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  2. *Fiona Renahan enters the court room, finding a seat beside Thomas.*
  3. Foster Parent Application INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 1 Name: Fiona Renahan Sex: Female Social Security Number: CFE3FE14E45B12DD29B85FF38948A45C Address: #3 Penn Street Phone Number: 701069 Religious Beliefs: Norse Pagan Yearly Income: 81.4k (Paid 500 whilst working along with my Gross which is around 700) Occupation: DPS - Firefighter 1 Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdimeanor?: No If so, elaborate: INFORMATION SECTION - PARENT 2 If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Name: Dave Harper Sex: Male Social Security Number: 87E22725C37D8C379DFB14B6E911E93F Address: #3 Penn Street. Phone Number: 662102 Religious Beliefs: None Yearly Income: 70k Occupation: Los Santos Motorsports Association, JGC, self employed Have you ever been convicted of a felony or serious misdimeanor?: No If so, elaborate: RELATIONSHIP SECTION If you are applying as a single parent you may ignore this section. Nature of Relationship(Married/siblings/dating, etc): Dating. How long have you known each other?: About a year. Do you argue/fight/have issues with your relationship?: Never. We're a loving couple. If so, how would this affect raising a child?: in a positive way. Do you live in the same house/apartment?: Yes GENERAL QUESTIONS Why do you want to adopt a child?: I believe personally every child deserves a happy home to grow up in along with a happy household to be raised in. I love children and wish to have one of my own but I'm not too comfortable with the pregnancy process that comes with it. I want to raise a child and basically be a mother. Someone to care about and someone to get up in the morning for, that kind of thing. Have you thought about how you would care for a child, where they would stay, how you would raise them, etc?: I have. Personally I would enrolee them in school firstly before anything, Raising them to be a kind and affectionate individual. What makes you qualified to raise a child?: As a twenty three year woman who also happens to be a firefighter, I believe I am capable of raising and taking care of a child. Being the responsible individual I am. What could you offer to a child?: A loving home and family, A decent school and a lot of friends and family that would love them dearly. Do you have a specific child in mind, say, a girl, a boy, a certain age, etc?: Honestly, I'm on the fence about it. I would rather a boy, but if a little girl needs a home my arms are open. AGREEMENTS I, Fiona Renahan/Dave Harper submit to a inspection of my property, lifestyle, ethics, as well as a full ACT 34 background check in order to be qualified as a Foster Parent in the state of San Andreas. I/we agree to raise any child morally, ethically, and comprehensively to the best of my/our ability
  4. We had no idea that you got PM'd, DaLuppo I'm sorry, my man. But it's how it is. I honestly wish he didn't PM you.
  5. I have no hard feelings against you, DaLuppo. As I was one of the shooters. I have no bloody idea why he PM'd you. Stupid and idiotic and I wish he hadn't have. But even if he didn't we would have shot you either way. We would have open fired and hit you either way as you were getting into the car or walking. I personally believe you should just simply accept the CK and move on. Arguing it is seemingly pointless. I love you, DaLuppo with a passion oocly. You're a top bloke. Also I apologise for flipping off the RS Hauler. x
  6. Flynn’s Investigation Agency Flynn’s Investigation Agency is in no way connected to the Government. We are a private firm operating within the state of San Andreas. ____________________________________________________________________________ F.I.A is a private investigation firm helping the people of San Andreas with their unsolved cases they wish to have covered. This ranges from a number of things as mentioned below along with a lot more things. Fraud Missing Person Cheating Spouse Stolen Property Worried Relative Worried Colleague The information gathered by our Private Investigators will always be handed back to the client with utmost privacy within that case. Our Detectives will try their very best to help their clients with their needs. We work day and night to help out and give back to the community of Los Santos. The price for our services will range from what case we are handed as well as a labor and risk factor for our time. We do not guarantee a 100% result as that totally depends on the case and the consequences related to it but we do guarantee to give back "something" to our clients. Our staff consists of passionate individuals with a set of unique skills to help your case and dig up information. We are available to be hired by organizations, individuals and a wide range of other groups that have their worries. We aim to help solve and look after our clients till they no longer require our service. ____________________________________________________________________________ Policy Our investigators will go to their fullest extent to help you or your company with whatever they need. Within reason, of course. We will not interrupt any LSPD investigation that consists of: Murder, Rape, Homicide, Trafficking, Drugs, Gangs, etc. We aim to keep not only our clients but our staff safe within the field they work. If your case consists of anything that is out of our reach we’ll simply direct you to the LSPD. Our staff is not responsible for any injuries and or discomfort done to the client due to the case. The money paid for our time will not be refunded. You’ve paid us to find something out, we’ll do our utmost best to solve it. ____________________________________________________________________________ Terms Upon hiring our service you agree to all our terms. Our organization is not guaranteed to solve your case, hence we’ll work to an extent on solving your case. We are not liable for any harm caused by the clients case to the client. You agree that a refund is not possible, regardless of the case being solved or not. We are not able to make any arrests, that is up to the client to do as they please with the information. We have a right to refuse service to anyone we deem necessary. We are allowed to pass information about the case to the LSPD if it is out of our reach or seems suspicious of criminal behavior. Privacy is our number one concern. You would agree that if the case is solved and the results are not what you expected, you'd not hold us liable for anything and we'd not be held against anything. We do not guarantee a "happy-ending." ____________________________________________________________________________ Service For business inquiries fill out this form. https://goo.gl/W8GF95 ____________________________________________________________________________ OOC Upon joining the faction you agree that all server rules are followed up to the mark. We stress our members to refrain from Metagaming or Powergaming in any way. Even as clients, we want you to not expect us to break rules in order to help you in your case IC'ly. Immersion is a very important virtue in this faction and it shall be held up to its peak. Information about any case is not to be shared OOC'ly with anyone, as a client and as a faction member. ____________________________________________________________________________
  7. happy birthday fella I've got the perfect song for your birthday party x 


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