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  1. **The USB involving the footage would arrive at the desk before the Judge.** ((Had to get assistance on re-finding the logs)).
  2. *Jack Marson enters to the courtroom, engaging towards the gallery as he sits himself down, placing his right foot on-top of his left knee, folding his arms.*
  3. *Lena Matthews enters the courtroom, in her formal Los Santos Police Department uniform, as she presents herself towards her standing, occupying in her right hand would be a black button-clip folder, as she sets it onto the table, waiting patiently.*
  4. Outbidded. Winner - Contact me on email ((forum)) for further details.
  5. Outbidded. Accepted - Contact me through Email ((Forum PM)) for further details.
  6. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Ducati Vehicle make: 1299 Panigale R Final Edition VIN: Given to Auction Winner Mileage: 1728 Description: New, high end hyper bike, well looked after and polished regularly. No wear and tear, body and engine kits (no modifications), extremely fast acceleration with above-satisfactory top speed. Images https://imgur.com/a/4h7nuZn Starting bid: $39,000.00 Minimum increase: $2,000.00 Buyout: $49,000.00 Auction end date: 18/10/2018 Contact details: Given to Auction Winner.
  7. Los Santos Auction House - Motorcycle Vehicle year: 2015 Vehicle brand: Ducati Vehicle make: 1299 Panigale S VIN: Given to Auction Winner Mileage: 1555 Description: Well looked after, regularly polished and maintained hyper-bike, no wear and tear. Extremely fast, 0-100 miles per hour, in 2-4 seconds. Comes with the original and traditional Ducati wrapping. Images https://imgur.com/a/VeVJNur Starting bid: $28,000.00 Minimum increase: $1,000.00 Buyout: $40,000.00 Auction end date: 18/10/2018 Contact details: Given to Auction Winner.
  8. Monday, August 27th, 2018. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. Los Santos: The Los Santos Police Department, Patrol Bureau and the Detectives Division have been reviewing and investigating into the attempt of murder of Detective Kathrynn Bryne. We, as the Los Santos Police Department do not accept having to face these incidents, however with our assets we were able to find the people responsible and hold them accountable for the attempt. On the 4th of September, Detective Kathrynn Byrne notified dispatch of a red Pontiac GTO which was involved in a 911 call about an attack earlier that day. Detective Byrne who had attempted to stop the vehicle notified dispatch about the two occupants not complying. Seconds later, shots were heard coming directly from Detective Byrne’s radio and vehicle as units of both the Patrol and Detective Division rushed towards the situation. As Officers and Detectives arrived on scene, Detective Byrne was found with multiple gunshot wounds alongside a missing dashcam in her vehicle. The scene was taped off as officers rushed Detective Byrne to the hospital where she recovered from her injuries. Minutes after the scene was secured, a call came in regarding a stolen vehicle that matched the earlier description that Detective Byrne provided regarding the uncompliant suspects. Detectives analysed the call and concluded that the caller could be involved in the shooting, and therefore picked up the caller for questioning. Meanwhile, the Pontiac GTO was found underneath a bush only a couple of meters away from the scene as both officers and detectives used fingerprint analyses to match the prints to Itsuko Yamamoto. Simultaneously, the caller of the stolen vehicle was brought in for questioning at the Detective Division Precinct and Gunshot Residue Tests were taken from the caller, who was identified as Terrell DeShawn. During the questioning of Terrell DeShawn, Officers managed to pick up Itsuko Yamamoto a few hundred yards away from the crime scene and detained her for questioning at the Detective Division Precinct. The Gunshot Residue Test on Terrell DeShawn later determined he had in fact fired a firearm whilst a bodily search on Itsuko Yamamoto resulted in finding a Sig Sauer P226 firearm which not only matched prints of both Itsuko Yamamoto and Terrell Deshawn, but also matched the bullets recovered from Detective Byrne. During final questioning, Terrell DeShawn confessed to the Attempted Second-Degree Murder of Detective Byrne, whilst Itsuko Yamamoto confessed to Aiding and Abetting the Second-Degree Murder by knowingly and deliberately trying to remove and/or destroy evidence. Both questionings corroborated each other, concluding the final piece of the puzzle. Identified Suspects: Terrell DeShawn, aged 22, Arrested on: - Second Degree - Attempted Murder (of a Law Enforcement Officer). - Being Armed with a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony. - Assault with a Firearm. - Possession of Illegal Firearms. Itsuko Yamamoto, aged 20, Arrested on: - Second Degree - Attempted Murder (of a Law Enforcement Officer) (#ref. Aiding-and-Abetting). - Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm. Wounded Officers: Los Santos Police Department (ex-)Detective Kathrynn Bryne, aged 26. Detective Byrne has recovered well and will soon be receiving the Purple Heart Medal, awarded for the significant injuries received while performing her duty for the County of Los Santos. The Los Santos Police Department and Detective Division would like to thank the Officers and Detectives involved for their quick response and hard work related to this case and ask any Citizen who has seen, heard or been apart of any illegal activity to speak up and call the LSPD hotline to tackle the on-going crime surge in the County of Los Santos. Created by: Detective Sergeant; Alexei Valeksandrov, On behalf of the Detectives Division. Published by: Sergeant II; Lena Matthews, On behalf of the Public Relations Division.
  9. @Vubstersmurf Let's put our URL's.
  10. I would only agree providing that: - It becomes it's own separate certification, just like in real life when passing training. - Security Licensed Members or Applied Members with a JUSTIFIED reason should have access if found by so. - Applicants are to receive and follow the basic training and protocol by the Firearms Licensing Unit before receiving access to the X-26 Taser or otherwise a similar brand or act of taser. +1 - You should know that by training, under Stand Your Ground Act, you're able to neutralise a threat that deems to seriously harm you, or others around you, or commit to death-like actions. ( What I'm trying to say is, no one gets it unless they apply for it with a valid and secure reason to do so, it is very limited use within both the United States and the United Kingdom, so alike what has been said, it should not be freely given to basis of TIER ONE and TIER TWO. )
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