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  1. The Grajales Familia

    The faction is now in @Lartsa's hands. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. The Grajales Familia

    "Love is all we've got left in this god forsaken world." ~
  3. The Grajales Familia

    He pasado por los nueve círculos del infierno. Pero aquí estoy.
  4. Johannes Forster

  5. Car - 1987 Ford F-350 Towtruck [ENDS: 3/3/18]

    Name: TeoTheDeo. Bid: Buyout.
  6. The Grajales Familia

    "I'd slice you up, cook you into mince then feed you to your hombres at a fiesta. Don't fuck with the familia."
  7. The Grajales Familia

    "Without any of you the barrio isn't shit. It's empty, alone. Keep your family close."
  8. The gun casings is a great fuckin' idea! Love it!
  9. The Grajales Familia

  10. The Grajales Familia

  11. The Grajales Familia

  12. The Grajales Familia

    The Grajales Familia originated from the city of Durango in Mexico, where the family worked in the background for the Sinaloa Cartel, doing odd jobs such transporting drugs and weapons across the country. For most members of the Familia, life was quite pleasant due to being able to live the life they wanted without being in fear of retribution from other criminal organisations, thanks to having protection from the cartel in return for doing jobs given to them. After laundering money from legal fronts such as tattoo stores and garages, the Familia began to start branching out into building their own viable reputation, eventually becoming known for their complete loyalty and professionalism. The blood started to flow when, several years after the Familia joined the cartel, the trafficking of crystal meth began to overtake that of the "noble" drugs marijuana and cocaine. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that the Familia and the Sinaloa Cartel were targeted by other crime syndicates who declared war. One large event sealed the fate of the Familia, known as the Durango massacres where over 340 bodies were found in a mass grave, including the Mayor of Durango who happened to be on the Cartel’s payroll. The police looked to place blame onto the Cartel and anyone associated with them, leading to police brutality increasing by over 80% along with Mexican Soldier presence on the streets. After a few years of laying low, the Cartel began plotting revenge on those who actually committed the massacre, beginning one of the nastiest street wars Durango had ever seen. In 2013 over 20,000 people, civilians and gang members had been killed in the cross fire between different criminal groups. In the end members of the Grajales Familia crossed the border, having been targeted constantly and therefore wanting to start their own business elsewhere. Being marked by police meant that life in Durango was over, and anyone who ended up staying either ended up in Jail or facedown in the sewer dead. Eventually majority of the Familia made it to Los Santos, where they began making new connections whilst ensuring each member was looked after Now the time has come to rise up from the dust and show the world that Familia is everything. “They may separate us, but they'll never be able to destroy us.” ((Special thanks to @Vubstersmurf for helping out with the forum.))
  13. LSIA Forum Request and Perms attached to it.

    Confirmed. Kind regards LSIA Administrator, Fiona Renahan.
  14. Daveosfutur


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