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  1. Just need a tweed suit made really, something similar to one of the ones in the picture if possible
  2. Fun Fact: Dominic McGlinchy was shot in my town, 14 minutes from my house
  3. To some of you, even saying that may seem absolutely absurd! After all, San Andreas is also home to Red County, Flint County, San Fierro and Las Venturas. But let me try convince you. I will be taking a look into the dark underworld housed by Los Santos, and showing you just how accessible and ready the illegal firearm market is. First off, arguably the most dangerous firearm to have. A handgun. Yes, although they may not be the most powerful in some cases but they can be concealed, withdrawn without warning. At least if someone has a rifle, or a sub machine gun they may have to make noticeable actions which could send red flags. So back on topic. My source introduced me to a person whom for legal reasons shall remain anonymous. Upon interviewing this person briefly on what their market comprises of, what they have on offer and how much their products will cost. All I can say is; I'm truly shocked. This dealer was simple in their pricing. Keeping it evenly rounded with other weapons of its caliber. A nine millimeter handgun with one full clip would set you back ten grand, as well as a silenced version of the same gun. As too would their Colt Series 70's and Revolvers. For the day, I had seen enough but I knew I'd have to press on. The dealer informed me that they had brought along a firearm to prove to me that they are the real deal (Of which, a picture will be included). When I heard this; my heart froze. What if this person was going to use it on me? What if it went off and I was just about to witness a massive arrest? I didn't know how to react other than shakily nod. Pictured above is an M1 Carbine. For a weapon such as the M1 Carbine, the dealer informed me it could set you back anywhere from fifteen to twenty grand! And that's without the ammunition. It still baffles me that a weapon, such as the M1 Carbine which was once used by the U.S Military in the Korean War and Vietnam War could make it onto the streets. With one well aimed shot from this thing and you could take someone's head clean off their shoulders. The dealer had one final surprise for me. Sub machine guns. I was informed that the dealer could indeed possess a fully automatic such as an AK47 however this would be incredibly rare and quite expensive, ranging anywhere from thirty grand to fifty grand. Back on topic, the dealer then proceeded to inform me, that a sub machine gun ranging from Hi-Tec Nine Millimeter Carbine could set you back a further twenty five grand, as well as a Uzi and POF 5PK. I had heard enough, said my farewells and returned home. Until my source had contacted me once more. Informing me that they could arrange a meeting with a second dealer which I promptly declined. This article is in no way endorsing the purchase of illegal firearms. I just wish to show the kinds of things that have leaked their way onto the streets of Los Santos. This is also in no way to criticize the gun laws in place within the state of San Andreas.
  4. Tmw someone you find hilarious calls you mean names
  5. Alright - Before anyone asks or suggests I'm kissing ass, I'm not but if the admins are into ass-eating hmu I'll sort you out, same goes for anyone else tbh but anyways that's beyond the point! Alright, I missed all of 2017 due to no computer and I'm only back a few days but I've noticed that there is an active witch-hunt against the Admins and Khram. I want to address these, show how inane it is and actually try talk some sense into people. Right let's start off with Khram: Yes, Khram own guns, and deal them too. But not exclusively, I've bought from people who I assume are in it, and I've bought from others. Yes I do find Khram a little expensive, charging 25k for an MP5 and 10k for all pistols with a full clip, whereas I bought a rifle for 16k off someone else. But from what I can see, Khram is a small force but yet one not to be reckoned with. I haven't seen them execute any /major/ crimes. Nor have I seen many gang related killings in game. - That's all I can say on this, the topic still somewhat confuses me. Now the admins: Lads, lasses. Lend me your ears (I, an intellectual whom watch Rick and Morty also have studied the works of Shakespeare while enjoying my tendies). The Admins, I will admit I do have a complaint which I've made vocal on other threads. Wait times. To me they have been a problem since 2016, but please remember! These people have characters too, and they play this game for enjoyment, not to be helping others all day, maybe some dedicate more time than others would to doing reports. The admins, are 100% volunteer, as I'm sure you know. They aren't getting anything for helping you so just please be grateful someone is actually volunteering to take time out of their day, and RP, where they come for pleasure (other than certain websites) to help you have a better experience. Yes, you may have to wait a while, but would you rather be stuck and have to make a new character because no one is there to teleport you or would you rather have to wait 10+ minutes, possibly less depending if it's a busy day, get that TP you need and be on your merry way? I don't know much of the staff team, like shit last time I played here, I think Lewis was still an admin, possibly just after stepping down. But just because I don't know them, and I've had my problems with some of them and I'm sure you have, doesn't mean you should appreciate them less. They make your RP possible. So before you guys write ten year long paragraphs, actually stop to think about the good things the admins do.
  6. I completely understand this, and I must say, I am in no way trying to diminish the importance of the work done, nor am I trying to say you guys have it easy. I recognize the fact you guys have a very important job, and many reports have to take priority over others, as well as those admins trying to develop their own characters and factions as such. Like anything there is room to improve, with anything and everything as no such thing is perfect, and I'm sure there is ways to improve on this, what those ways are I have no clue, as I have never had a position on this server which would require me to think of that nor would I want one. As such, you do have that position, and I completely understand that you probably do think of this and it may or may not occupy a fair amount of your free time. I wish you guys the best in your job, I've just noticed with myself, and other players that the only "valid" point, if you will, is the long wait times. Either that or it's people bitching about voting statistics or Khram doing something that Khram actually had no involvement in which in my short time back, I've seen has already become a meme.
  7. Charities/Things I'd like to see Rehabilitation centres Suicide prevention hotlines/Suicide awareness charities A charity that builds small houses for the homeless or government programs to do house people rent allowance - So if you cant pay rent and meet certain criteria, the government will pay food banks CPS and so on, these are just the main things I think would make things more realistic and increase certain kinds of RP, and as someone who suffers majorly with depression and suicidal thoughts, the idea of a suicide awareness charity would be pretty cool giving realistic advice so people who aren't coping IRL, could try find anonymous help in a game and no one would know it's real, removing some of the stigma some people worry about by going to see a therapist
  8. I've been here 2 years, lad and I can confirm, there is problems, somewhat big. My main one being admin response times, sometimes you get sound admins who respond within minutes, possibly seconds. Other times you could be waiting hours. A friend of mine waited about 2 hours for a tp from an interior of which they fell inside, where as I had to get my bike tp'd to me due to an OOC incident and my boi LokiHavok got there in seconds, possibly just because it was 6am when my report was made idk. But that's the only /big/ problem I can think of at the moment.
  9. Normally I'd do this myself, but I don't have a mouse or photoshop at the moment. I was hoping someone could make a uniform, somewhat styled after the Irish Republican Army or Republican Action Against Drugs, or finally even one of our marching bands. Need it for an upcoming faction idea
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