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  1. higher power spoken his piece the big man upstairs better be listening
  2. @Mutt377 Genuinely one of the best trials I've come across I love this lad to death. Keep up the great work you've been doing recently.
  3. Yesterday, I heard of two people riding around on a bike, robbing people. I didn't know the kid they robbed well, but he came right to me and he seemed pretty shook up about it all. I told him I'd keep a lookout for them and went about my patrols, fearing these bikers would attack someone and leave them injured. I didn't want someone to get hurt and have no one to call, so I went looking. I got about a mile down the road before spotting them, and got out of my car with my gun raised, keeping a low profile. I had no intention to shoot, but I needed to be ready for defence. I observed them pull a gun on a male, and braced for shots. There were none, thankfully. I sat for about 20 minutes in the cover of shadows watching their encounter, before I realised who I was looking at. It was David, my old friend, and two associates I didn't recognise. I was able to catch David without his partner, and re-introduce myself to him. He recognised me right away and invited me to raid the local ammunation with his group. I felt hesitant, but for the benefit of my groups security, went along with his plan. (Credit @TheNeonGuy ) It was probably the biggest heist I'll ever pull, and it gave me a feeling I'd never felt before. Total control, total adrenaline. I've never been high before, but I swear this could've felt better than that. We broke down the entrance and rushed in, about six of us. Instantly going to shelving and boxes, clearing them into backpacks. We were in and out within a few minutes. When we got out, we followed David back to his compound to split the loot. It was a little less than I hoped for, but gave me a valuable foothold and a great story to tell. This was a great introduction to David's group, who seemed way ahead of us too. We made a peace deal between his group and mine, offering support in defence and supplies either way. It also gave me someone street-smart enough to go looking for supplies with, and that peace of mind would be worth more than anything I found that day. Thought, I feel a storm coming. Brewing slowly, just over the horizon. Something is coming.
  4. Dylan's big return. Glad to have you coming back mate.
  5. Chaos already implemented the removal of a set amount of PD on for robberies and breakins. Apart from that these are some class suggestions. Just depends if unitts has the time for it really he's already done massive amounts.
  6. Thoughts on blackout crew?

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    2. Nachtfalke


      Absolute head wobbler on the floor gets me every time. Just fucking going for it man no care in the world. Class. 


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      absoolooootely spongle dongled BT phone home

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      zacs from bolton, moved to eccles but says hes from leeds

