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  2. We had no idea that you got PM'd, DaLuppo I'm sorry, my man. But it's how it is. I honestly wish he didn't PM you.
  3. I have no hard feelings against you, DaLuppo. As I was one of the shooters. I have no bloody idea why he PM'd you. Stupid and idiotic and I wish he hadn't have. But even if he didn't we would have shot you either way. We would have open fired and hit you either way as you were getting into the car or walking. I personally believe you should just simply accept the CK and move on. Arguing it is seemingly pointless. I love you, DaLuppo with a passion oocly. You're a top bloke. Also I apologise for flipping off the RS Hauler. x
  4. happy birthday fella I've got the perfect song for your birthday party x 


  5. Happy birthday Aussie boy ;), x

  6. x happy birthday x

  7. Happy birthday Davey, have an amazing day. Love you <3

  8. Heppi birddey muh frien xxx

  9. @Unitts Hey, babe x @ThatGuy I agree. I didn't have my emergency vodka on me at that point. So here is a picture of me recently in hopes for your forgiveness. Enjoy x
  10. my thighs are saving lives.
  11. I was in my boxers and thought "A slav squat would fit perfectly" and so this image was born.
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