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  2. If the case that it's been given to PD is true I couldn't see it opening for a long while considering their activity but I'd love to see it open.
  3. nah but welcome back tho
  4. Name : Charlie Carter Comment : perfect truck for running those Nancy boys and darkies off the road while toting my m4 and singing sweet home alabama God bless america
  5. Haha you know me xx not too bad pal
  6. This. Still won't stop people from leaving MTA and waiting on V. I can name at least ten people who'd all say the same as my last two messages
  7. This was always destined to be a shitfest but I'll try and include something useful to the discussion. Since 2017 it's seemingly gone downhill but it's no real surprise that GTA V picked up as much as it did. I just believe it's to do with the exposure that the new platform is getting. Feel like with the new kid on the block people are more interested with what more possibilities you could have with a game that's getting more and more limitless and looks way better than MTA. The option to do what you do on SA was not in GTA IV but its sure as hell in GTA V, which is why SA survived for so long. My preference will always be MTA but ask any old player that left and 9 out of 10 will tell you they're waiting for V. Shame but that's at least why I think it's dipped down.
  8. Name : CC Editor Comment : Well written! Love to see more automotive journalism in Los Santos! Please keep up the great work.
  9. Chasing cars : Living With A Hellcat. Hellcat. A term we've all come to believe as overused trash. It's almost a daily occurance in Los Santos to see one Hellcat driving past and that's with good reason; the amount of performance support, luxury and factory power put out by these vehicles. The slowest Challenger Hellcat comes with 707BHP, with the fastest clocking at 840bhp if you can even classify it as the same category as the others. Of course we're talking about the Dodge Demon, currently Dodge's fastest production vehicle. The only vehicle in the world with a passenger seat as an "Optional Extra" from the factory. On paper these vehicles seem like dream machines, but what is it like living with a Hellcat? I spent a week learning why so many people flock out to their nearest dealerships to acquire a Hellcat. Here's what I found. 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat "Redeye" This was my vehicle for the week; a 797bhp Hellcat Redeye. On paper, this vehicle was a wise choice. It featured an ice white paintjob, wide factory overfenders, a ridiculous power and top speed figure, and the perfect mix of comfort and infotainment in the interior. Driving for the first few days was a breeze, the throttle response never failed to blow my mind as I tried my best not to get arrested in this ticket magnet. When shopping, the vehicle had more than enough space to carry an entire round, and even after what I thought would be harsh punishment for any other car, the Challenger stayed mechanically sound throughout. However not everything went smoothly. This is a hard vehicle to keep a low profile in and more times than not I'd be stopped and asked about the vehicle. Then it turned malicious, when I came back to find someone had scratched the rear bootlid all the way across. It's safe to assume this car wasn't loved by everyone. Which brings me onto my next few points; Noise, Danger and Image. The noise produced from this engine is hard to mask; driving past residential areas I felt obligated to keep it in a high gear and low RPM's. It was horribly anxious to drive as I felt like apologising every time I had to start off in traffic, or pull out of a parking lot. The loud rumble could even set off a car alarm as I drove past. This was just as expected with the power, but it didn't make driving it as a commuter fun at all. Danger was the next issue I had with it. The vehicle sat incredibly low and had the most uncomfortable suspension I think I've ever felt. You could feel every bump and crack in the road, as the stiffened suspension offered very minimal bump resistance. Having to drive over ramps or obstacles would prove the vehicle incapable as it'd bottom out in every test I attempted. My third issue with this vehicle was the image. A lot of people seemed to enjoy the sound, and the build quality, but no one enjoys the thought of such a mean looking vehicle. Most places I went I was getting stares, not of amusement, but of expectation. The expectation I'd try to show off and hit someone. And that's with given reason. For anyone that isn't directly involved in passion towards these specific vehicles, there is an assumption that cars like the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger, are vehicles that have too much power and take car control that most drivers don't posess. The Mustang brand is plagued with this bad reputation, and the Challenger, with it's mean looks and loud engine, is the runner up to that list; people do not like to see potential hazards like a street built racecar on the road when they're trying to go about their business. This is only about to get better for some and worse for others with the announcement from Dodge that their next lineup of Hellcats will include more electronics and a hybrid engine to produce more power. With emissions being cracked down on, the FCA have had their hand forced to promote more production of EV's and hybrid vehicles, with Dodge inexplicably being marked onto that list. Verdict. Prestige - 8 Power - 9 Comfort - 4 Practicality - 5 Reputation - 7 6.6/10 The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is by far a historical car in the whole industry for its out-of-the-factory power, and luxurious interior, however past that it is a weekend vehicle. It's pedigree comes from a mix of the more commuter based Challenger SXT's and the drag-ready SRT Demon, placing this into an awkward category where it's great for power and terrible for a daily commuter's vehicle. People should look at this vehicle if you enjoy being the center of attention with the biggest engine. This is by no means a vehicle you will have fun driving on a daily basis. ((Hyperlinking or adding images to comments would be forbidden by site)) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Written by Kenzie McCarthy, lead editor of Chasing Cars, under the Sparta Inc. name. For details on how to make our next article, please contact K.McCarthy at [email protected] (( @Nachtfalke )) or call into our hotline at #2504
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