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  1. wowzers what a weird feeling... where i was years ago
  2. Need you in the faction bro

  3. great to have you back

  4. If I got your math correct, you're saying Chaos giving game coins equals his account being breached? I have no words for the confusion I am experiencing. ------ @Israel I think an activity reward system of some sort would be a considerable way to improve engagement, not just temporarily but a permanent one. It's a simple concept that has an excellent opportunity to be expanded on and tweaked. Even as simple as rewarding the player 'x' amount of 'y' per day they log in, or per day after so many hours of playtime. It really is open to interpretation though, since there are many ways to run with this idea and develop it into something great that would increase engagement and activity. It's basic game design 101, lol. So many games "thank" you for your playing activity and go even further with other content. Anyway, I'm sorry others haven't been constructive to your suggestion. It kind of makes you feel like your idea wasn't worth sharing and that shouldn't be the case. You have an intentional idea. I'm sure it would be helpful if people would take your approach, then find a way to add to it or change it. Implying you're on drugs because you want to increase player activity by offering rewards.. is a little much. I thank you for coming up with ideas and sharing them, especially ones that have the intention and possibility of growing the community. :)
  5. It is a little ridiculous. No company or organization would allow such an inefficient route, it's a waste of miles and gas lol.
  6. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- The phone knows last parked location What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- To allow the player to pull up their phone and find their cars last parked location. Or, allow a player to track their vehicle like OnStar or other car connected services. What are the advantages?- Less hassle in finding vehicles, but also bringing in technology that has been around for years now to the game world. What are the disadvantages?- Someone might think a disadvantage would be that if your car was stolen someone shouldn't be able to track it. Except that's not as simple today as it was for cars in the century-old game. OnStar or other connected car services allow you to track your car and to disable the equipment would and should require extensive roleplay. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Take a look at existing services that make this possible. How would you go about implementing this idea?- If a player owns a phone and wants to use the service, they should have to pay a small subscription fee. Then they could use the "app" to locate their own vehicles.
  7. This is a great addition to the idea. Better inventory control is a must and would love to the ability to directly hand items to people.
  8. A great idea for many reasons.
  9. Yes. Please remove the unnecessary icons. It doesn't help that the server doesn't have a tutorial on what the icons are. I don't mean a forum guide, I mean an integrated tutorial script that would show them to you and explain what they are. Call me stupid, but I have yet to know what the crown icon is actually for - I have my guess but again, no explanation.
  10. To integrate it in a script would be time consuming. The website already accounts for "mobile" screens. An icon on the phone that launched a small browser window would be neat. I am not familiar on how the in-game browser handles cookies though, having to login every time would be annoying. Oh but to add, it would be cool if you got buzzed when there was a notification like a message on deveis. So an app would be cool, but again time consuming.
  11. I wish my dad would tell me I was great,

    1. Strickland


      dunno if it is a sad emoji or a laughing one, so i stay neutral

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