  7. I began working on my raincatcher today. I took a large piece of tarpaulin from the side of a trailer, and a gas tank from a big rig to use as a catch container. Hopefully these should be enough and I can start collecting rainwater. It was very risky business and I didn't feel comfortable at all, but I did it. I made a conscious decision on my morality and now I've ran out of places to pick things up from usually, I'm onto properties and vehicles. I've managed three cars and one property tonight, all of them seemingly abandoned, but none of them fruitful. The only thing I found was a body panel for some vehicle. I left it behind and continued on. I really don't like doing this but at least I can reason with my conscience by telling myself that no one needs what I am taking other than myself. Hopefully they come for us soon and we don't have to fight, and I can get back to helping people as an FD member. This life isn't for me. I ran a long patrol tonight, after hearing about a couple of Russian savages decapitating people in the city. I know it wasn't the place to be, but if someone was in danger, I felt it my job to help them. I still consider myself a Fire Department member, but I've adapted to the lifestyle that's been pushed onto myself. I don't want to hurt anyone. In fact, I've been helping them more than causing harm. That gives me a good feeling. The kid I've been taking care of needed shoes, so me and a group member set out tonight to collect some from a nearby store. He's been really off recently, I think he doesn't like this life as much as I do not. But I hope he learns to adapt to it with my supervision. I'm praying for the kid. Tonight is ominous and the dark is revealing more than the daytime does. This is when the city is most alive, and it's the time to lock down and wait for dawn.
  8. heard stewie2ks ready to put one in his nut if he cant get his civic modified because of an apocalypse id watch out for that Regardless, the reason I recently rejoined the community is solely based on this thread and it's ambitions, and since, I've found more character development than I've had for a long while. Especially how fun it is to RP a humanitarian like figure trying to help everyone. Hopefully if this gets officially implemented, people will start to look at alternative ventures of character development instead of "mate my civics got a turbo" and "ive got an m16 and both my parents are dead anyone else hard as fuck" I think this lore incites difference in how people have developed their characters before, which is all the reason of why I'm having as much fun as I am. I'm happy to see the support this idea is getting, even from staff members.
  9. I met a man yesterday. He had tailed one of my friends and she'd grown concerned and called the group in. When we got there, he looked like he was ready to pass out. Completely engulfed in fear about his future and being around so many people he didn't know. He was so scared of being alone he'd followed the only person he saw into the county for security or maybe just craving interaction. I could not offer him shelter this time, but checked his health over and offered food and water. During my travels early into this morning, I came across his bike parked at a site out in the forest. It seems he has found some shelter for himself and I left him a gift to lift his spirits. I hope he is okay. This morning was near freezing temperatures, and the structure he inhabited seemed unforgiving and in poor condition. I can only wonder how his night has been. I left without disturbing him and continued patrolling around, looking for people.. An hour or so later, one of the group radioed in to say she felt a mans life was in danger. She got there first but had not told me of his age. He must have been early teens and seemed in poor mental condition. It was the same person I had tended to earlier for bite wounds from a feral creature. This time, his hand was near burnt to the bone, and he was in a anxious state, telling me the weapon he'd been using had misfired and burnt him. How'd a kid this young get a weapon? It's scary to think. I managed to get him into a sterile environment and clean his wounds, patching it back up with gauze the best I could. I offered him a place to stay for now under my supervision to aid his recovery, although I am rather concerned about the state of our medical supplies. We're missing vital essentials even down to mild painkillers. This kid had to sit and cry in pain as I did my best to clean his wound, and I wasn't able to offer any pain relief. I'd like for things to be different soon. A little further on to midday and I met up with one of our group and set out to find any supplies we could. I was lucky to find a good amount of food and water, and eventually my friend lead me to a girl called Veronica who seemed to have a lot of useful medical and security essentials that we had been missing. I made up a deal with her to pay for these resources and began packing them up. It was very lucky that she had exactly what I was looking for. Today's sunshine isn't as bright as I hoped today. The sun is there but there is no warm glow. Maybe later things will work out.
  10. I'm enjoying the content, keep it up.
  11. I decided to go out again looking for people and this time, I found three. One was an old friend of mine, "Luke", and two ex-police officers. They seemed friendly enough and I warned them about the changes, since they'd only returned recently. I advised them to travel as a pair, and they agreed. It seems I made two new friends today, and brought one of my old friends back to the camp to get him involved with us. I searched for a further hour or two but to no avail. I've began my search for resources to create a rain-catcher. I've found a vehicle I can strip parts off to use as a water reservoir, and I've found tarpaulin on the side of a trailer I can use too. Hopefully it'll be finished by tomorrow and we can begin collecting from a renewable water source. The crops have been planted, too. I opted for rice considering all the stories of zombie apocalypses and nuclear warfare telling me that it's one of the best things to have. I know it's all fiction but it can't be too far off the truth. Back at the camp, spirits were high. People seemed to be in great moods, their mental states nothing of a concern to me. Hopefully it stays like that for a while. I can feel my own starting to slip, so I hope the rest are able to hold their own. I'm becoming paranoid of people. I haven't met anyone that wants to hurt me yet, but it's just a matter of time and I keep wondering which one of them it'll be, maybe even within the group. These are things that I should not raise towards them. For now I just need to keep playing the part of a medical professional and do my best.
  12. 1996 Buick Roadmaster, Dillimore Gas Station. Dear diary, I met a few people yesterday. It seems they had their own group going on and thankfully for me, I recognised a few faces. They've taken me in for now as I don't feel too safe going it alone. I'm still not exactly sure of what happened to cause this, but I'm making the best of it. My phone still isn't working, and when I went to our offices it seems no one was there. My group now inhabit where my old workplace used to be, at least for now. It seems for the most of it, we're the closest thing to a living civilisation. Or at least until I find another group like us. It doesn't seem so bad right now, there has been no fighting and we're all doing quite well off, especially utilising my farmland for space to live and grow crops. I know it may not come to ever needing it but god forbid if things turn for the worst, at least we're prepared. I'm hoping to make a rain catcher with enough storage to keep working all year round, maybe I'll start that today. I remember a hardware store in Blueberry that didn't seem looted yet. But what happened? How could a city like this fall? I'm still not sure, and I don't really think the others of my group care, or show they do at least. Maybe I'm too much of a humanitarian, but I can't help thinking of where all those people are now, and if they are safe. I know a lot of people stayed back, but with no authority, are they safe? Maybe I can help them. I'm still not too keen on carrying any weapons, but I agreed with Andrei it'd look better for me to be equipped with something, at least. A lot of them are ready for a conflict and I don't like how their look comes across. I think it's more threatening than they mean to be. I think I'll speak with them about it tonight. I don't want our group to come off as hostile if that is not their intention, but I also agree with their need for defence, much like I need. While the group were asleep this morning, I set out to grab a few supplies. Gas, food, anything I could really find useful that was left over from others. The morning has been peaceful and I stopped in the county to admire the sunrise. It may be a little lonely, but it feels just like normal life today. Kenzie would appear to be in dark clothing, with a backpack, a baseball bat and a holstered Makarov. On my way around, I called out to various areas for people. In hindsight, maybe I didn't try hard enough. I didn't find anyone. I can't get out of my head that the phone services are down, how are you supposed to call for help? I'm still part of the Fire Department, how will they contact me if they need me? I just had to go about and look. I searched for victims, bodies and possible endangerment to lives, before broadening my search to include any kind of human contact. But at least for this morning, nothing. I'm about to go back to our camp, and see what more I can do for the group. I hope that people are still out there, and I hope they are safe.
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