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  1. Leading Name: Auctioneer Comment: It is street legal. The hellcat engine along with the exhaust could push upto 720HP with a top speed of 162MPH (261KM/H). copied
  2. Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1970 Vehicle brand: Plymouth Vehicle make: RoadRunner Description: A great modified classic, running with a hellcat engine inside. Installed parts List: Images Starting bid: $90,000 Minimum increase: $5000 Buyout: $219,000 Auction end date: 18th of April, 2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner. (( credits to kozinski for the copy paste ))
  3. (( Hey could you fix the end date thanks @KangarooGasoline ))
  4. (( due to ooc circumstances you may re-auction the vehicle, apologies for the late answer. cheers ))
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