shit Jose was able to get away with burning down farms for thinly veiled reasoning, and the likes of a certain staff member that was actively abusing and harassing players, but these flaws I could ignore since the experience was the most enjoyable I'd had on an RP server at all. Every day to the next was fun and I think by the end I got everything I wanted out of this server. I hope V works out for the OwlGaming community but this is where I'll be leaving it. Cheers for the past and good luck to your future.
  7. @Mutt377 Genuinely one of the best trials I've come across I love this lad to death. Keep up the great work you've been doing recently.
  8. Thoughts on blackout crew?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nachtfalke


      Absolute head wobbler on the floor gets me every time. Just fucking going for it man no care in the world. Class. 


    3. ResidentPeach


      absoolooootely spongle dongled BT phone home

    4. fortnitenogOps


      zacs from bolton, moved to eccles but says hes from leeds

  9. dark with an x haha

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    2. tornstatue


      all of you behave


      @Vubstersmurf get in the bin no 'y' in the word ?

    3. disappoint


      ACtually it's dork not dark idk

    4. tornstatue


      Shut up disappoint you look like a spoon you twat

  10. drawstring_bag,x750-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.

    1. tornstatue


      fucking hell shes cute

    2. Nachtfalke


      JD sports model me thinks

    3. Script


      i want mary her

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