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  1. Name: M. Bid: $22,500.
  2. MrKosm0

    Los Diablos Del Rato

    Good luck guys. Have fun above everything.
  3. MrKosm0

    Residential - #4 Saints Boulevard [ENDS: 9/8/2018]

    Name: N. Bid: $75,000.
  4. MrKosm0

    Almighty Saints 13

  5. MrKosm0

    Almighty Saints 13

    Lore has been updated. More updates to it will be coming soon.
  6. MrKosm0

    Almighty Saints 13

  7. MrKosm0

    MTA SA started randomly lagging on my Game please help

    You should report it on the MTA forums and they'll give you a fix.
  8. MrKosm0

    MTA SA started randomly lagging on my Game please help

    I had a few issue with MTA in the past. I ran an app called MTADiag. Run it as administrator and allow it to apply changes and troubleshoot your game. Fixed it for me.
  9. MrKosm0

    Alexis 'James' Dawnheart

    Not at all.
  10. MrKosm0

    Alexis 'James' Dawnheart

    Pretty good story. Noticeable effort on it. Keep it up!
  11. Can't make up the rules my man.
  12. To be honest that's up for UA to decide on that. The waiting time is mostly the players crying for several reasons, threatening with staff reports and all that.
  13. Imagine a situation where both parties are sure someone did something against the rules on a shooting. An admin steps in and concludes someone Powergamed something. Imagine your friends died and his friends died and only 2-3 people stand. Knowing that player PG'ed is just gonna create a hot mess and ruin the RP quality. That's why when we deal with situations we opt for a re-roleplay of the situation but even then the outcome can be different and it just creates a hot mess. Voiding situations in most cases and in my opinion not the best decision is the best we can do to satisfy everyone because as mentioned above a lot of players QQ about situations that they lost due to their own mistakes and blame it on this or that.

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