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  1. wowzers what a weird feeling... where i was years ago
  2. Chasee

    Triage MC

    The two girls were alarmed that their hometown had been abandoned but knew they were destined for a great night. They were on their way to serve their country in a way no man ever has. By selling their time to make money. When the two sisters couldn't keep it together and figure out how to work together to fight for their rights, they knew they didn't want a repeat of what happened with boss earlier. They needed to work with the boss to make the night. They found a perfect guy who would make their night great again
  3. Chasee

    Triage MC

    Luna was out tonight but was unable to find some action tonight, she didn't blame herself, but the boss did. We are going to go far, but there are always hiccups in the road. Or at least that is what they keep telling us. Maybe it's over, or maybe it's just the start. Whatever it is, Luna was almost torn up tonight by the big boss.
  4. While I'm neutral on the idea, I can't believe banned players are waiting around eagerly to be unbanned. Let alone to play MTA? A few people have suggested unbanning everyone to bring back MTA, but I don't think they realize that's not going to bring MTA back...
  5. I would first say that the decline in players on MTA in the past year spoke for itself. Then I would remind you, MTA isn't gone. The server is live and available for anyone that wants to play it.
  6. Need you in the faction bro

  7. Chasee

    Triage MC

    There's a cost to this life of ours; The two girls, ambitious as they are, knew they had to pay the bills somehow. Motorcycles ain't free ya'll. It's something their mom taught them in good ol' Texas, it ain't free if it ain't a cockroach crawlin' up your leg. - Mom didn't make much sense with her dementia those days, but maybe she had a point.
  8. @Israel Are you using the Owl Launcher to ensure it's the correct file? Some people have mistakenly added the ".txt" part when naming the text file but it's not necessary since it already knows it's a text file. The Owl Launcher takes care of the process, so that is why I suggest using it.
  9. @Israel Rockstar Game Launcher is required to run the game, btw. Try renaming GTAVLauncher.exe to PlayGTAV.exe in your GTA V directory. Let me know the results.
  10. Running the RAGE updater.exe should fix the issue.
  11. great to have you back

  12. If I got your math correct, you're saying Chaos giving game coins equals his account being breached? I have no words for the confusion I am experiencing. ------ @Israel I think an activity reward system of some sort would be a considerable way to improve engagement, not just temporarily but a permanent one. It's a simple concept that has an excellent opportunity to be expanded on and tweaked. Even as simple as rewarding the player 'x' amount of 'y' per day they log in, or per day after so many hours of playtime. It really is open to interpretation though, since there ar
  13. An excellent idea that will definitely deserve attention. ---- Btw, no one should dismiss suggestions based on the priority or need of other ideas first. I say keep the ideas coming because you never know when and if they'll become a reality. Some of the best suggestions sat for more than a year before being developed on Owl. Leaving comments that an idea is ahead of its time is not the point of this section.
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